PocketPowerCraft Texture Pack [16×16]

The PocketPowerCraft Texture Pack adds a more simplistic and smooth look to the otherwise default textures in PocketPower. PocketPower is an advanced redstone mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition which implements the same redstone features as seen in the PC version of the game. Through the use of PocketPower you can build everything from calculators to automated traps.

Creator: Axtwo12, Twitter Account

Here is an overlook of the blocks and items which got new textures. As you can see they look simplistic and have really soft colors.



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11 Responses

  1. Jonny2coolboss says:

    I’ve Been Searching for days and still i have not yet found myself a texture pack creator… please some one save me -_-

  2. Derpystartastic says:

    Does this works in mcpe 0.14.0?

  3. Ayden ball says:

    I need this I have mod but I need the texture pack

  4. OreoPops says:

    This texture pack looks insane man

  5. Roboghost says:

    I would love to have this mod because I can show everyone in school

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