PocketPower (Redstone Mod)

PocketPower is the most powerful and advanced Redstone mod so far created for Minecraft Pocket Edition. The development has been going on for a long time and is now supporting both Android and iOS. But what is Redstone? Redstone can transmit power which can be used to create a various amount of mechanical structures and automatic mechanisms.

Creator: Byteandahalf, Twitter Account

Here’s a few examples how redstone can be used.


Drop items on pressure plates to activate them.


The pressure plates can also be activated by standing on them.


There are of course many other using areas.


  • Textures and Redstone functionalities just the same as on PC
  • Items available in the creative inventory
  • Cross-platform compatibility (iOS & Android)

Available Redstone Block/Item IDs

  • Redstone Wire (use Redstone dusts to place this)
  • Lever (ID: 69) – 1 Stick + 1 Cobblestone
  • Wooden Pressure Plate (ID: 72) – 2 Wooden Planks
  • Stone Pressure Plate (ID: 70) – 2 Stones
  • Weighted Pressure Plate (light) (ID: 147) – 2 Gold Ingots
  • Weighted Pressure Plate (heavy) (ID: 148) – 2 Iron Ingots
  • Wooden Button (ID: 143) – 1 Wooden Plank
  • Stone Button (ID: 77) – 1 Stone
  • Redstone Repeater (ID: 356) – 2 Redstone Torches + 1 Redstone + 3 Stones
  • Redstone Torch (ID: 76) – 1 Stick + 1 Redstone
  • Redstone Lamp (ID: 124)
  • Piston (ID: 33) – 3 Wooden Planks + 4 Cobblestone + 1 Iron Ingot + 1 Redstone
  • Sticky Piston (ID: 29) – 1 Slimeball + 1 Piston
  • Powered Rail (ID: 28) – 6 Gold Ingots + 1 Stick + 1 Redstone
  • Redstone Block (ID: 152) – 9 Redstones

How to get the items?

Upon creating a new world in Minecraft PE select creative mode and your inventory will include the new items.

If you want to get the items in survival mode you can use PocketInvEditor or Toolbox (only Android) to get the items in your inventory.

Redstone Powered Structures

Here are a couple of basic structures which you can build with the use of the Redstone mechanisms introduced in this mod. Redstone torches generate the power which is transmitted by the Redstone dust which then is used to produce mechanic mechanisms such as forcing a piston to perform an action.

This structure is known as a TNT cannon as it can fire TNT blocks. Just press the button and the blocks will be ignited.


redstone-2 redstone-1

Install Guide for Android

Download for Minecraft PE v0.12 (Android)

  1. Click the download link.
  2. Find the downloaded file using a file manager app such as ASTRO File Manager.
  3. Tap on the .apk file to install it as a BlockLauncher addon.
  4. You are done!

Install Guide for iOS

To use PocketPower (repo: on iOS devices you must have a jailbroken device which will also give you access to the Cydia app that you need.

  1. Click here to read how to jailbreak your device and install the Cydia app.
  2. Click here to learn how to install the PocketPower using the Cydia app (repo:

PocketPower iOS works only in creative mode for now. In the future survival will also be supported.

Download Links

Download for Android Minecraft PE v0.12
Download for iOS: Add on the Cydia repo (requires jailbreak!)

(Download for Minecraft PE v0.11 – Android only)
(Download for Minecraft PE v0.10 – Android only)

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285 Responses

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  1. 6ix9ine going to jail says:

    I remember using this mod back in the day blowing up villages

  2. Reasonedaxis801 says:

    Why would you need this mod because now in MCPE we have redstone

  3. Peter Nguyen says:

    It’s old,we have redstone in Minecraft

  4. Johannk manlangit says:

    Well, i have minecraft version 1.0, that is not actually old, that is new, there’s also version 1.2

  5. Akise says:

    Why do you need a jailbroken iOS device? Why can’t you just make it for regular iOS devices?

  6. Lexus25 says:

    Dose it sopport 0.14.0? Beacause I want the pistion thet has good texerts sorry for bad english

  7. Clarence says:

    How do i download the mod i cant find the botton

  8. Reverse says:

    Can You Add The Mod Is 0.13.0?

  9. Timothy says:

    The Redstone repeaters also look flat the delay pull isn’t showing is it a glitch ?

