PokeAddon is a must-have for any Pokémon fans out there in the Minecraft universe. It adds a total of 15 Pokémon and 5 of which you can catch. You can participate in battles and have lots of fun explore a world which textures have been redesigned to make it look more like the Pokémon world. Even though it’s quite limited by its current standards it’s definitely well worth downloading! Custom models for mobs is coming in a future update.

Creator: Hexdro, Twitter Account

Catching Pokémon

Every time a mob is killed there’s a chance it will drop some pokeballs (or bones).


You can then use a pokeball on a Pokémon to catch it (Android, iOS = long-tap and press Tame, Windows 10 = right-click). If you successfully caught it some heart particles will appear. Currently there is no functions you can use to spawn or despawn your Pokémon.


All of your caught Pokémon will automatically be following you around and if they get too far away they will be automatically teleported back to you.

If you don’t want them to be following you then you can use your bone (Android, iOS = long tap and press Sit or Stand) on it to make it stay.


Here is a list of all Pokémon which you can catch (or rather tame) in-game:

  • Cow
  • Pig
  • Chicken
  • Rabbit
  • Horse
  • Donkey
  • Mule
  • Creeper
  • Slime
  • Squid

pokeaddon-9 pokeaddon-13 pokeaddon-7


Your Pokémon will automatically attack anything which you are attacking or getting attacked by. It works for all mobs no matter whether they are are normal mobs or Pokémon.

For example, one time I was in some tunnel down underground and suddenly came across a skeleton. My Pokémon quickly came to my assistance and killed it.


But you can also challenge other Pokémon. To start a battle simply hit the mob which you want it to attack. Either yours will win or be defeated.



Another feature makes it possible to ride any type of mobs (besides the ones which are Pokémon). You can’t control the moving direction though.


Most textures also look different to make the world look more like the graphics in the Pokémon games. Here are a few examples.

pokeaddon-1 pokeaddon-11pokeaddon-6

Upcoming Features

  • More Pokémon
  • Custom mob models


Please read one of the following guides to learn how to install an addon.

Once you’ve extracted the zip file it will include two folders: [Behavior] PokeAddon[Textures] PokeAddon. Place them in their respective folders. (See guides above to learn how to do that.)

(iOS / Windows 10 / Android? 1. Download Textures (.mcpack) (click “Skip Ad” then download from MediaFire and import quickly). 2. Download Behaviors (.mcpack). 3. Apply resource pack and behavior pack to a world!)


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Installation Guides

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135 Responses

4.35 / 5 (20 votes)
  1. Anonymous says:

    I love love love love love love love love love love pokemon.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Download1852.mediafire.com refused to connect”
    Help after doing the adf.ly it did this helppppp

  3. ItseckoPlays says:

    Hey hexdro I’ve been a fan for Pokemon for a really long time and have a little request if you want to that’s fine, can you possibly fix up the addon and add a rayquaza please if you do this thank you

  4. Brooksiebear19 says:

    Please fix the link I saw it looked but good but the link to it is broken plz fix it

  5. Anonymous says:

    Pleeeeeeeese hewlp and fix the download link

  6. JT/Mario the hed9 says:

    Links broken for me.

  7. Rhys says:

    IT sends me to adf.ly … more like AD. F. LIE
    Now i cant download

  8. Suyash says:

    Dude just fix the download link and add pokemon bosses I will be happy

  9. says:

    It can’t connect to the server so I can’t download it please help

  10. YoshiDab says:

    Safari says the server can’t even be found.

  11. Rene Gabriel says:

    Need more pokemon PLS

  12. Mega Charizard X says:

    Alright every time I try to download this it doesn’t download in game but sarfai is not opening it now my browser hates mediafire and this addon!!!!!

  13. Rick says:

    WADA wadaa best add on eveeeeeeeer
    Cheers plz add more pokemons.

