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Published on April 21, 2014 (Updated on April 21, 2014)


Installation Guides

Okay thats great and all, but is there a video demonstration of the animals and anything thats included?
With this Mod enabled, if a Werewolf attacks you, do you become one?
OMG this brings back so many memories
Can you add more mobs like fishes or other water creatures
Where's the sawn eggs?
Its not working in 0.10.4 Its crashes the block launcher and Lagging Why pls help Me??!!!!!!!!
I do not want it anymore. How do I remove it?
Go to BlockLauncher and select the manage mods option. Find the mod in the list and then tap on it and then tap the option to disable the mod.
Do you go to block launcher?
How do you download this???
I hope it works
My browser will not load the sight to download, is there another way?
Try this:
Why can't i download
The download works for me.

What error are you getting? Can't promise the mod will work because it's over eight months old and the creator hasn't done any recent updates.
What now when im dome downloading on my ifile
Great mod
R there item ids