Poke Pets – Addon

Do you want to transport your precious pets more easily ?
This Add On allow you move your pets and some animals with Poke balls.
Even with name and collar color in case of cats and dogs!!!

WorkThis AddOn allow you move your pets and some animals with Pokeballs, Even with name, tags or necklace color in case of wolf. I also took the opportunity to slightly improve the power of the wolves.

How it works:

1.- Place a Pokeball block on the floor.

2.- With Another Pokeball in your hand, click on your pet and it will go to the pokeball.

3.- To take it to the inventory pick the pokeball with a tool enchanted with “Silk Touch”.

4.-To Release the pet, break the block, But! without  a tool with touch of silk!!


Work with:

Dogs, cats, chicken, cow, mushroom cow, dolphin, and parrots.


-The Recipe is like a beehive.

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I add the direct download option for the verification.

Have a nice day

I removed Installation description and change the submission for do it more detailed

I removed everything that was written in Spanish, leaving only English

I Add new 4 photos for make the submission more detailed 

I add more details to the submmision and remove one of the two links


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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