Published on October 27, 2022 (Updated on September 02, 2023)

Poke's Fantasy Expansion V1.1 || Cloaked UPDATE

Have you ever wanted to have an addon that adds

  • 15 new armor sets
  • 4 new bosses
  • 10 Multitools to assist you in your expeditions
  • New rings that can give you unique effects
  • 9 Robes that give special effects

Well, you're in luck because with this addon has that and more!

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Its time for another update! this update includes a ton of balancing changes and some new robes to check out!

A reminder that thing marked with (WIP) are likely not finished and still need to be finished

Things in WIP

  • Raccoon
  • Redstone Golem
  • Raw Ore Blocks
  • Astral Armor
  • Molten Armor
  • Death Armor
  • Medic Armor
  • Wasted Armor
  • Goggles Cosmetic
  • Phantomic Conduit
  • Lava Sponge
  • Necromancer



  • Added Obsidian Depressor
  • Added Shadow Ring
    • will grant invisibility when used
  • Added Shadow Gem
  • Added Empty Cassette
  • Added Cassette || C418 - Wait
  • Added Cassette || C418 - 13
  • Added Cassette || C418 - 11
  • Added Cassette || C418 - Ward
  • Added Cassette || C418 - Strad
  • Added Cassette || C418 - Stal
  • Added Cassette || C418 - Mellohi
  • Added Cassette || C418 - Far
  • Added Cassette || C418 - Chrip
  • Added Cassette || C418 - Blocks
  • Added Cassette || C418 - Cat
  • Added Cassette || C418 - Mall
  • Added Cassette || Lena Raine - Pigstep
  • Added Cassette || Samuel Åberg - 5
  • Added Cassette || Lena Raine - Otherside
  • Added Cassette || Aaron Cherof - Relic
  • Cassettes no longer have enchantment glint
  • Red Button will now stop all active audio when used
  • Cassette || They Listen identifier was changed
    • you will need to craft it into the new version
  • Nebula Magnets no longer stacks
  • Item Magnets no longer stacks
  • Galaxy arrows now do more damage [25->35]
  • Arrow ring now has more Durability [450->500]
  • Astral Nugget now has a texture
  • Zeus Ring will no longer strike:
  • Renamed Budificator to Amethyst Upgrader
    • Arrow
    • Armor Stand
    • Boat
    • Chest Boat
    • Minecart
    • Hopper Minecart
    • Chest Minecart
    • Command Block Minecart
    • Leash Knot
    • NPC
    • Xp Orb


  • Shopkeeper will no longer go out of stock
  • Zombken now has a different death sound
  • Zombken's Death sound can be heard from farther [20->25]
  • Raccoon has a new model/texture
    • animations a bit buggy for now but will be fixed in a future update.
    • Thanks to O2God for the model!
  • Token Trader's Upgrade Core price was adjusted [Iron->Gold token]
  • The Listener will once again play boss music
  • Token Trader's health has been reduced [200->20]
  • Shopkeeper's health has been reduced [200->20]
  • Furnace Golem changes
    • now has more health [4250->4500]
    • now does more damage [6->15]
    • can no longer be leashed or have a balloon attached to it
    • now does more damage when doing slam attack [5->10]
    • now shakes the camera when preforming the slam attack
    • is now immune to fire
    • will no longer affect wither skeletons with levitation
    • shoots the fireball at a faster speed/power
    • death sound is now heard from farther [20->30]
    • now has a different death sound
    • will attempt to avoid water when pathfinding
    • when hit it will have a chance to destroy a 9x9x8 area around it
    • can now jump higher
    • drops fewer copper tokens [24-48 -> 20-32]
    • has a chance to drop shade blocks
    • has a small chance to drop godly blocks
    • can drop between 2 - 10 iron tokens
    • drops more ore blocks [15->16]
    • slightly increased the chance to get netherite blocks
  • Knightling Changes
    • Kinghtling now has a different death sound
    • Knightling's Death sound can be heard from farther [20->30]H
    • Health has been adjusted [500->750]
    • Will no longer despawn
    • Damage has been adjusted [20->18]
    • Will now play the Galactic March Track when spawned
    • Now Drops 1-4 Iron Tokens



  • Festive helmet can be equipped properly
  • Goggles now have a texture
  • Cactus Armor now only requires the leggings and boots to receive the set bonus
  • Retextured Galaxy Armor
  • Added more robes
    • Feather
    • Gluttony
    • Hasted
    • Heroic
    • Shadow
    • Springy
    • Swift
    • Cobalt
  • Effect Changes
    • Holy Armor no longer has slow falling
    • Shade Armor now give resistance 3 rather than resistance 4
    • Shade Armor no longer gives Night Vision
    • Nebula Armor now gives Fire Resistance
    • Nebula Armor now gives Village Hero 3
    • Nebula Armor now gives Strength 2
    • Onyx Armor's Regeneration has been changed [4->2]
    • Galaxy Armor now gives haste 2



