Pixelmon BE Combat System Test 2

The Pixelmon Mod is probably the most enjoyed and downloaded mod of all time on Java Edition. However on Bedrock Edition there are only a few addons about Pokémon and none of these implements a deep combat system like the Java Edition Mod. With Scripting API we can get trough this limitation but these are supported only on Windows 10 so I decided to start creating it now to make it grow enough to have a lot of content when the APIs will be supported by all platforms

Development status

The development of the addon will go through several phases. The first is Combat System Test so NO legendaries battles, NO pokémon building(Exp, IVs, EVs), NO catching mons, … The main focus are combat system mechanics:

  • Attack moves – Implemented
  • Moves secondary effects – not implemented
  • Priority moves – partially implemented
  • Status moves – partially implemented
  • Team battles – not implemented
  • Stats modifier – Implemented
  • Moves accurancy- partially implemented
  • Team battles not implemented
  • Multiplayer Battles – Implemented
  • Trainer Battles – Implemented
  • Wild pokémon battles – not implemented
  • Pokémon animations in battle – not implemented

When all of these features will be implemented the addon will go to the next phase.

How to play

When a player join for the first time a world can choose one pokémon from those which are implemented.

To change the starter you can craft a PC with glass and iron, place it and left-click it to open the starter selection menu

To start a battle you have to find a wandering trainer and left-click him or you can do the same thing with another player!

The battle system is inspired by official Pokémon mainline games so is turn-based and every Pokémon has his base stats and 4 fixed moves. Level is set to 50 for every pokemon, IVs are set to 31 for all stats and EVs to 85 for all stats

Changelog View more
  • Redesigned battle UI with health bars
  • 3 new pokémon(Weedle, Diglett, Magnemite)
  • Not very effective/no effect texts 
  • Now the addon support statistic modifier moves (now only two pokemon have one of them)
  • Minimal UI changes to HUD
  • Added pokémon icons to pokemon selection menu
  • Now you can craft the pc and break it using right-click


  • Be sure you are on W10 or on a modified version of the game with Scripting enabled
  • Be sure you are on 1.16+ version
  • Enable Experimental Gameplay settings
  • Backup your world because the game can crash
  • Give me all feedback about the addon


Supported Minecraft versions


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54 Responses

4.36 / 5 (25 votes)
  1. TheNewWave says:

    Hey Frax can you make a discord server and keep us updated and maybe everyone can chat and what not just an idea.

  2. Cuzinhigostosi says:

    How do i make my device run scripts? I cant play

  3. TheNewWave says:

    Hey dev after gen 1 is complete you doing other gens or no?

  4. TheNewWave says:

    I think thats how he makes money of this but i cant be certain

  5. Jetpacklizard says:

    Nice! You should make a yu gi oh addon! (Specifically arc v )

  6. SrCamerot says:

    I do not believe it at last someone is creating a quality pixelmon addon continue with the work bro will be achieved it will not be now but we will one day reach that incredible java mod I love it continue with your work this incredible


    From comments I am very confused. Does this work on Android as well as Windows because some say and some are saying no?
    Thanks for your time.

  8. MaysemBB says:

    You can remove scripts?

  9. Ramendan70 says:

    Awesome! a new update. please continue this addon.

  10. cutesolution9 says:


  11. Anrito Kun says:

    Splendid(Great), you are making a great mod/addon. I hope mojang will bring scripting support on Android among other platforms soon.

  12. Pineapple647 says:

    I downloaded it and applied it to a new world but it says it uses scripts and my device can’t use scripts please tell me is this my problem or is it something you have to fix, or do I just need to have beta, please I would love to play this but I’m having trouble and I need your help, i would really like a reply, other than that seems like a legit and awsome addon!

  13. mdietrich88 says:

    i have seen your scripting you did for this and it looks very well done. I would like to talk to you about a possible future Collab. I have been working on my own large scale Pokémon project for bedrock edition. please check it out on YouTube CHG Arctic Wolf and if you would want to work together you can dm me on my discord.

  14. DanielTheCake says:

    This is pointless. You literally made an addon to make bedrock players able to play pixelmon, and yet this only works on pc. If you want pixelmon, just buy java! Do not make trashy addons like this!

  15. TheNewWave says:

    Incredible just amazing no flaws i play the java pixelmon and was kinda disappointted that they went through a route of pure 3d models instead of the blocky models that minecraft normally has now that i know this is in development i am excited i hope the api comes out for everything soon keep working hard my friend…..

  16. Ramendan70 says:

    Hey Creator are you gonna make a leveling system like level1-level100?

  17. HotPotato says:

    Please make it useable on Xbox

  18. Satria Rex says:

    . . . Pls fix link why we must download app to. . . So pls fix a link. . .

  19. chairocchi says:

    It’s pretty great! Keep it up! ^^)/


    Could I get direct link because I went to linktervise multiple times and I refuse to download some dumb app to get to an add-on.

    P.S. Other than that the add-on looks pro gamer

  21. Michelle Oakes says:

    first things first your extremly talented good job also would be cool if in the future you could do an mod kind of like the ice and fire i would be amazing

  22. arakuku says:

    Pretty fun
    Could use some work though

  23. Tai The God5409 says:

    PLeeeeeewwaaaassseeee Make it not scripts cause that’s only for Android and W10 not for iOS which is normally played on by players. PLEASE

  24. SverdHerre says:

    Shoot, I forgot to rate five stars.

  25. Ammar khan 47 says:

    Please make it non script

  26. Ibezplayzminecraft says:

    Bro I can’t wait for mor content.If you want I’ll watch 10 million ads but let’s try and get this to a final stage we’re the community can play Pokemon in Minecraft without a computer or apk

  27. slayingbladez says:

    you should make pokeballs so u can catch other pokemon

  28. SverdHerre says:

    This is definitely the start of a new age of Pixelmon.

  29. slayingbladez says:

    cannot wait

  30. Buddyboii says:

    Cant wait to see this finished

  31. cosmicvon gaming says:

    does it use experimental gameplay

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