This is my first map! You must go through a series of levels with some pointless things that trick you! This map is a fun map with some tricks that may annoy you. I would advise you not to do what you would think to do.

This map is very tricky. There is a total of 8 levels, not counting the bonus level or the lobby which is as much of a trick as the levels. Some levels are very hard and annoying. You may think the levels are impossible but do not quit.  You have permission to use cheats if something in my map doesn’t work. But if something is wrong with the map please inform me and I am sorry. There is usually something that you would never think to do. If I were to compare it to another map I would compare it to illogical Minecraft. If you have never played it play my map to see what it is like. But overall I hope you enjoy. Also, keep a look out for other maps and addons by me, TjDragon097!

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I changed the download link . People were spawning on the bonus level instead of the lobby. This should fix it.

Added bonus level and added more description. I really hope you enjoy!

Added bonus level and added more description. I really hope you enjoy!


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16 Responses

  1. Guest-8117800341 says:

    is this multiplayer

  2. Shoot the corner with the miss colored block in the house.

  3. Guest-3067284975 says:

    Help! I have tried everything for level one and nothing is working! I have spent multiple days on it and can’t figure it out! Can someone give me a hint?

  4. Guest-7664673424 says:


  5. Guest-5606950947 says:


  6. What do you mean it is broken.

  7. Guest-1517450631 says:

    This map is completely broken

  8. Tp to 0 240 0. I am sorry that happened. Also go in to adventure.

  9. Guest-9085392479 says:

    I instantly spawn in the bonus level and also got creative mode, now i don’t know where is the original level supposed to be. Can you help?

  10. Also, leave some suggestions for some levels maybe.

  11. I am sorry that you got stuck. I am making a second map and I will be sure to include hint books in that one. And I also noticed on one of the levels there is a button missing. When you get to the level with the wither roses and find the command block without a button, cheat one in and place it, it is supposed to be there.

  12. Yes, that is what you are supposed to do. I don’t want to reveal anything else but I will say that none of the levels are obvious. They are all very difficult.

  13. Guest-3388500418 says:

    Me and my friends are incredibly stuck on the lobby, is there any possibility that something went wrong? Cause we aren’t sure. We have tried killing a player, not clicking any of the buttons or levers, we have tried jumping off, clicking everywhere, we are really stuck

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