  14. A Command Block Nub says:

    I am dieing to se this app!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  15. Kasey says:

    Please add Evee evee has been my favorite from the start

  16. Anonymous says:

    This is an awesome add on but plz and more Pokemon and models

  17. superspider3500 says:

    Custom models are added! Now we can update and remove the pig Pokémon of its white snout.

  18. Anonymous says:

    When I tame one it doesn’t follow or attack.

  19. FreezerBurn says:

    Yea that happens to me but some of the ads are useful I got a texture pack for mcpe and it was the sspe sharers mcpedl has this texture pack go to http://mcpedl.com/sspe-shader/

  20. Vamp says:

    Help me when i go to the mc pack link i click skip ad it takes me to other website redirects me to mediafire it says the server is not responding i refresh and its an error404 update the link first

  21. Player says:

    It won’t let me on 1852 on my kindle fire it says not protected

  22. Anonymous says:

    Can u please retexture to make it more like the mod cos if people can retexture the witch to a lambroghini then they can make an animal look like a pokemon

  23. Diamond Stampy says:

    It doesn’t work?😰 Can you update it so it can work for me?

  24. Anonymous says:

    I doesn’t work😢
    For me

  25. Dylan says:

    It doesn’t work when I try to download cAuse it just says safari can’t open page but I’ve downloaded another mod before and it worked

  26. BlazingIce says:

    I love this! Amazing!

  27. Sackboy_92 says:

    Please update this addon to make it smaller, it generates the world forever.

  28. Harambe says:

    Pls update

  29. Juan says:

    You can make your own custom sound in mcpe

  30. Juan says:

    Hey editor there is sound pack now and you can make custom models now your dreams came true

  31. Dialga says:

    Shame 🙁
    I Actually wanted to add this Texture Pack and Behaviour Pack to my MCPE game
    Fairly Disappointed about this Error 🙁
    – Dialga

  32. Sackboy_92 says:

    Could you make a mechanism to catch that when you kill your pokemon it drops one spawn egg and some bones (probably change the bone texture with food and the spawn eggs with the pokeballs) to have the spawn egg and when you want to call your poke just put the spawn egg and tame him again with the bones it dropped, however its just an idea but I will really like that, also make custom moves, like the pikchu addon where he summons thunderbolts to attack, and fire pokes to shoot fire balls, thank you! It is a cool addon !

  33. Mike says:

    PLLEEASE make an jincuuriki or tailed beast add on (from naruto)

  34. Nomi says:

    Please I really would like to play this game, i play on ios, I download addon, but it says Failed to import, when I click on it. It says something about unable to manifest the add on, something like that, can you please tell me what to do

  35. Bob says:

    Why can’t I sprint?

  36. GavJaxGamer says:

    Both of the two above were correct for me but now that the update came out, it’s amazing for me. P.S. I love it.

  37. Michael Hohwy says:

    It won’t download. It always says “failed to import” . Please help

  38. Benjamin says:

    Hey, I’m on iOS and I won’t download for me… I gets to the minecraft app but then says couldn’t download. Also when I click on the ‘couldn’t download’ it’s says loads of codes and the error: could not find manifest in pack

  39. GavJaxGamer says:

    I’ve tried 8 times to install it but it won’t work.

  40. TheAmazingGamer // TAG says:

    Hey could you update this for mcpe 1.0

  41. please says:

    when us the update of this coming

  42. Hannah says:

    I can’t play

  43. Scott says:

    Hi there I think the addon looks really awesome but there is something wrong with the download link can you try and fix it for 1.0.0 please
    By the way well done on the amazing addon

  44. HAMMY3659 says:

    Hi creator, when does the next update come out?

  45. The2BrohamGaming says:

    Hey guys! I have a solution to all your minecraft breaking problems!
    1. Install iExplorer Demo on your computer*.
    2. Open iExplorer and select “Minecraft PE.”
    3. Select the resource pack folder and select the PokeCraft resource pack.
    4. Click the “file” button at the top of your screen and click “delete”
    5. Open Minecraft and have fun!