  • Retextured Calibrated Cobblestone Generators
  • Added End Godly Ore
  • Added End Galaxy Ore
  • End Godly Ore will no now drop 2-9 Godly nuggets
  • End Galaxy Ore will now drop 2-9 Galaxy nuggets
  • Astral Ore can now be smelted
  • Nether Demonic Ore now uses Netherrack sounds
  • Nether Hellish Ore now uses Netherrack sounds
  • Nether Onyx Ore now uses Netherrack sounds
  • Nether Shade Ore now uses Netherrack sounds
  • Lava Sponge will now uses Moss block sounds
  • Astral Block now uses Iron sounds
  • Cobalt Block now uses Copper sounds
  • Calibrated Cobblestone Generators now use Copper Sounds


  • Holy scythe can now accept Holy ingot when being repaired
  • Nether Shade Ore is now smeltable
  • Nether Onyx Ore is now smeltable
  • Cobalt Edged Glass is now craftable
  • Stone upgrader now requires upgrade core rather than Banished star
  • Hellish armor now requires 8 blocks rather than one to craft
  • Holy armor now requires 8 blocks rather than one to craft
  • Amethyst Upgrader now requires a upgrade core to craft
  • Shade Upgrader now requires shade blocks rather than Shade Ingots
  • Onyx Upgrader now requires Onyx Blocks rather than Onyx Ingots
  • Hellish Upgrader now requires Hellish Blocks rather than Hellish Ingots
  • Calibrated Cobblestone generators no longer give 2 buckets when crafted
  • All Calibrated Cobblestone generators can now be crafted
  • All Nuggets can now be crafted
  • Ultimate Crafter recipe no longer has a order for the tables
  • Godly armor is more expensive to craft
  • Demonic armor is more expensive to craft
  • Block of Molten embers is now craftable
  • Ember Robe now requires Block of Molten Embers to craft


  • Armor Effects now take slightly longer to apply [5s->6s]



  • Arrow ring now takes durability damage properly again
  • Holy arrow recipe shows properly now
  • Galaxy Arrow recipe shows properly now
  • Ember Robe Chestplate arms show better now
  • fixed the Zeus ring not working at all
  • Cassettes will no longer play for everyone
  • All upgraders now display properly in hand
  • Cobalt robe is now repairable with the Cobalt Robe rather than Ember Robe
  • Molten slimeball's recipe now shows in crafting table properly



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Hey man love the mod but can you update it please NO ores are spawning in 1.20.30 update… it sucks so bad me and my friends have been trying to use it but no ores are available which makes the mod basically useless
pra mim não está aparecendo a opção de Download do addon
deve ser antes das "Versões suportadas do Minecraft"
Há uma opção de mediafire ou download direto.
Eu não tenho certeza sobre o aplicativo móvel
Olá, bem então eu e meu Amigo estávamos jogando até que pegamos ó minério das galáxias i o dia começou a passar mais rápido do que deveria é um bug ou e normal
Ao ficar em pé na cama, o tempo passará mais rápido. No entanto, pretendo remover isso quando a regra de jogo de porcentagem de sono do jogador for adicionada.
A e aqueles "Hammers" eles conseguem quebrar bedroc da uma nerfada neles
The Haxels are able to break but not obtain bedrock. I am looking to improve this in the future, but I am not certain if there is a good way of doing so while keeping the pack optimized for lag.
But this should only happen if it's day, so it should be checking for if it's night, therefore, it should be a script not a function
there was not a need to check for night. the way it is now is just to progress the time it's more of a Qol for realms/server where you can never get everyone to sleep at the same time, or you just need it night to get a zombie or something. scripts can be unreliable at times due to them actively being changed, so I am trying to avoid them when possible to avoid this addon breaking in a future update.
Ameythyst Sword left click ability not working
Amethyst Sword does not have a interact ability.
Could I use this awesome addon in my addonpack?
If you don't mind, can you message me on discord for more details on the pack. my username is itsmepok (or poke#6051 not sure if the username thing is fully rolled out)
Un mod bastante completo a mi parecer solo he visto algunos problemas o errores
Hey bro, do you have a discod? how do i make craft tables ui appear?
Is not working for me

Edit: discord is now itsmepok (no #)
you should make galaxy ore spawn more. Its super hard to find
For some reason I can barely find any of the custom ores. I could only find one (cobalt) which was only a few out of a big area. I even checked by coordinates in creative and could still find none
The ores are very rare most are for late game items that are far better than their vanilla counterparts.
The addon makes all players take no damage of any kind. Plz fix.
remove the player.json file

Edit: was Fixed in 1.0.6
after putting your addons, I didn't understand the reason, my character became immortal. Nothing harms him.
remove the player.json file i forgot it remove it

Edit: was Fixed in 1.0.6
Does it work with realms?
It should work on realms I have used it in realms before
This comment has been removed
Missed opportunity to call the “Springy Ring” as “Springy Ringy.” Anyway mod looks fantastic.
That is the one of the best ideas.. it will be in the next update