PocketMon Addon

This addon is perfect for you who like Pokemon! It adds 39 Pokemons for your world Bigorna, computer, healer, apricric tree and several other things like Rare Candy!

Creator details:

YouTube channel:

Twitter account:

With this addon you can power the featles of your Pokemon, to evolve them or get to the maximum level, in addition to you you can also have battles against other Pokemon.

How do I do Pokeball?

And very simple just do everything to assure you:

You’ll have to get in the minimum 3 red apricorsn they are very important, so you can find yourself a finder Apron, after that you will make you a furnace and cook all the apricorns; now just put together three bone apricorens on the craft table as the image shows. So you have the POKEBALL DISC.

Made to Pokeball Disc now you need the Iron DISC I can find it just how to make the image assure:

After that you will have to do the Anvil, just do as the image assure:

Now you will tear that discarded the disks, you are just you equipped in the Anvils.

For rounds you need iron hammer for this how it shows you image to ensure:

Made the hammers now you can round all the discs.

After rounding the discs you got the bases, so you can finally do your Pokebola, so you had a stone button. Made it just do how the image shows:

To capture the Pokemon you will tear it to the desired Pokemon and click on capture, as the image is displayed:

To choose your captured Pokemon you will have to go to a center Pokemon La Tera two computers, then it just slightly to the computer with the desired Pokemon item and click Choose, as the image shows:

To upset your level Pokemon you had to make Rare Candys after you have Rare Candys just aim to your computer and click on LVL up:

To battle you need to mimic to the Enemy Pokemon and click Battle, so the battle had started; for you to attack the Enemy Pokemon just firing in battle.

To cure your Pokemon just to give to the healer and click on heal.

Evolution system Every two levels uploaded using the randy Cream you evolved your Pokemon.

Example: Charmander LVL 1 When it is for LVL 3 He evolved to the Charmeleon, when the Charmeleon is for the LVL 5 He evolved to Charizard, which can go to the LVL 10 which is the maximum LVL.

Table of all Pokemons are in Addon:



































Mr. Mime





Photos of Pokemons:




Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13

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86 Responses

3.95 / 5 (42 votes)
  1. slayingbladez says:

    says not a zip file

  2. slayingbladez says:

    plz add a way to choose your poke’mon’s attacks and where is the poke center?

  3. not very good! You can’t take out caught pokemon, and you can’t battle.

  4. Lwop says:

    I cant get the resource pack on xbox but i got the behavior pack

  5. Guest-1184433155 says:

    hope this gets and update soon, would really love to play this

  6. Guest-3528610195 says:

    I think this is an amazing Add-on but can you make one where you can choose for the wolf to become squirtle, charmander or ivysaur in the settings and then in the game you can catch them and they will follow you and level up when you level up? Please?

  7. TryHardJibs/ MahDestiny says:

    If the creator keeps on updating this addon, it might become the next Pixelmon.

  8. Guest-4075767691 says:


  9. Guest-8075199277 says:

    it says its not a real zip I can’t download this!! Please fix it!!

  10. Guest-3204142909 says:

    Adiciona o froakie o frogadier e o greninja pfv

  11. Guest-6222698445 says:

    mt bom

  12. Guest-3188256382 says:

    it wont insert the addon, can you update this

  13. Guest-3291971173 says:


  14. Guest-4965948699 says:

    hey it stooped extracting files at “zu.json” please help

  15. Guest-6110658647 says:

    Make it a Zip File PLZ

  16. Guest-5279925793 says:

    Can you update it for 1.14 version?

  17. Guest-4451015295 says:

    Guys how do you summon or spawn the Pokémons?

  18. Guest-3563064196 says:

    Can you add Eevee next it’s my favorite Pokemon

  19. User-3167955329 says:

    Guys, turn on experimental gameplay for it to work better.

  20. Anonymous says:

    The pokemon are cool but you can’t get pokeballs

  21. Anonymous says:

    Como eu baixo
    O addon é muito legal mas não consigo baixar ele vem um arquivo .mcaddon

  22. Ashed22 says:

    I love how it is an Addon!!! And not a mod XD
    Mods are usually hard to setup, but this, this is just the perfect addon I tell ya! But other pokemon like mewtwo, after a battle I cannot back it out or make it return, so I had to type “/function return”…. Pls fix that bug, also make it so that pokecenters doesn’t just spawn, can you just make it so that it generate on chunks that is unloaded…. and please make it so that pokemons has nametags and can walk around.

  23. snake says:

    add more Pokemon and fix the battle feecher

  24. IDkss says:

    Does it have to be education mode on?