    *only works with apple computers and devices. If you are on android or other platforms, I can’t help you. 🙁

  46. Poop says:

    Whenever I try to import it to MCPE it says “failed to import PokeAddon” please help.

  47. Joaqui says:

    Hi im just asking can u make the addon a bit smaller cause it keeps crashing my mcpe and when it does not crash it says it cant parse the addon.

  48. Bob says:

    When will this be updated?

  49. Bob says:

    When will you update this?

  50. Tim says:

    Help what is Pokemon please tell me

  51. Troll kid says:

    I have a problem the texture wasn’t importing to minecraft and my brother told me check the comments and the part where it said open into minecraft dissapeared so what do I do

  52. Hi says:

    I have a problem the skins are broken they are turn into chairs
    Becuase i have more chairs addons
    I didn’t use it
    But still broken skin help me please 😭😭😭

  53. Erenking28 says:

    Please add pikachu and charmender

  54. Pinklover101 says:

    When I tried to download the addon, it didn’t work. Can some1 tell me how 2 do it?

  55. Yamo says:

    Hi why did the chicken is hostile to me instead of running away when I attacks it?

  56. AARenzoplayz16XD says:

    COOL ADDON, But mine exported but everytime i join a world it like crashes

  57. Eithan says:

    Tbis is a awsome addon

  58. Daniel says:

    Hey creator chat please And tell me how to make an add-on please without PC laptop please And update pokeaddon and add the features that I chat make the dino addon that i requested please call it Jurassic Pocket world please I hope the Pokeaddon Update and the Jurassic Pocket World is ready for Christmas if not I hope it’s ready for my birthday only like 4 months so please make it ready for new year My BirthDay is March 9 2004 I’m 12 now please make it ready please please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇😸😸😸😸😸😸😸🙌 p.s please chat

    • Lord_Drakostar says:

      Thank you for giving out your personal information. You have clearly and thoroughly checked, haven’t you. Now you are safe as ever with everyone knowing your birthday and possibly name. You have done great. D- for you!

  59. G Salemander says:

    Can’t Sprint

  60. Sammyglop says:

    Why do my Pokémon randomly attack me? This happens a lot to me and I don’t attack them

  61. Mcpe player says:

    The ones with circles and lines are racist I guess

  62. Mcpe player says:

    I downloaded this but when I try to play it, it won’t load, I’ve been waiting like half an hour for it to load 😐 Pls fix this 😊

  63. DarkCreeperz says:

    So when i downloaded it my game crashes. ;/ ive used like 50 other addons and i had to use my computer to delete them and i also downloaded them like 8 times (im not joking) but it still crashes ;( please fix btw its iphone 5s

  64. Gunther says:

    Hey dude theres nothing problem with it. But can I ask u a question? Why is the creeper/wobuffet is a chair?! Its funny though LOL ? ?

  65. G Salemander says:

    Doesn’t work for me
    Get stuck at building terrain??????

  66. rendel1320 says:

    This is great addon. I really love Pokemon’s. I hope you make these v2 that have skill/moves of pokemons and i hope you add a server for this addon so we trainers can battle. Cool Addon

  67. LegoTDW says:

    It won’t even work I had to delete minecraft and reinstall it and I lost all data,plz plz plz fix it so I can playback the addon.

  68. Boy says:

    I cant get textures to work but the add-on works

  69. Pokemon_Expert The Top 1 The Best Pokemon Expert says:

    Thanks for making this add-on this add-on is awesome but I have to request that the spawn egg wolf when I tame it the texture of the wolf is turned into the original skin and another request my 2nd request is that the creeper spawn egg spawns a chair and the chair is moving even I have my behavior pack and that’s the PokeAddon [Behavior] I forgot what is the name of the PokeAddon but thanks for the add-on and thanks

  70. Ariana says:

    Also, on YouTube I saw a video from TrueTriz showing how to delete addons, will deleting them get rid of the crashing?

