Pointless 2!

Did you play my first map and loved it? Well guess what… I made a second map! Prepare to be just as confused as you were in the first map!

This map has 10 extremely confusing levels, one bonus level, and one boss fight. For the boss fight I didn’t want to make the boss a traditional wither or ender dragon. So instead I made it a husk with strength and 250 health. These levels are extremely confusing and I had a lot of people stuck on the first map so I added hints. I wanted it themed as an adventure so you go from overworld levels, to nether levels, to another overworld level, to end levels, to the final overworld level.


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5 Responses

  1. Guest-1391280227 says:

    Wow Good Job Can u give another hint on lvl 2 im stuck

  2. Comment ideas for more maps and maybe I will make them!

  3. Unspeakable gaming fan says:

    i love the first 1

  4. M0023C4K3 says:

    It’s Awesome

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