PocketDecoration Mod (Android)

The PocketDecoration Mod adds plenty of furniture, colored bricks and colored stained glass blocks. Some of the decorations include a doorbell, plenty of kitchen furniture and a fully functional TV. It’s the perfect addition if you want to decorate your home with some furniture to make it look more realistic. Most of them are used for decoration but some of them have uses too.

Creator: TheViictor, Twitter Account
Updated: 4 June, 2017 (read changelog)

How to get the decorations?

All of the furniture and decorations can be crafted. We’ve listed all item IDs and crafting recipes further down on this page.

If you are in creative mode you can access the new decorations in your creative inventory.

Some of the furniture’s designs in the images down below might be out of date or not exist in the latest version of the mod. (The above image is accurate though.)

pocket-decoration-2 pocketdecoration2pocketdecorationpresents1

Item/Block IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Bin (607) (use: remove block from inventory) – 7 iron ingots
  • Oak Cupboard (614) – 8 oak wood planks + 1 glass block
  • Spruce Cupboard (615) – 8 spruce wood planks + 1 glass block
  • Acacia Cupboard (616) – 8 acacia wood planks + 1 glass block
  • Cabinet (608) – 8 wooden blocks + 1 chest
  • Spruce Cabinet (609) – 8 spruce wood planks + 1 chest
  • Acacia Cabinet (610) – 8 acacia wood planks + 1 chest
  • Chopping Board (612) – 6 wood planks
  • Fridge (619) (use: turns cooked food into raw food) – 7 iron blocks + 1 chest + 1 ice block
  • Kitchen Cabinet (619) – 8 lime stained clay + 1 chest
  • Kitchen Counter (620) – 3 lime stained clay + 6 quartz blocks
  • Microwave (622) (use: bakes potatoes) – 6 quartz blocks + 2 glass panes + 1 stone block
  • Oven (623) (use: use raw food to get cooked food items) – 8 iron blocks + 1 furnace
  • Oven Top (624) – 4 iron ingots + 1 glowstone
  • Stereo (626) (use: produces sound) – 1 iron ingot + 6 acacia wood blocks
  • Stone Path (627) – 3 diorite blocks
  • Stone Table (628) – 5 stone blocks
  • Television (630) – 7 stone blocks + 1 glass pane + 1 redstone dust
  • Wooden Table (631) – 5 oak wood planks
  • Present (625) (use: destroy present to open and get a random gift) – 1 paper + 6 red wool
  • Ceiling Light (611) (use: produces light) – 4 glowstones + 1 quartz block
  • Doorbell (618) (use: produces sound) – 2 oak wood + 1 quartz block
  • Spruce Wood Cabinet (606) – 8 oak wood planks + 1 chest
  • Acacia Wood Cabinet (607) – 8 acacia wood planks + 1 chest
  • Curtains (614) – 5 orange wool + 2 gold ingots
  • Tablet (629) (use: used with the coins to buy iron ingots) – 7 stone blocks + 1 glass pane + 1 gold ingot
  • Coin (613) (use: money used for purchasing iron ingots with the tablet) – 1 gold ingot
  • Oak Wood Drawer (601) – 7 oak wood planks + 2  chests
  • Spruce Wood Drawer (602) – 7 spruce wood planks + 2 chests
  • Acacia Wood Drawer (603) – 7 spruce wood planks + 2 chests
  • Birch Wood Drawer (604) – 7 spruce wood planks + 2 chests
  • Dark Oak Wood Drawer (605) – 7 dark oak wood planks + 2 chests
  • Jungle Wood Drawer (606) – 7 dark oak wood planks + 2 chests
  • Wooden Timber (632) – 6 wood planks

Stained Glass Block IDs

  • White Stained Glass (223) – 8 glass blocks + 1 bone meal
  • Orange Stained Glass (224) – 8 glass blocks + 1 orange dye
  • Magenta Stained Glass (225) – 8 glass blocks + 1 magenta dye
  • Light Blue Stained Glass (226) – 8 glass blocks + 1 light blue dye
  • Yellow Stained Glass (227) – 8 glass blocks + 1 dandelion yellow
  • Lime Stained Glass (228) – 8 glass blocks + 1 lime dye
  • Pink Stained Glass (229) – 8 glass blocks + 1 pink dye
  • Gray Stained Glass (230) – 8 glass blocks + 1 gray dye
  • Light Gray Stained Glass (231) – 8 glass blocks + 1 light gray dye
  • Cyan Stained Class (232) – 8 glass blocks + 1 cyan dye
  • Purple Stained Glass (233) – 8 glass blocks + 1 purple dye
  • Blue Stained Glass (234) – 8 glass blocks + 1 lapis lazuli
  • Brown Stained Glass (235) – 8 glass blocks + 1 cocoa beans
  • Green Stained Glass (236) – 8 glass blocks + 1 cactus green
  • Red Stained Glass (237) – 8 glass blocks + 1 rose red
  • Black Stained Glass (238) – 8 glass blocks + 1 ink sack