  10. Timothy says:

    The Redstone repeaters seem to only face one direction how do you correct it so I can use them

  11. Radcliff says:

    Hi. Why can’t it work on version 13.0 build x?

  12. Akmal says:

    It’s it compatible for 0.13.0?

  13. IceoPlayz says:

    How to get it work on 0.13 ? Plz tell me

  14. Mohaimin Mar says:

    can you update to 0.13.0?

  15. Ahmad Irfan says:

    Why i cant use the repo i put the repo and it say time out

  16. Mario120 says:

    Are you going to be updating this to work on 0.13? or are you gonna just stop updating it? Being that we do have redstone now, cause I’d love if you could update it to 0.13 just to hold us till 0.14 and 0.15

  17. oracle says:

    is this mod gonna get any update for v13 soon ?

  18. Sebastian says:

    Can you update the mod for mcpe 0.13.0, i need pistons, sticky pistons, and repeaters 🙂

  19. Emmanuel says:

    Notch win

  20. CrossJoy says:

    This mod still needed in MCPE 0.13.Repeater,piston and sticky piston not exist in MCPE 0.13.
    Plz update this mod.Feel free,add some new features. 😀

  21. Ian Zeher says:

    Why would you include herobrine, he’s not even real?

  22. Lamo says:

    Thanks for adding logic gates!

  23. Seddikben says:

    How can I download this.

  24. Leah says:

    How do i download it on ios?

    • Editor says:

      A guide is included in the post. If you can’t understand it then I’d recommend waiting a few days. Why you might ask? Well, version 0.13 is out soon for Minecraft PE iOS which will include redstone as a default feature in Minecraft PE.

  25. sina says:

    I liked mod
    but mod don’t have dispenser
    plz add

  26. Raihan says:

    Amazing, I can also use my other mods, keep up the good work guys.P.S can you add the easter eggs like when you get pushed into 2 block of glowstone, you get an x Ray of you Minecraft.

  27. EnderGaming_MC says:

    It’s doesn’t work for IOS

    • Editor says:

      It does. But PocketPower will no longer be needed when 0.13 is officially released on all devices as redstone is one of the new features.

  28. KittyCraft says:

    Why does this crash my BlockLauncher?

  29. DanTDM says:

    Is it compatible with 0.13.0 build 3?

  30. Benz Arthur says:

    Does this mod requires BlockLauncher In order to activate the redstone mod? Cuz I installed it as an addon but it won’t work and I also didn’t installed blocklauncher please help me

  31. Ahellina says:

    in 0.13.0, redstone supported

  32. ThatGuy says:

    Why can’t I get to it on android download?

  33. Kurt Daryl Aquino says:

    Yes!! Yes!! It works in my Minecraft tnx mr editor my Minecraft is compatible with many mods version 0.12.2 but I don’t expect that it is big hahha

  34. Lokithejorrible says:

    java.lang.Exception: The addon com.byteandahalf.mcperedstone is not compatible with this version of Minecraft PE.
    at com.mojang.minecraftpe.MainActivity.loadNativeAddons(
    at com.mojang.minecraftpe.MainActivity.onCreate(
    at net.zhuoweizhang.mcpelauncher.LauncherAppActivity.onCreate(
    at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(
    at android.os.Looper.loop(
    at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Native Method)
    at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(

  35. KahMeKahZ says:

    I really need it to work on my mcpe master plz. My blocklauncher keeps crashing. And why does my friend crash every time we play together with pocket power????

  36. default24 says:

    how to get blockluancher for 12.1

  37. Jerico says:

    When i check the downloads file in block launcher its still not there the pocket power wont appear i really want this mod and i cant download it pl s help

    • Editor says:

      You need to use a file manager (e.g. ES File Manager) and use that app to locate the downloads folder. Then tap on the Pocketpower .APK file to run the installation of the mod. Please let me know if you need more help.

  38. Jerico says:

    Mine cant download it always say operation failed when i try to install it im using ES file explorer its still wont download pls help me

  39. Izzudin says:

    i use blocklauncher,cannot detect mod when enable the mod,how i should do the play wih this mod

  40. Ibnczar says:

    Guys please add hoppers and dispensers and can you fix the bugs and glitches and can you please add some comparitors and for sure you guys will top against PC mod

  41. Nicolas says:

    Hello, I’m getting this error:

    I have MCPE 0.12.1 Alpha build 9 and the latest version of block laucher
    and Android 5.1

    • Editor says:

      I added your error code to Pastebin as it took up a little too much space.

