Published on September 06, 2021 (Updated on October 16, 2021)

PORTAL Turrets Addon

Portal Turrets - originally originated In Portal, Portal 2. I made them for HDanimates future map Portal 2. And a future map remaster for Portal Mcpe/be.

( INFORMATION ℹ️ ) You are allowed to make video's and maps with the addon even without asking me nor crediting me. Modifying the addon is  allowed but reposting it will not be tolerated send mediafire links is not allowed. (Please It Helps A lot On Improvement On Addon)

This Is Still In The Alpha Stage Not The Official 0.0.2 Have Fun

Aperture Turrets

They shoot Bullets and not fireballs like my previous design. Fixed the model quite a bit. It will attack all types of monsters (including illigers) iron golems and the players.

They have 20 Hp and I don't recommend beating it up with no armor or weapons

Oh btw it open it sides now when trying to shoot


Aperture Defective Turret 

It blows up trying it's best to open it's covered guns. Get close to it for it to blow up. It's target is still the same for the turret 


A comparison On All Of Them


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Added Missile turret with smooth animations and sounds 

Added Prima donna turret aka fat turret


The links will send you to linkvertise.

Just follow the basic things it ask you when are in linkvertise then it will redirect you to the download files

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I just wanted to create portal addon...
Awesome! Could you make them easier to kill to be more accurate to Portal though? Maybe have them play a "fall over" animation when hit or walked into. Just an idea.
Hello, I eat cactus :D September 06, 2021 at 11:47 pm
He means you cannot steal code or modify it. Jeez ever seen other creators put it in the description?
Sorry I mean like. Modifying the addon and reposting it XD but if you modify it and change the intire stuff or steal code it's still allowed of course. I just don't want them randomly posting the original as there own XD