Porter (Survival Friendly) (Multi-Player Friendly) (Scripts)

This add-on lets you swiftly switch between locations in your world. You can save and load up to 5 locations, and your they’ll still be saved even after you restart the game!

Credits: reimarPB for the CSS file. TheDestruc7i0n, Cuteness, mflippy, 루아kr, and Miste for helping me create this add-on. 🙂

To craft a Porter, you must first craft a Compressed Ender Pearl by putting 9 regular Ender Pearls into a crafting table in the shape of a 3×3 square. Then using two stick and the Compressed Ender Pearl, you can craft your Porter like how you’d craft a shovel in a crafting table.

Important Note: Each players’ Home slot is different. For example your ‘Home 2′ won’t be the same as your friends’.

To open the UI, right click on any block while holding the Porter. Here’s an example of when you probably should use it:

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1. Download Porter.mcaddon and open it.

2. In Minecaft, go to your world's settings by clicking the pencil tool next to the world you want to use this add-on on, and add the Porter resource pack and behavior pack.

3. Make sure 'Use Experimental Gameplay' is turned on in your world's settings.


Supported Minecraft versions


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23 Responses

2.75 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t work on xbox because it can’t run scripts. 🙁

  2. LancelotF says:

    Hi, i think this addon was a great idea and it would be very popular, if all the devices supported scripts. Mine doesn’t support scripts, but i can make it run with BlockLauncher. So, if you device does not support scripts you can use BlockLauncher and it will work. Keep the good job!

  3. Anonymous says:

    It may be because you might be in a wrong version.
    It only supports 1.12

  4. DarkestEnder says:

    It wouldnt work on my world

  5. Painfulhail says:

    I wish Minecraft would allow scripts to Xbox and Android

  6. TooCoolForSchool says:


    • MaybeSchoolIsWorthYourTimeAfterAll says:

      Scripts are the only way it works. What you’re asking for is the equivalent of asking someone to make a car work without using a specialized set of mechanisms to make the wheels turn and thus move the car.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I can’t join my world

  8. HamedG says:

    Hola puedes hacerlo addon por que ek scrip no permite usarlo en celulares pero de ahi excelente quisiera jugarlo en mi mundo

  9. Mr.Unfunnyic says:

    Well done, little addons can make you do a little server with little plugins wich is great. Keep it up cool addon :)d

  10. HamedG says:

    lo puedes convertir en addon es qeu el scrip no permite que la gente que juega en celular se una a los mundo pls gracias de ahi excelente mod

  11. EzClapzzzzzzs says:

    Doesn’t download properly!

  12. TheVikingo says:

    Hello, I wanted to report that I have an error I hope you can solve it or help me, it turns out that I give set to save the location and when I want to load it tells me that there is no saved location.

  13. Odysin says:

    Doesn’t work

  14. Angry person says:

    I didn’t work

  15. Migoo says:

    I cant join my world

  16. Crafter says:

    I tried importing the porter addon to minecraft and it said failed to import

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