      Anyways, I had a look at the error code and couldn’t really figure it out. I’d recommend asking him directly here:

      Give him a link to the pastebin and also mention all other things you said here.

  42. Julio says:

    Nice to have the right now and then

  43. Julio says:

    I like it

  44. Mary says:

    I’m on iOS and once I have it installed, I tap on the minecraft icon and it goes to the mojang screen but crashes right after. I can’t play at all! Anyone know how to fix it?

  45. Vexarik says:

    Hello, Please Update the Mod for mcpe 0.12.3 ios

  46. Patri115 says:

    Can you please fix the glitch when you redstone dust in survival mode, it doesn,the drop the item? Thanks!

  47. CaRooR says:

    Hello!! Can you guys please add dispensers,droppers,hoppers,slime blocks and armor stands please? That would defnitly make my day.. I followed you on twitter please keep me updated if you add some of those blocks I mentioned

    • CaRooR says:

      Forgot to mention jukebox ands discs.. I know iam asking alot but u guys did an awesome job and.. U know.. I wouldnt be that hard to edit your amazing mod and add some blocks.. Anyways keep going this mod is awesome

  48. Michael says:

    I coudnt download it with es file explorer

  49. Jan Emery Florendo says:

    How can i apply this mod using mcpe master?

    • Editor says:

      You don’t need MCPE Master for this mod. All you need is BlockLauncher. To install the mod simply tap on the apk file to install the BlockLauncher mod.

  50. Shady says:

    I really want the mod

  51. David says:

    I think notch is the creator of minecraft.

  52. Prince says:

    Hi there..
    I cant find the download button where should i go??

  53. Smirnox75 says:

    So TMI works while using PocketPower now?

  54. micoechaure says:

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thx you Editor and Byteandahalf!!!! I can now use redstone!!!

    Exept for one thing…. when i used the sticky piston and when i break the wooden you will see the piston inner hole… is there a way to fix that?
    the pistons are broke! how to fix that thing. pls reply…

  55. Not Notch says:

    oh noose everything is broken *_* why i keep getting that message everytimes i open block launcer ?

    • Editor says:

      Make sure you’ve got the latest version of Minecraft PE and BlockLauncher. Go to Google Play and check for each app. Also, if there’s an error message please copy and paste it here so we can have a look.

  56. Lulu says:

    Does this mod work for 12.1? Because when I did all instructions correctly it said “Oh nose everything broke, PocketPower is not compatible with the current version.” Can you please help me on this problem? Im using a Android and people say this mod is really cool and I want to try it out!


  57. bently21 says:

    Is it for 0.12.1? If not update itNOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. haiqal yusri says:

    why i can play it this thing it just appear when turn it on the addon **error code**

  59. Lightning_FURY says:

    Editor does it have for 12.1?

  60. Nidish says:

    It is not working for 12.1 on his Twitter he has not yet said it’s compatible with MCPE 12.1
    And I tried it several times with block launcher and block launcher pro. I know how the mod works because I had it for 11.1

  61. Joseph Stalin says:

    This thing doesn’t open!Whenever I try to open Block Launcher it says

    **error code**

  62. micoechaure says:

    Um…. Mr. Editor Where Could I Download The Redstone Mod 0.12.1??? Pls Reply I Really Need It For My New Map… 🙁

  63. dman says:

    Does it work for 12.1

  64. micoechaure says:

    Where Do I Download??? Here Or On Goggle Play???
    Please Reply…..

  65. bro says:

    it’s work for mcpe 0.12.1 alpha

  66. Nidish says:

    You have not added detector rails in the id list?

  67. ShadyThGod says:

    Is it released now for 0.12.1? BlockLauncher also supports 0.12.1 now!?!

  68. Alexkimy03 says:

    Is it work for 0.12.1 version

  69. FrenzyFox says:

    does this mod works on mcpe v0.12.1???

  70. Harrison says:

    I don’t know how too download, what do I do after I click download????

  71. Yong rong says:

    Is because my minecraft version is 0.11.1 and i have your mod updated last year
    But when I open my blocklauncher open my world check the too many items mod
    There’s no dispenser pls put it in the next update…

  72. Andrian maulana says:

    is it compatible with 0.12.1 ?
    if not,please update!!!!!!