  25. Danplayz says:

    Add kyogre, groudon and arceus also make rayquaza bigger

  26. Kyuiba says:

    Failed to import this Addon man, i’m in 1.14.1 and it says that

  27. Kyuiba says:

    It’s avaiable for 1.14/1.14.0/1.14.1 too?

  28. Anonymous says:

    i can’t install it in minecraft bedrock edition

  29. KesleiRyan says:

    Eu gostei muito desse addon, poderia adicionar outros pokémons lendários exemplo:Lígia,zaptos,ho-ho,articuno,moltres,ethei,suicune,raycou, por favor

  30. Anonymous says:

    hey can you fix the add on it is outdated so it does not work for 1.14 please fix because it looks cool

  31. Gislaine says:

    Hello i Love yous

  32. Notch says:

    This addon was pretty decent and I had no errors and if anyone needs help downloading it I got you.

  33. Gdjdb says:

    How do u add add Pokémon to your party

  34. ItseckoPlays says:

    Fantastic addon except the fact that it only worked once and then it never worked after,
    Even making a new world it did not work. The battling did not work and the choosing at the computer did not work and the picking the starters did not work and your chosen Pokemon does not show up, pls pls pls fix

  35. SlavHeister says:

    Can you update the file as the entity file in the resource folder seems to be corrupted, I am not ablt to open or paste the file anywhere and that is also the file that actually has the pokemon. Everything else is great but it is annoying that I cant see the pokemon or any entities. Thank you in advance

  36. Mihailo says:

    Can level up pokemon ?

  37. Wow says:

    I want the Pokémon to move and do power against Pokémon pls make them move not stand there like starring at a boob

  38. Jgllt says:

    Funciona en la
    Es mod o addon?
    Como lo instalo, no me funciona

  39. MaysemBB says:

    It doesn’t make me place pokemon and doesn’t make me do battles please fix

  40. Bob says:

    I love your addon but every time I play it I get kicked off of minecraft, it doesn’t bother me to much but if you could fixed this that would be great!!!

  41. THE_BLUE says:

    Oh my gosh this is the Addon who i need

  42. OOF says:

    Please update it to work for 1.14.0 This addon looks AMAZING!

  43. Potterfun says:

    Hey dose this replace any vanilla items or blocks

  44. Someguy says:

    For some reason it wont let my friends join unless they dont download the pack. It says that there was a error downloading it from the server….Please if there is find a way to fix this as i have no idea how to use block launcher or something

  45. jack says:

    it wont let me import

  46. DuhVirus says:

    Its not a valid zip archive

  47. diko says:

    doesn’t work please fix it. thanks

  48. balla says:

    pls can u make this mod for 1.14

    P.s also update the beyblade mod

  49. fuddy says:

    CANT DOWNLOAD I LUV POKEMONNNNNNNNNNNNNN HELP NOT VALID ZIP ARCHIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. LearnEnglishPlease says:

    Literally can’t understand a word this says.

  51. Harry Potter says:

    It’s not that multiplayer compatible but it works… mostly few bugs like you can’t see your health

  52. Minecraft dude says:

    For some reason I tried doing the command thing /give but it didn’t work + it doesn’t give me a apricorsn.

  53. Minecraft dude says:

    For some reason I tried doing the command thing /give but it didn’t work + it doesn’t give me a apricorsn.

  54. Yazuko gaming says:

    Am I right Ma-J Nebu that this add-on needs to turn on experimental gameplay.
    To work.
    And also if the file zip doesn’t work change the zip into mcaddon and use FX it’s great to use on changing the files name.

  55. Not thunder says:

    It says its not a valid zip archive

  56. OOF says:

    PLease fix it it says not valid zip archive when it opens in Minecraft can u either tell me how to fix it or fix it please this is a really cool addon

  57. ChickenNoodleSoupWithASodaOnTheSide says:

    Help! Apricorns, pokeball discs and rare candies are not available in my minecraft version, what can I do?

  58. pacboy2013 says:

    Can Someone Explain To Me How I Use This Addon?

  59. Anonymous says:

    dosn’t work

  60. Sniper2903 says:

    Is this addon gonna be updated?

  61. GratedCheese71715 says:

    Cool addon dude.

  62. GratedCheese71715 says:

    Cool addon dude.

  63. Maker gamer says:

    Qual sua versão

  64. BooshPlayz says:

    Hey love it, but u should make so u don’t catch the pokemon every single turn make it random or something

  65. Ma-J Nebu says:

    After the fight for your Pokémon back to Pokeball, type in the chat / function return

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