Pokemon Plush Collection 1.0.1

The “Pokemon Plush Collection” implements lots of pokemon plushies to the game which you can use to decorate your home in Minecraft . They are really cute pokemon plushies which you can collect in Minecraft world.

This addon will add lots of new entities to your game. All pokemon in this addon contains all of Pokemon from Generation 1. But, since there’s too many Pokemon in Generation 1, it took lots of time for me to remodel the Plushies. and they’re not completed yet for now. Only 67 (update 3July) Pokemon available for now.


We can’t call them “Pokemon” if they can’t Evolving right? Even they are just a plush. 😀

The plush will Evolving after period time and you will not finding any Evolved Pokemon in the World. They will only Evolving by themself.

If you too many take the plush and replace them, they will not evolving.

So the only way to make them Evolving is just “WAITING”


Just like in the Pokemon Movie, the unique Pokemon plush like Legendary or Ancient Pokemon Plush is also available in this addon. 

How to get them?

Unfortunately the Legendary and Ancient Pokemon Plush will not available or can be collected from the map.

You need to find a specific “Machine” and use it to get the Legendary Pokemon Plush and the Ancient Pokemon Plush.


Not just the Legendary and Ancient Pokemon Plush that you can get from the Machines.

The Plush is sorted into 5 kinds. from low tier into top tier.

  • Common

If you too lazy or really hard to find the plush in the minecraft world. you can use the Computer (Colored White) to get common tier plush from the Computer. ( Common Ticket required )

  • Uncommon

Just like before. You can use this Computer (Colored Green) to get Uncommon tier Pokemon plush from it. ( Uncommon Ticket required )

  • Rare

Just like before. You can use this Computer (Colored Cyan) to get Rare tier Pokemon plush from it. ( Rare Ticket required )

  • Ancient

Hold!.. To get this tier, you need to find Fossil Extractor Machine and use Ancient Ticket to get Ancient Pokemon Plush from it.

  • Legendary

Just another Normal Computers. You can use this Computer (Colored Yellow) to get Legendary pokemon plush from it. ( Legend Ticket required )


Question & Answer

Q : How many pokemon plushies available in this addon?

A : 61 for now, i will add the rest in next update.

Q : Can we use them for battle?

A : Of course not

Q : They’re really hard to find, any advice?

A : Use this command ” /function pm”

Q : Why the Resource file too big?

A : Because the models created from voxel with 512×512 texture.

Q : I’ve install it but they’re invisible.

A : Enable “Experimental Gameplay” when create the Map and put this addon on top in Resource pack selection.




Changelog View more

Add new Pokemon Plushies:

  1. Machop
  2. Machoke
  3. Machamp
  4. Snorlax
  5. Pinsir
  6. Lapras

Changing Spawn Rules for:

  1. Tauros
  2. cleffa
  3. Geodude

Updating /function pm


  1. Download Behavior & Resources mcpack file
  2. Install them by click/tap them
  3. Minecraft will opened automatically and wait the Mcpack installed


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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    This is AMAZING!! But can you please tell us how to get teh Fossil Extractor Machine?

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