  73. dewey says:

    I don’t know how to put in block launcher

    • Editor says:

      Download the mod and then use a file manager app, e.g. ES File Manager, to locate the downloaded .apk file and then run the file by tapping on it once. After the installation is done go in-game in BlockLauncher and enjoy the mod!

  74. Joseph says:

    U can use Too Many Items mod for this and it adds the blocks in it and Editor is wrong about that don’t listen too him listen too me.

  75. kaelynn says:

    I was so excited for this but… when will there be dispensers and horses? ??

  76. JWlover says:

    Hi I like your Redstone mod really loved it reminds me in my old PC minecraft

  77. Beaaaa says:

    I installed the mod and it says its not compatible with the verison of mcpe! I have 11.0 though,

  78. Jay says:

    It doesn’t seem to work. I downloaded and installed the apk. It’s enabled in blocklauncher, but it never seems to go on through to the game. Need help.

  79. Carl jeizel tan says:

    How do i download it on ios because ios dont have block launcher

  80. Austin says:

    When I download it, it’s just an APK file. When I try to install it, ot says “There’s a problem parsing this package.”

    • Editor says:

      What device do you got? Android or iOS? It will only for work Android.

      If you got Android, did you install BlockLauncher first (an Android app)?

  81. Chloe says:

    I love this mod!!! But in the next update could u could make pistons, (when facing upwards) push players up if they stand on the piston. (For elevator) and maybe dispensers, droppers and hoppers:)

  82. Dust_2_Dust says:

    When i click extract files it says their are no files to be managed, then when i use zarchive to open it to extract it says currupted archive,
    And when i click on it after downloading it it says ((Their was a problum pharing the package)) and usally when it says that it means its not a apk file , it corrupted , the origanal file type name was changed , or their is no files in the archiver or it did not download correctly… Plz help

  83. CreeperArged says:

    Pls add all of these in the next Mod update

    Tripwire Hooks
    Detector rails
    Trapped Chests
    Note Blocks
    Daylight Sensors
    Unpowered Powered Rails
    Weighted Presure Plates

    that’s all

  84. chriselle47 says:

    Can someone tell me how to install it please.

    • Editor says:

      The file which you will be downloading is an .apk file. To install the mod just locate that file and then run the file to run the installation process. You will need BlockLauncher for this to work.

  85. Rj says:

    Thank you editor.

  86. Rj says:

    what is the id of sticky piston? When i try # 29 it says missing block id 29.. Please help me

  87. RJ says:

    I cannot find the zip file.

  88. EndsCreed says:

    Won’t install. It’s not coming in a .zip for me, it comes as a .apk. when i try to install it says “there is a problem parsing the package”

    • Editor says:

      If it’s an APK file all you need to do is to launch a file manager app (find one on Google Play) and go to your “Download” folder and tap on the APK file and run it to start the installation.

      When the installation is done enter Minecraft PE using BlockLauncher and go in-game. And there you go, PocketPower will be installed! 🙂

      To uninstall APK addons, try this:

  89. micoechaure says:

    Thx Creator my redstone is complete and its works just dont use redstone recipes all you need is the addon and you can now use with too many items!!! 😀

  90. Lucas says:


  91. CrafterPro says:

    Dear editor you can tell the creator that Redstone lamps are crafted with glow stone and 4 pieces of Redstone dust and do get glow stone is by activating the
    Nether reactor core.thanks if you tell him by the way good mod

  92. MIERZA says:

    why in 0.11 version, i cant find the detector rail?

  93. anonymous says:

    Can u please add support for 0.11, i want it on mcpe 0.11.0 plz plz plz

  94. josh says:

    When will the 0.11 update be out for pocket power?

  95. Zachem says:

    I download the mod, open block launcher, and this comes
    –error message edited out by “Editor”–

  96. Pahry says:

    it seem I can’t get it right. so just tell me The exact mcpe and blocklauncher version to get this mod working…

  97. jesse says:

    Running version 11.1 on both pe and block launcher but says this mod is not compatible with this version.

  98. Jacob Shkeir says:

    HI again. Yeah i just realized that the Too many items mod doesn’t work. So i deleted it and all my other mods except yours. I will try the mod again and see if it will work. I will let you know how it goes. 🙂

    Thanks, Jacob Shkeir

  99. Pahry says:

    please could you help me…
    I have already download this AWESOME MOD and install it (Formatted Apk right?). then I open my minecraft, create a new creative world, but these redstone thing won’t appear. my minecraft version is 0.11.1 and the blocklauncher is 1.9.7

  100. Editor says:

    My best suggestion is to wait for the new update of PocketPower which should be soon. Update your MCPE to 0.11 and update BlockLauncher too to the latest. Do it through Google Play. Then install the new PocketPower update when it’s out. Sorry I can’t help you better.