  • Added support for 1.1
  • Added clay bricks and blender
  • Removed doorbell, fridge, curtains, oven rangehood, timbers and the television
  • New design for most blocks

Install Guide

Important: This mod requires the latest beta for BlockLauncher. You can also sign up for the beta here: Free, Pro

  1. Press the download button further down on this page to download a .modpkg file.
  2. Use Toolbox or BlockLauncher to import the mod (.modpkg) (works similar as to .js scripts).
  3. Restart Toolbox / BlockLauncher, enter a world and enjoy the new features!


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261 Responses

3.68 / 5 (40 votes)
  1. Naima says:

    This doesn’t work
    There is no download button.

  2. Chloe says:

    I love this mod

  3. FIX THE LINK!!! says:

    please put media fire, like PLEASE

  4. Person you don't need to know says:

    Does it work on PE

  5. Filimon says:

    Espero que funcione

  6. Princess says:

    I like decorations :))) it was cool 😮😮😮😮 =)

  7. Annoyed Customer says:

    It doesn’t work. I tried it some of them just spawned a shimmer box another one just made everything which was weird.

    • Jelle Ruben says:

      I have some problems with it. I see the blocks in my inventory. But if i place them. They look different.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Can you make this for iOS pocket edition?

    • SomeBuddie says:

      It’s impossible, iOS limits the apps access to their files only therefore launchers and many more just base on add one that can be installed stand alone and launcher interacts with files so it’s impossibel

  9. Anonymous says:


  10. Anonymous says:

    Pleas add shelves I’m dying I just want a shelf no other mods work but good

  11. Oof says:

    It doesn’t work.

  12. Emmoue says:

    Tais mod is so cool…i love

  13. fart says:

    Does this work with the latest version of mcpe

  14. rainbowanna09 says:

    does it work on x~box one edition

  15. Person says:

    My got mine on iOS

  16. leonardo says:

    esta bueno
    porque en mi minecraft tenia que hacer mi propio mod

  17. Jake says:

    I can’t get it because it’s not for iPad and I don’t have a tablet 🙁

  18. Carly says:

    Could be better is you used the same technique as the others did its less complicated.

  19. Anonymous says:

    It doesn’t work

  20. Person says:

    Why????? I go to get it through MCPE Addons and wont work CRI looks amazing

  21. Flame0409 says:

    It doesnt detect any textures .Help !!! The only thing i see is clay and command blocks in diffrent shapes!

  22. Mine says:

    THE TEXTURES are broke asf I imported the modpkg to mods and it dosent work

  23. Graeme says:


  24. Blaze Dra says:

    Hey I was wondering if you could get ahold of the creator of block launcher and see if her can make it to where it does not need a substrate

  25. ChloeAng says:

    Why can’t I get it to work this is so annoying why can’t it just go to Minecraft and not share it or notes (been on for two weeks)

  26. TheGeekFreak39 says:

    It won’t download I go to the website click download and go to Dropbox and nothing is there
    please help

  27. Maria says:

    Please please make this for iOS! I needdddd it.

  28. Ahooman says:

    Hello um the mod you made looks amazing but I don’t have a single android device I would appreciate if you would make this for IOS as well I won’t constantly beg you for it cause though I’ve never made a mod myself I know for sure they take a long time to make.

  29. Whatsup says:

    it also keeps taking me to i don’t understand.

  30. minecrafterin101 says:

    Ugh! There’s no minecraft furniture mod that works for iOS! Please make one for it. Btw I know that there is one that works but it’s not working

  31. Amelia says:


  32. moderator says:

    i want this mooooooooood noooooooooow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Reid Ha says:

    Ok please make easy download for it is not working. What?!

  34. Kat says:

    It does not work I press it and it goes on and I use mediafire!

  35. II_Wikipedia_II says:

    What about iOS?

  36. jb says:

    can you please make a add-on for all this stuff.i would rate this a10 if you do. i cant work mods.

