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You like pokemons, you like minecraft because here I show you an Add-on that for the moment adds Pikachu but if it is too supported I will take out more and more pokemons.

This version of the Addon is in beta, but if it comes out of the beta Pikachu will have 100 levels that will be rising from time to time, there will also be the evolutions and pre-evolutions.

In this Add-on there is only Pikachu, since it is a very small beta but here I show you a beautiful pikachu.

They are generated in the forests with 40 life, they can be tamed with pokeballs that in turn are created as follows

Pikachu attacks the villagers, players and monsters that are close but unlikely.

Pikachu uses different methods to kill his rivals, such as hitting melee that deals 3.5 damage hearts, also an electric ball that invokes a lot of lightning and summoning lightning.

when you tame it, he locked himself in a pokeball to free him and have him next to him, hit him with a stick and it is also valid whenever he is in pokeball

they are generated in forests of all kinds, in packs, they don’t give loot when they die

they eat berries but if you put it in a pokeball it will automatically heal in a while


Supported Minecraft versions

1.7 1.8 1.9

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23 Responses

4.58 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. More Pokemonssss!!!!!!
    Im facineted with pokemons and clicked you, only for Pokemonsss!!!!!!

  2. Guest-3119660676 says:

    I WAN MEDIAFIRE its funny im the only one

  3. Guest-9909077762 says:

    there is no pokeball 🙁

  4. Guest-4339266044 says:

    Can you add more pokemon?

  5. Guest-9969091778 says:

    indo Coba jawab Ada Berapa Pokemon Di Addons Ini? :))

  6. Pixy says:

    Can you add another pokemon?

  7. Maverick TvPH says:

    Please do the 2nd form of Pikachu(Raichu) please!

  8. Brandon says:

    Rayquaza please

  9. Nada says:

    Cant wait to try it!♡♡

  10. Ashed22 says:

    I suggest adding these features for the next update:
    >You can maybe collect the Pokeball when
    the pokemon is inside; or you could just
    make the Pokeball follow the player
    >Maybe fix Pickachu model because the
    face is in the upper side of the head and
    it looks very weird
    >Could you make so that when you tame
    Pickachu it doesn’t eat the Pokeball XD?
    You could just make it say “Attempt
    Capture Button” then It tries to “Tame” it
    and if it fails the Pokeball you used will
    go back to you or either disappear….

    Hey this is just all ideas, dont rush… I really like the mod and it would be even great if you add these Ideas.

  11. ★Danger★ says:

    Very Interesting, But may I suggest Adding extra features and Pokémon in the future every 1 update 20 Pokémon will be added and new pokeball ?

  12. Anonymous says:

    The crafts doesnt work,adds the Pikachu but i cant tame It,help me

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