PokeCraft Legends V1.0

Lets face it Pokémon: Legends Arceus is basicly Pokémon and Minecraft crafted together in a nice pretty bow. So with that in mind we decided to make PokéCraft Legends, which is a Pokémon add-on based around the simular concept of Legends Arceus.


Experimental Features will be required to play

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Version 1.3




The add-on has taken a few turns for the better (we hope), rather then the normal Pokemon add-on or Mod you see everywhere, we are trying to make our one a little

different, So we have gone with a simular Concept to Pokemon Legends Arceus. Lets face it that game is such a Pokemon/ Minecraft mix,  So we thought why

not make it in Minecraft since Crafting Recipes etc work perfectly. We hope you enjoy.


Crafting Sugar and and Oran Berry will make a Sweet Berry


Wild Pokemon will no longer drop Poke Coins upon death, they will now drop Experience Points, craft the XP together with a Sweet Berry to make a Rare Candy


Pokemon caught particles have been updated to fit our new theme


Keep Inventory will be applied when starting a new world


All Humans (NPC) have been given more of a Minecraft look to them


Fixed the bug with Level 18 Charmeleon


Pokemon Abilities have been removed as they held no purpose. Some Pokemon will still have an Ability but this will be limited and for a reason.


Razz and Pinap berries, seeds and trees have been removed as they played no relevance.


Potions have been given a more olden day look to fit the theme, they are also fed to your hurt pokemon rather then used near them as before.


All Pokemon will now drop a Fainted Varient when they are defeated rather then a healthy Varient, this is when the Potions and Berries will come in handy.


The Pokeball Model, Animation and Texture has been updated


You can now throw you Pokeball containing a Pokemon further then before, the taming rules still apply they will come back to you from a distance.


Chansey has been added


Shiny Chansey has been added


Berry Master has been removed


Berry Grocer has been removed


The Berry Masters house has been removed


The Pokemart has been removed


Professor Oak has been replaced with Professor Mirasol to fit our new theme


You will now find Tumblestone Crystals around your world break the crystals to collect the Tumblestones


Added a new Crafting Table to craft all your Poke Items


The Crafting Camp can be found anywhere in your world, it is the only place you can find a Crafting Table to craft pokeballs and other items


Wild Rattata and Pidgey now have a chance to drop a random berry when killed aswell as experience points


Wild Pokemon who not evolve (like chansey) will give more experience points when you kill them


Apricorn trees can be found commonly in Forests, Jungles and Swamps


Medical Centers can be found in most biomes


Crafting Camps can be found in Plains and Deserts


Medicinal Leeks can be found commonly in biomes that contain grass


Vivichock can be found uncommonly in biomes that contain grass


Pep-up Plants can be found uncommonly in Forests


Kings Leaf can be found rarely in Extreme Hills





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Pinned comment
We are still working on this add-on, just hang tight we will get an update out soon.
In the next update you should add blissey, happiny and pichu line, and maybe a legendary!
I love Pokémon
Add blissey, you have chansey so add the evo
We are still working on this add-on, just hang tight we will get an update out soon.
I await with open arms!
LInks broken
wow way to go ripping the models straight from Pokémon Quest for mobile...
Actually there was no way to get them straight to blockbench from the mobile files, so i had to make them from scratch using the images as a guide but the fact you cant tell the difference means i did a good job. Yay me!
hello could you add pikachu in the next update please
when are you going to update it again? :c it’s almost been a month

please add an option in the behavior pack settings of the world to enable and disable hunger and vanilla mobs spawning too
Download link doesnt work, it links to some zombie addon instead.. Please fix.
Yoooooooooooooooo! This is amazing!!! although it has a few pokemon it's insanely well-made! I can't wait till more pokemon are added. I think something that should be done is the increase of orin berries
the bp works fine but when i try to install the rp into the game, it says that its invalid.
please fix this.
Hello,Four Worlds Studio,I sole reprint your addons it to china minecraft Resource patfrom?
It`s not for business or embezzlement,and i will give clear indication of with the author!
We hope more Minecraft players will be happy!
Hello, can I reprint this Add On to the Klpbbs forum? I hope to get your authorization. Thank you. I hope many people will like this Add On.