  101. Paolo says:

    Does this work for the mcpe v0.11.0/0.11.1 now? Pls. do tell some update and reply. 🙂

  102. Jacob Shkeir says:

    Hey its me again thanks so much for replying, I have a Samsung Tab 3 (Android). Minecraft v0.10.5. Thanks for replying and if you need anymore details just tell me.

    • Editor says:

      Hi Jacob. Which other mods have you got enabled?

      We recommend that you try to disable all other mods, especially if you have got any of the Too Many Items mods enabled, and then try again.

  103. CrossJoy says:

    Plz make it work for mine craft pe 0.11.1.

  104. Jacob Shkeir says:

    Thank you so so so much for replying! I have a Samsung Tab 3. My Minecraft pe version is 0.10.5 I think my block launcher version 1.8.6 Tell me if you need anymore specific details. Thanks again. If this doesnt work then can you tell me how to delete the mod. but i would love to keep the mod.


  105. Hes007 says:

    Can you give a release datum for this mod?

  106. Cole says:

    how do I get a mod for my iOS non jail broken device

  107. Jacob Shkeir says:

    Please help! Please help! This mod is amazinng, but when i go on block launcher to play my world and if i place any one of the redstone blocks down my world freezes and it said ‘unfortunately block launcher has stopped working’ this started to happen only when i downloaded this cool mod. So can you fix it or how do you delete the mod. Please repley as soon as possible. Thankyou

  108. Aiken says:

    Plz Help Me How To Download This Mod On Ipad Because Its Very Cool

  109. kentan says:

    How to insert my mod in MCPE

    • Editor says:

      Run the downloaded .apk file to install the mod. Make sure you have BlockLauncher installed on your Android device before doing so.

  110. joshua says:

    How to make piston face up? Also add sticky pistons.I love the mod

  111. mcpe says:

    Does this mod works with the mcpe 0.11.0.b10??? If yes, how can i start it?? I have add it to blocklauncher and it finds it in the manage addons but it does not work. Pliz help

  112. xunknown1248 says:

    Maybe next time try to add a dispenser..

  113. aqzasurya12 says:

    Hey i need sticky piston! have the mod Editor?

  114. theDaiki says:

    Does this work for iOS?

  115. theDaiki says:

    PLEASE make dispensers!!!

  116. Unknown Player says:

    Once i download the mod and i tried to import it but the directory is empty pls jelp i want to use this mod

    • Editor says:

      It’s an apk file. To install an apk file use the “Install Guide” that’s located below the video in this post.

  117. rkv says:

    how to get sticky pistons in your mod

  118. Jojo says:

    Please help is says file curupt

  119. Best Reliable Cool Amazing Redstoney Mod Ever 😀

  120. joshua says:

    plz come out with iOS and wow who created mine craft duh herobrine jk

  121. Aradhya Kunwar says:

    Keep up the AMAZING work byteandahalf I tink u r the best modder in mcpe history!!!!so keep it up 🙂

  122. anonymous says:

    I can’t actually copy and paste the actual mod into my minecraft because it downloads this file called PocketPower v1 release, which only contains stuff like ‘ if this mod crashes…’

  123. Jason says:

    What STICKY PISTONS ID’s ? For original pistons i know the ID’s but sticky pistons what

  124. Aradhya Kunwar says:

    Can u make it so u can place the piston up and down, make piston and pressure plate do not get destroyed in water and please add the the things I suggested in the recipe for pocket power mod if you can if you do all the things I said I will be so happy and I really love your redstone mod at the moment and you make even better I think the other people will agree.

  125. jens says:

    I can’t download as apk onli as zip.

  126. how i get the red stone stuff i install i disabled all mods in manage mod script

  127. sayhaan says:

    Can you add in the inventory piston detector rails and red stone block plz

  128. timo says:

    Than i cab make everithing

  129. timo says:

    Pls ad sticky piston

  130. Drayven says:

    I’m horrible at using addons send me a video then ill no

    • Editor says:

      It’s very easy, believe me. 🙂 Here’s a quick guide:

      Download the .apk mod file from our site here on this page by tapping on the “Download” button.