  37. Ava says:

    Please make it for iOS I’ve always wanted to have a furniture mod but I could never find one for iOS

  38. Sean abraham E tamayo says:

    I tink is notch becouse herobrine is a

  39. JackFrost123450 says:

    I am IOS user and it sucks that I can’t get this can you please make it for IOS users too??? Please

  40. SpiderDestroyer says:


  41. SpiderDestroyer says:

    Srsly why does everything have to be Ad fly?!!?!?!!! And u gotsta have block launcher

  42. Eenoid86 says:

    Please make It for iOS i have been waiting to have mods since a long time. And now that I can have them they tell me they are not for (iPads or iPhones or iPods)

  43. KarinaOMG says:

    Btw I love how u did this awesome work!

  44. KarinaOMG says:

    Nice mod very cool!

  45. CobbleCroach Gaming says:

    I’m in minecraft beta 1.2

  46. Aniya says:

    Why is it only for android and not for iOS this isn’t fair. Are you putting out a version for IOS soon??

  47. Yhmari Brown says:

    Can you make this for Windows 10 Edition Minecraft? Because I’ve been looking for a furniture mod and I saw this but it’s only for Android!

  48. Anabel says:

    How do u place it down…..? Just wondering

  49. JasonOMG says:

    Seriously how do you do this how to download tell please!!! I need help how do you do this

  50. JasonOMG says:

    How do you download this?? Pls tell!!!

  51. tasya says:

    Where is the link download?

  52. Gracie says:

    I look up block launcher in App Store and there r lots which one do I choose and also do I save the ship to iCloud storage because that would take up lots of space and I’m almost out of space either way on this iPad and lastly (I hope) with this work on an apple iPad mini because I don’t have android which makes me very very mad because none of them r for apple only for freaking android

  53. J053FM says:

    how do you do this

  54. Thito says:

    Link in mediafire are dead , errror

  55. Anonymous says:

    I can’t get it

  56. Hoyuchen says:

    Hey guys did you guys know can use mod to play with friends??

  57. EmeraldDonut says:

    Could you make this an add-on because I can’t download ModPE’s and whatever the other thing is. It would be greatly appreciated!

  58. Person says:

    Does this work with the 1.1 update?

  59. Anonymous says:

    What about the beds?

  60. Unablelolfactory says:

    I want to challenge the creator to make a mod that can use is with vr box . Iwant to challenge the creator cuz this mod is really perfect.

  61. Audreylover says:

    I love it

  62. anonymous says:

    Is there any chance that this will work for Windows 10?

  63. ??? says:

    I really loved the idea of this mod it was very creative and I would like to use it but I have an ios

  64. AgentCPU0 says:

    Some pictures of the crafting recipes would be useful. I know you said in text what they are, but that doesn’t tell us how to make each item. Is there some webpage we can go to that has them?

  65. Xdestroyer_218 says:

    Mcpedl can i have the direct link of the file plssss cause i cant open any site of or just content of

  66. Mal_GamerzYT says:

    Its very great mod and the best mod ever.

  67. MCPELOVER224 says:

    It would be nice if it was for iOS

  68. MR1604 says:

    Do a Friday the 13 horror map PLS
    With sounds, blindness and darkness and command blocks. Make it multiplayer too

  69. Koito says:

    If this work, this gonna be awesome!

  70. Hi says:

    PS. Best mod ever but how do u use it

  71. Hi says:

    Do you know how to enable this mod

  72. Oaweee says:

    Does this work for Windows 10? If so it doesn’t work as it asks me for a file and I don’t know what to do.

  73. Myn2005 says:

    Can you make an McPack download for ios please 🙁

  74. Rainbowcupcake says:

    This is so awsome I am like 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  75. Aayush says:

    Could u please provide a mediafire or dropbox link because adfly doesnt open in my countru

  76. Alex says:

    I can’t download it

  77. Mr.dr. says:

    I wish it worked on 1.0.4 +, and that it would work for mcpe master.

  78. Rachel Jue says:

    It never works for me even though this is the mod I’ve been looking for.

  79. LuigiEXE VI says:

    Legitimate question here. Is there a way to use a…different web browser to transfer mods to iOS?

  80. YoSlrtzTu says:

    I download the mod but it isn’t a modpkg. Can you help me?

  81. HELP says:

    Please someone help me I can not figure out how to use this

  82. THIHAN says:

    I enebled it by using mcpe master
    It worked and woring perfectly


  83. AmyPlayz102 says:

    Please make it available for IOS !!!

