Pokemon Texture Pack [16×16]

Here is a texture pack for Pocket Edition inspired by the graphics in various Pokémon games. As there already a mod specifically for Pokémon fans called Pokecube it’s logic there is also a texture pack for you all. Not only is the block textures changed, but also the user interface which makes the experience feel so much more like Pokémon than it otherwise without would have.




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24 Responses

4.33 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Fred says:

    Fаke. Do not download

  2. Fred says:

    This is fake. The file doesn’t exists. It downloads a 13mb zip file without the mod

  3. Ching Hsin says:

    I think Pokemon is cooler then ever please make more pokemons.

  4. Blah says:

    K I still don’t know how this works…

  5. TinyHedgehog12 says:

    Please do!

  6. HACKSBRUH:3 says:

    Eh it’s great but the grass ._. Idk wuts up with dat ?

  7. TheShadowOne28 says:

    I need this on iOS

  8. Martin Saenz-Moreno says:

    I love Pokemon and I love how they look like and I love their moves
    And how can I download this freakin mod? Please!!!

    • Just Monika says:

      you will need a pc no matter what. if on a phone/tablet/them sorts, then download the mod onto your pc, then transfer it to your phone. then place it with your Minecraft files, i think…

      with pc, create a folder somewhere and download all the texture packs, addons and whatnot. Then, run it and Minecraft should load up. then go into edit mode on a world or create a new one and go into resource packs and you should be able to add it. The PC method only applies to Windows 10 version as i do not know how to do it with mac. Im not too sure with phones and them sorts so youll have to check with a different source. I hope I helped :3

  9. Martin Saenz-Moreno says:

    I like to play Pokemon because I love how they look like and I love their moves

  10. Wee says:

    How do you add this to minecraft? Please make a mcworld pack!

  11. Purple guy says:

    How do you delete add ons

  12. Melissa says:

    Cool mod but I’m too tired to download it

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