PortalCraft [Adventure] [Puzzle]

The map includes a total of 12 levels which should be played using the Portal mod (by Desno365) and texture pack. The map is incredibly detailed and got lots of puzzling elements you would find in the original Portal game. With the mod loaded up you’ll be able to make portals with the portal guns and by creative thinking get through each one of the levels.


  • Use texture pack from the texture pack link further down and not the one in the mod pack
  • Use BlockLauncher to load and play

Creator: MinecraftGOnZO15

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Download Map
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43 Responses

2.33 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. DrLule says:


  2. Bianca says:

    Theo Dropbox link for map André texture os Not working 🙁

  3. Somedumbpersom says:

    Please give me another link of the texture pack

  4. Sansygamerlv says:

    Help can you give me working texture pack?

  5. Kieron says:

    Could you please make this map windows 10 edition because it looks really cool from the picture 🙂

  6. FrozenLuna18 says:

    It keeps crashing when I try to play the world

  7. peter says:

    tell me plz

  8. Chloe_Gamer21 says:

    how to install mods and texture packs? wen i used mods using block launcher it crashes

  9. rafaeld says:

    I looks cool and awsome.

  10. Daniel says:

    I hope I can get the portal 2 mod 🙂

  11. SansTheKetchupYT says:

    How to load the map???

  12. Zhq says:

    Which version of Minecraft should I use to play the map?

  13. CuteGamerOs says:

    Hey,i got a problem,i want to record this map,but he don’t loading 🙁 please help me.

  14. Фёдор says:

    That’s cool

  15. Nathan says:

    Thank you those that made this mode!

  16. Nathan says:

    This is awsome! Thank you those of you that made this mode!

  17. Anson4208 says:

    Show us how to make get the mods

  18. Technogeek59 says:


  19. cool dude says:

    How do yo download it?

  20. adamdaking says:

    i like portal soooooo much!

  21. I’m downloading it it looks cool

  22. dnr says:

    How do you load it?

  23. super_steve says:

    The texture doesn’t even work

  24. tom says:

    I really looking forward to using this mod pack!

  25. LOL NO ME says:

    Cool Map i like the TXT pack

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