      Use Cheetah File Manager (a free Android app) to find the .apk file.

      To find it in Cheetah File Manager: Launch the Cheetah File Manager app > Tap on Device > Go to the Download folder > Find the PocketPower .zip file. Tap on it once > Open the PocketPower Release folder > Run the first .apk file you find there.

      Run the installation. From there it’s straightforward.

      Now, make sure to restart BlockLauncher in case you had it opened. If not, just launch BlockLauncher and the mod will be active. To know for certain it will say so in the bottom-left of the screen.

  131. Luo says:

    How do you install it in ios8

    • Editor says:

      You’ll have to wait until there is a release for iOS devices. We’ll update the post as there is one and let you know on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. So make sure to follow us there!

  132. louie sawada says:

    When will you add the sticky pistons I really need it……..thank you….pls pm me when its already released…..thank you and good luck…….

  133. Who cares? says:

    I noticed sth, Advanced Too Many Items don’t work but Too Many Items DOES WORK

  134. Karl says:

    Please help I can’t uninstall redstone mod

  135. InfinityVile says:

    How to get the pistons, detector rail through InvEditor????

    • Editor says:

      Select a world in PocketInvEditor and then click “Edit Inventory”. In the top-right corner there should be a three dot icon. Click that. Click “Add Empty Slot”. In item ID type in the item ID and in amount type in the amount and then go back to save it. Do the same process for all the items.

  136. Dylan Litty says:

    When will pistons (both normal and sticky) be added. If next update when is the release date?


    • Editor says:

      It’s not known yet I think. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ and we’ll let you know when a new update happens of the PocketPower mod.

  137. Mike says:

    Is it possible to get the pistons to point upwards if added via InvEditor?

  138. Alex says:

    Can i know when is it avail ble for IOS?
    And where can i follow u guys on Twitter or facebook.

    • Editor says:

      Hello Alex,

      No date has been released for when it will be available for iOS yet. But if you want to be updated when that happens follow us on Twitter and we’ll tweet about it the day it comes available!

      You can follow us on Twitter here: We’ll be on Facebook soon. 🙂

  139. Unkwon Proxy says:

    how to ad mod items IDs to InvEditor? I use the free version.
    and also make the pistons face UP, I wanna make an elevator

  140. Crizz says:

    Can you upload to mediafire, drobox just downloads me gibberish

    • Editor says:

      We will remake the entire post in the coming days and will ask the creator then to also give us more download option links.

  141. no name says:

    Dispenser please

  142. Wendylle says:

    Do you have any dispenser and dropper?I need that to put auto furnace and arrow shooter

  143. Unkwon Proxy says:

    1. Pls fix the Repeater
    2. whats the recipe for stone button and pressure plate I don’t see it in my crafting table
    3. pls ad the blocks you metioned that existed but can’t be obtained (and sticky pistons too)
    4. can u ad the lights for the redstone torch?
    5. final request: dispendsors, droppers

    It’s actually too much (I think), but I am looking for these in updates =)))

    Thank you for your awesome mod

    • I love MCPE says:

      dude, he already fixed the repeater, use normal stone to craft buttons and pressure plates, use InvEditor to get the blocks, the torches does have lights.

    • I love MCPE says:

      dude, he already fixed the repeater, use normal stone to craft buttons and pressure plates, use InvEditor to get the blocks, the torches does have lights. HE ADDED STICKY PISTONS THOUGH

  144. ChantalPlays says:

    How do i download mods for ios

  145. h says:

    is there a id to get sticky pistons or not

  146. Victoria says:

    every time I download this mod my file manager says it’s a bad file I’m using es file explorer latest version

    • Editor says:

      Try Cheetah File Manager. The PocketPower mod only works for Android at the moment. In the near future there will be an iOS version. So please understand that the Android download will only work for Android.

  147. Ean says:

    What are the block ids for the piston so I can get them using inv editor

  148. Unkwon Proxy says:

    How do you disable Too Many Items?

  149. Th3_Beast11 says:

    BEST MOD EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  150. sparky says:

    It says bad download unable to unzip what should ndo

  151. h says:

    when will you add pistons to be obtainable

  152. janino says:

    Super wow this is amazing

  153. heroblover says:

    Wth it won’t switch back to normal block launcher and I don’t know what to do

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