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Polar bears is an existing feature which was quite recently added to Minecraft for PC. This add-on changes the cows into polar bears. You can tame, feed, breed and ride them. If you are looking for an animal companion for your next adventures then you need to download this add-on. It works similar to a wolf but with an extra option which is riding.

Creator: Gona, Twitter Account

How do I find one?

Polar bears replace cows. Their natural terrain of living is obviously in the snow but you should be able to find them all over the world where cows previously spawned. In this showcase I decided to use the following seed: Kaboom. It spawns you right next to a big snow biome.

They are neutral mobs which means they will only attack if they or one of their cubs is being attacked first.



You can tame a polar bear by feeding it raw fish. Hold some fish in your hand and long-tap on a polar bear and then click “Feed”. When you do that there will be a 25% chance of success. A tamed one has about 30% more health than an ordinary bear.

The polar bears will follow you around and also protect you against other mobs. If one is hurt you can feed it with some raw fish to make it heal quicker. If you attack a tamed polar bear then it will try to kill you, so treat it nicely.


A polar bear can also be used as riding mount. You can sit on the back of it and control the direction using a stick.



Once you’ve tamed two adult polar bears put them in an enclosement and feed them raw fish until they mate and procreate. The cub will automatically be tamed.

A cub (or baby bear) will automatically be tamed and follow you around. Feed it some raw fish to make it grow quicker.



  1. Download behavior .mcpack
  2. Download resource .mcpack
  3. Add the packs for a world in-game

Do you want it as a .ZIP file instead? No problems, click here.

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17 Responses

  1. Nothing says:

    I can’t seem to tame one…I have the behavior pack and everything?

  2. Tony says:

    Polar bears are in P.E already but I like your addon

  3. Boo.itsblue💙💠🌀 says:

    Hi! I was just wondering how do i sit on the polar bear? It just acts like a cow! It eats wheat not fish 😡

  4. Someone says:

    I like this add on

  5. Baron Bautista says:


    ALL you need:
    1.MCPE Game
    2. Astro File Explorer (Playstore) / ES File Explorer (Same)
    3. The 2 .mcpack on the Download.
    Steps :
    *You Need to Open Your MCPE Game Once,
    *click Your Home button, (Not the Exit/back button)
    *click the Astro File Explorer and
    *Find Your Behavior.mcpack and Click it, it Will take you to MCPE Game, after that you need to Click HOME button again (don’t click Back) Now Go to your Astro File again Click the Resource.mcpack Those two Will automatically Install to your MCPE.. That Pretty Much it Your done! Go to The Seed On the Discription.

    Enjoy! ? Let me know If this help!

    • anonymousperson says:

      Nope it’s much easier lol.
      1. Download behavior/resource pack.
      2. Open MCPE
      3. Click the create world button
      4. Go to resource packs and apply the resource pack
      5, go to behavior packs and apply the behavior pack

      It works fine and it’s much easier XD

  6. TheRealSpringGamerz says:

    Really like this one because it’s much better than the PC version because you can ride them!but I would really like a feature that they add more types of polar bears or even original bears to the game!Image that it would be cool!I hope there’s an add on like my prediction and I really enjoy it!Thank you so much!Make MORE!

  7. notch 2.0 says:


  8. Anonymous says:

    Looks cool

  9. DarthChaos says:

    The Behavior .mcpack won’t install. Is this a faulty link or a bad install?

  10. Alexi mcpe says:

    The resource pack doesn’t work it opens to mcpe but crashes at mojang sign
    Pls fix ????????

    • Editor says:

      1. What device are you using?
      2. Do you have any other packs installed? If so, please uninstall those and try to install this addon again.

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