  71. Ariana says:

    Ok, so when I first got this I immediately went on a world with the texture and behavior packs. I waited about five minutes while it was building terrain. Then it crashed. I opened up mcpe again and it stayed on the Mojang screen. It crashed again. How do I fix this without deleting? If there’s no way to fix, then how do I back up my worlds? Oh and was I supposed to download this with computer?

  72. Help me says:

    It doesn’t even load the world it’s stuck on the building terrain not even loading just stuck there, what do I do?

  73. QuickGray says:

    Everyone who wants this add-on ( Ios/Android, Including the creator of this add-on ),Those people who is experience crashinging on the add-on ( When you open a world it will be stuck on building terrain then boom! it Crashed! ) this is how to fix it, Open Mcpe —> Settings—>Scroll down–>Click Video—>Scroll down—->Click Advanced Settings—>
    Change the chunks into 6—->Download the add-on—>Be a pokemon trainer.( When building/Joining a terrain it may take 1-3 minutes to load be patient ), I hope the helped :)….

  74. virgiawan says:

    Behavior,resource and file zip crash

  75. Caiden says:

    Do pokemons hit do a lot of damage

  76. Paintthegames says:

    Coolest add on ever.

  77. IWantAddons&Modz says:

    How about iOS?

  78. AddOnLiker655 says:

    I’m actually kinda sad that when i open mcpe and have this add-on enabled it always crashes pls fix that 🙁

  79. Mos2005 says:

    When I download it, it is empty
    I am on Android

  80. Godlessdiamond says:

    Help i realy want this addon i kent extract it help please

  81. Fussydog26 says:

    Please ignore my profile picture, I am not into that anymore

  82. Fussydog26 says:

    What Pokemon is the horse supposed to be ??? Trying to ‘catch em all ‘ but they are way to many horses

  83. Duncan says:

    Is there a way to remove the chair models for creepers, husks and wither skeletons?

  84. TheBrickDragon says:

    I love this. Why do the creepers look like chairs?

  85. Daniel says:

    And the only problem is it takes like 2 minutes to load but it’s good love it I have a question can you make a Dinosour Add-on that will be awsome

  86. Daniel says:

    And please add a healing block so when they stand on it they will get healed please best Add-on I’ve ever seen so cool and add ability to the Pokemon’s like bunnery using ice beam that can suffocate a Pokemon or a mob in ice please oh and add Froakie and Pikachu here is a list of Pokemon abilitys 1. When Pikachu use ThunderBolt a Pokemon gets struck by lightning 2.when Froakie use bubble add bubble particles 3.When charmander use flamethrower add fire particles and last but not the least add evolutions please that will make you the best Add-on maker ?

  87. Some guy says:

    I can’t even open up minecraft PE anymore

  88. MikeyGames2006 says:

    It broke my minecraft.Not happy.

  89. Elijah says:

    This is a really great add on, I don’t think there is much of a way to fix it but if I put the game in the background on iOS for even a second, or turn off my device, it crashes. It also takes about 2 minutes to load a world 🙁

    • Hexdro says:

      This sadly, is something to do with MCPE, not the addon itself :/
      It takes ages to load a world since the addon is so big! 🙂 I’ll try to make it smaller. I’m glad you think it’s a great addon.

      • Some guy says:

        My minecraft won’t even open, it crashes before I can tap anything

      • Elijah says:

        Yeah. :/ maybe you can compress the textures or something? I commented on your minecraft forum post but it seems you might check this site more often so…
        Anyway, could you explain to me how to make a add-on from scratch? Maybe you can make a pastebin file with a tutorial in it, and link me to it? I want to make something myself but every time I so much as touch the pack_manifest everything breaks 🙁

  90. OliFlamez says:

    Question: How do I Catch Pokémon?

  91. Alex says:

    Idk this doesn’t let me download it. I downloaded the ones on minecraft website with no problems

  92. ElementalAlpha says:


  93. Daniel says:

    hey this add-on is so cool I’ve been a fan of Pokemon so cool can you add more Pokemons and can you make a Dinosour Add-on that will be awesome please

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