  84. Some1rainbow says:

    Why can’t I download it

  85. Bailei says:

    Why can’t you download it on iPad

  86. Marianmxm says:

    Isnt working for me

  87. Actawesome says:

    This map is awesome

  88. Actawesome says:

    OMG this map is awesome I played it a million times already!!

  89. Indy says:

    Can you please make an furniture mod/add-on for iOS???
    I would love that if you do that.

  90. ThatOneGuy says:

    Hello, Creator just a quick message when are you going to release this for IOS users? Hopefully soon!

  91. Hannanaannahah says:

    Not fair make it for IOS too >:/

  92. .+*Mods*+. says:

    Is it possible for the importer or editor to make it compatible for iOS?

  93. Anonymous says:

    Please make this possible for iOS please.

  94. Gamelord56 says:

    Take it out off addons put it back in mods

  95. SS12 says:

    Hello? There is no mod pkg file in the download just a zip file and if you open it it only got three folders no mod pkg file.. please help me

  96. QuestionableKid says:

    Dos this work on iOS and how do I download it if it does

  97. golden says:

    The download link was broken i tried download it many time and it just say the file was corrupted

  98. No name says:

    Can you make this for iOS too? ( it looks so fun.

  99. Wow says:

    Hey what’s up mates.
    You guys could you explain how to download this mod
    I really like it.
    Thanks if you are answering me.
    And I am on IPad IOS

  100. Someone says:

    I can’t download any, I have a iPad and I don’t want to do anything that is too complicated.

  101. Yammy mash says:

    You must work hard editor i feel sorry for you 👍

  102. Khaled says:

    Is it compatible with 0.16.2

  103. Josh says:

    Hey can you talk to someone who makes these mods and stuff and ask if he can make somehing like block launcher for iOS. Cause there are some awesome mods here but I can’t download cause I don’t have block launcher which uses android. Thanks.

  104. danish says:

    how to make tools

  105. Crystal says:

    *hiest* I wanted to download it but because of my craziness on trying to fix blocklauncher by pressing the ‘delete files’ (was is called delete files?)it ended up breaking the game more than it was then 😑I wanted to try this mod too 😢

  106. CornyDefibrillator says:

    Add a link for iOS

  107. WreckitRey says:

    What happened to the v16 update? Will there be one for iOS?

  108. Yasin Arafat says:

    I love this mod so much 🙂

  109. MayFart65000 says:

    Does it work for iOS?

  110. Recess says:

    Dont work version 0.15.10

  111. Rugile says:

    How to import the mod?

  112. Jilian says:

    cooll mod

  113. Anonymous says:

    Is this mod need a texture pack?! Reply pls.

  114. Lily says:

    Those this mod still work today? For the latest version of mcpe?

  115. AlexandroAdolfo says:

    I want it so badly master

  116. Abdullah says:

    Hi your mods are amazing

  117. Theredstonelaser says:

    Can it work with MCPE master?

  118. zaidzafar says:

    can i use this on mcpe

  119. Jemi444 says:

    Are this work for 0.15.2+?

  120. Tutorial says:

    Where is the download button

  121. brie says:

    Help i olny see the texture pack pocketdecoration v.07 by the
    Please help

  122. Gm says:

    Wheres the texture? It says the zip was not the texture…

    • Editor says:

      All you need to do is to import the modpkg just the same way you would import a js script and you are good to go.

  123. pinkie says:

    can we open the cabinet

  124. Its awesome if will work!

  125. wintersoldier says:

    is this work for mcpe 0.15.1???and i have the latest blocklauncher

  126. LetPLY says:

    Its not a .modpkg file its a zip file what should i do please help

  127. SamanthaChloeAguala says:

    How do you unzip the zip from es file explorer??

  128. SamanthaChloeAguala says:

    How do you extract it from es file manager…….please help i want this mod so bad

  129. Bruh says:

    How dl i add the textures it only has the textures for the mod items not for other block so its not a complete tp…do i need tk edit vanilla and then add the items to it ?

  130. Bacon Brotato says:

    Downloaded the zip file, but it won’t let me extract it.

    • Editor says:

      This is a .modpkg file and you are supposed to extract it. Read the install guide included in the post above the download button to learn how to import it.

  131. Chronos says:

    Why I can’t add the main.js script in toolbox?

