PodzolMadagascar v2 [Custom Terrain]

Hi guys it’s Sub!

Here is my newest custom terrain map created in worldpainter called PodzolMadagascar the inspiration for this terrain map come right out the wilderness of a coastal island off the shores of mainland Africa! explore, create and survive in the PodzolMadagascar today!. 

video 2

Epic showcase credits: Eagle Six

Map content info/Credits

this map was created on java then converted to bedrock

Gold ore 2.0x normal

Emerald ore 4.0x normal

Iron ore 1.25x normal

CustomAssets: BaobabTrees DeadTrees and RocksMounds/Bolders


All of the following CustomAssets listed directly above are created by the amazing planetminecraft community! this project was possible thanks to the many content creators who shared their objects/schematics in hopes of something great being born from them! Thank you and Enjoy!

Check out and support these asset creators links below!

Mesa bolders used found here Creator: Plasmatic

Rocks/mounds used found here Creator: Lemonfox  

BaobabsTrees/DeadTrees found here Creator: Eremilion—shematics-pack/

Free Programs used to Create this  project

Worldpainter -MinecraftJava Terrain Level Designing tool @Worldpainter

This map was designed from scratch with this tool for java

Mcctoolchestpe – MinecraftBedrock nbtEditor/dataConverstion tool @CynodontA

this map was created on java then converted to bedrock with this tool

Changelog View more

added new showcase video from Eagle Six thanks for the awesome edit!

-Added a short showcase video! better vid coming soon

-New pictures!

-Proper Credits Defined for asset and tool creators!

-Additional project info

-DevTools/plugins listed

-optional plans im thinking of making a download for the java version aswell but only if thats something people want this sites mainly Bedrock so ill do it but only if requested

map version v1.1 

-added underground cave layers 

-ore edits emeralds can now be found from Y-1 to Y-60 

-gold and iron ore generation were set back to default Y levels

-please report any map bugs that cause gameplay issues


"[Terms of use]

-You may use this map in any non commercial way youd like but you may not profit off this map "meaning you may not charge people in exchange for the map or compile the map into something being sold" it is strictly for free and fare use only
-if you do choose to share/reupload this map you agree to be a super awesome person and repsectfully credit me in some way or by linking back to my mcpedl profile if you want to help me grow and create more maps


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. Pronoob1234 says:

    A safari mode will be great in this world

  2. Degu says:

    This great dude, by adding a shader, animal mod, ambience you can make the experience more and more relaxing! The way you design it is too good, it looks familiar but strange somehow make the map very beautiful in it’s own way.

  3. Ch1ldst34l3r says:

    Is there any diamonds

  4. Ch1ldst34l3r says:

    Hey am i allowed to use this for my server

  5. SlickSunnyD says:

    This is awsome dude can i use this in an adventure map?

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