    • Editor says:

      You aren’t supposed to extract the downloaded file. If it says it’s a .zip then rename the file extension to .modpkg and then import the modpkg file.

  132. Edibitz says:

    Mine work at toolbox 0.15.2 🙂

  133. XxDarkShadowxX BG says:

    Hi! I need help! When I go to Toolbox and try to import the mod, it’s not working. I mean when I click the ”js” file it goes back to toolbox and it doesn’t shows me that the mod is imported…. OK I exit toolbox and restart it but when I go back nothing it doesn’t show that I import the mod….. Ohh pls help me!

  134. EmeraldCreeper says:

    How do I get the texture pack for the mod?

    • Editor says:

      It’s included in the modpkg file. You are supposed to import the downloaded file. If it says it’s a .zip file then rename it to end with .modpkg instead and then import it just as if it was a .js script.

  135. KYle says:

    How do i jnstall the modpkg file wheres the link?

  136. AA12 says:

    Does this download or modpkg need texture pack cause the texture of this mod is broken

  137. JazzDaMeif'wa says:

    I’ve tried this over 10 times and it’s not working….!!! Do you need a computer for this or something?!?!?

  138. NinxoGhost says:

    Is there a way I can open the cabinets?

  139. Migz says:

    Not compatible with 0.14.0.


  140. Anonymous says:

    Does this work in 0.14.0?

  141. Nelli says:

    I have problems installing the mod and I tried 2 ways. 1. When I downloaded the mod it turned into a .zip file not a .modpkg file so it means I can’t import it quickly. 2. When I extract the file there is no .zip only .js. I tried using the .zip file from awhile ago and didnt work. Pls. help

  142. Dawn_Shadow says:

    May I help you to forward your work to China go?China friends will love you and support you. thank you post starter !(๑>؂<๑)

  143. Fashionqueen54 says:

    Can you guys please tell me how to install mods for MCPE because I don’t know how

  144. Electro says:

    doesnt work for me ive got mcpe 14.0 and block launcher 1.12.2

    **error code**

  145. MarcJustin says:

    PocketDecoration v5.0 by TheViictor.modpkg is not supported now…????

  146. creeper says:

    I can’t find the texture pace for the mod… help plssss…I already extracted the file zip still can’t find it

  147. Jasmyn says:

    Does this work?

  148. Budderprincess 14 says:

    Hey mine dosent work hers the error code
    **Errror code**

  149. Brenn says:

    Where is the texture pack? WHERE?!?!?!

  150. DISPLEASED GIRL! says:

    Oh nose everything broke?what???

  151. Lauren says:

    This is the best mod ever!

  152. Lauren says:

    Can’t you update it?!

  153. Evan says:

    It says error in game what am I doing wrong

  154. Ironrender880 says:

    It doesn’t work for me I put the texture pack and then I went to enable it then it said thisorg.mozilla.javascript.WrappedException: Wrapped java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The requested block texture bin_top:0 does not exist ***error code***

  155. Edd says:

    Is there a texture for this mod?

    • Editor says:

      ** Edited **

      Sorry, I was wrong. (Thought it was regarding another mod.)

      You are supposed to import it as a .modpkg file. If it says the downloaded file is a .zip then rename the file extension to .modpkg then import it similarly to a ja file using Toolbox. More info about Toolbox can be found here:

      • Editor says:

        I updated my reply with the correct info!

      • Anonymous says:

        Not there, I’m sorry but nothing you are saying is true. Opened the zip vile, opened the script file, which is a .js file. Extracted the zip, samething as before. Found the modpkg and imported it to toolbox, keeps crashing. I deleted the file, and redownloaded it. Did the same thing, I found no modpkg. There is no texture next to the .js file.

  156. Lorenzo says:

    Any possible way to add this to mcpe master? I would like to know if it’s possible

    • Editor says:

      Yeah, just press the download button on this page and then unzip the zip file using ES File Explorer or some other file manager app.

      Then you can use MCPE Master to import the mod and texture pack.

  157. kimy says:

    Is it work with 0.13.0

  158. Cormac says:

    It is awesome

  159. Charles says:

    Link doesnt work 🙁

  160. EJGamer4 says:

    Wait… Why can’t I import the mod?!
    I just saw in the zip is the texture, the guide, and a text mod?! What the please MCPEDL how am I able to use the mod?

  161. DarkLordCreeper says:

    I cant Enable it….

  162. Mahmoud says:

    Is this mod real because
    If it is real I
    Will be the happiest
    Man in the world


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