Minecraft Reborn Add-on (Salty Update)

This add-on for Minecraft adds new potions, items, blocks and recipes that are not originally available in Minecraft vanilla. It also adds a new experience to a survival game, enjoy the addon

How to use:

first, you need activate the addon in world options, and put the behavior, and just need put the experimental gameplay

You can write in the chat: /give @s potion:(potion effect) to take an potion 

And what’s the new options?

 this add-on adds new potions:

  • Potion of absorption
  • Gives absorption for 1:30 minutes

  • Potion of blindness
  • Gives blindness for 0:45 minutes

  • Potion of conduit
  • Gives power of conduit for 4:00 minutes

  • Potion of dragon
  • Gives speed 4, jump boost 4 and slow falling for 4:00

  • Potion of fatigue
  • Gives fatigue for 1:30 minutes

  • Potion of haste
  • Gives haste for 4:00 minutes

  • Potion of health boost
  • Gives health boost for 4:00 minutes

  • Potion of Levitation
  • Gives levitation for 1:30 minutes

  • Potion of nausea
  • Gives nausea for 0:45 minutes

  • Potion of saturation
  • Gives saturation for 1:30

So, how that’s you make the new potions?

With the new system to craft, in the bredwing stand you need put a awekend

Potion an the next materials;

  • Absorption
  • Blindness
  • Conduit power
  • Dragon
  • Fatigue
  • Health boost
  • Levitation
  • Health boost
  • Nausea
  • Wither (extra)

  • Screenshots in the game

Future changes:

  • Add new potions
  • Add boosters for the potions

Version 2

So, what’s the new things from the update?

New blocks

  • Dragon beacon
  • You need two items for activated, once activated gives speed, jump boost and slow falling, with an booster gives protection
  • Crafting

New items

  • Target raid

  • You can obtain killing pillagers, you can use this for make a new potion

  • Beacon activator
  • Whit this item you can activate the new beacon
  • Crafting

  • Beacon booster

  • You can use this item activate a extra effect for the dragon beacon
  • Crafting

New potions

  • Village hero

  • Gives village hero for 4:00 minutes
  • Crafting

  • Bad omen

  • Gives bad omen for 4:00 minutes
  • Crafting

  • Extra
  • Saturation crafting
  • one beetroot

  • Mysterius item
  • You can find in the spawn eggs
  • You can crafting with 5 glass, 1 flowstone and 3 iron ingots
  • Now, you can updated the potions(time and strength) with redstone or glowstone

  • Screenshots for the new update


Version 3

What’s add in the new version?

  • Potion of fatal poison

  • Gives a hidden effect called fatal poison for 45 seconds, to difference the normal poison this can killed you

  • Hunger

  • Gives huger for 45 seconds

  • Resistance

  • Gives resistance for 1:30 minutes

  • Nether star potion

  • Gives speed 3 and haste 4 for 4:00 minutes

  • Halloween potion

  • Gives blindness for 45 seconds and gives speed and night vision for 4:00 minutes

  • New food!

  • Pumpkin bowl

  • You can use this bowl to make an special food

  • Pumpkin stew

  • Gives 20 of nutrition

  • Cooked carrot

  • Gives 6 of nutrition

  • Suspicious stew (pumpkin seeds)

  • Gives health boost 6 for 1:00 minute

  • Recipes to the new things:

  • Hunger

  • Fatal poison

  • Resistance

  • Nether star

  • Halloween

  • Pumpkin bowl

  • Pumpkin stew

  • Suspicious stew(pumpkin seeds)

  • Screenshots of the gameplay

Version 4!

What’s the new?

New potion:

Gravity potion

Gives slow falling and jump 4

New weapon

Potion sword

Makes 10 damage

Gives jump boost, resistance, saturation, haste and conduit power

The player convert’s small don’t got damage fall and make more faster


Gravity potion

Potion sword

Screenshots of the game

Minecraft reborn

What’s the new?

New spawn eggs

  • Charged creeper spawn egg
  • Rainbow sheep(jeb_) spawn egg
  • Iron golem spawn egg
  • Snow golem spawn egg

New blocks

Palm tree’s

  • Palm tree planks
  • Palm tree bark(w/stripped version)
  • Palm tree log(w/stripped version)
  • Palm tree leaves

Gold color

  • Concrete powder gold
  • Concrete gold
  • Terracotta gold
  • Glazed terracotta gold
  • Wool gold
  • Glass gold(replace glass)

New flowers

  • Rift flower(can obtain gray dye), you can find the flower in any part and in any dimensions
  • Cyan flower(can obtain cyan dye)just appear in sites with grass
  • Gold flower (can obtain gold dye), if you touch the flower this gives regeneration
  • Ender flower(can obtain purple dye), this flower just can appear in the end

New generation in the desert

  • Oasis, this structure is very hardness to find in the desert

  • Cactus carrel, if you or the hostile mobs touch this plant, this can be hurt them 1 damage

  • Palm trees(screenshot no available)
  • You can find in the desert or in the beach

Remastered dragon beacon

Now the dragon beacon it’s a entity, you can put with the spawn egg, this beacon can give the next effects:

This add-on replace the old Minecraft title with a new

This add-on adds many things, but you can see this things using the command /give @s potion:[put the name of the item here]

New update’s

This update has been divided in three parts, so let’s start to see the new things

Part 1

New biome

Frosty Nether

In this biome the hot Nether has been replaced with a strong cold in the biome

New mobs:

The freeze

This zombie variant appear in the new biome, just be careful, because this mobs can give you blindness from 15 seconds if you don’t defend yourself

Zombie yeti

This zombies it’s a variant of the pigmans. This mob appear in the new biome an can use a new weapon

Sapphire set

The sapphire set add:

Sapphire ore: this ore appear in the new biome

Sapphire shards: you can obtain if you break a sapphire ore

Sapphire: from the moment just can obtain with commands

Sapphire block: from the moment just can obtain in the block UI

Sapphire dagger: from the moment, just can obtain killing yetis, this weapons make 6 attack damage and made you more faster


The frosty mushroom it’s a new mushroom that just can obtain in the new biome

New weapons

The new weapons has called, upgraded swords, this swords make two more of attack of the original attack

Wooden: 6 attack

Stone: 7 attack

Iron: 8 attack

Gold: 6.5 attack

Diamond: 9 attack


Now the fishes eggs it’s the first texture of the egg in bedrock edition

The glowing obsidian has been re-textured

The crying obsidian has been re-implemented with a new texture

New cactus

Now, 2 new cactus has been added to the game

Cactus group

Cactus with flower

Note:: When the update has been divided in three parts, many things of the update need to obtain with creative

Frosty update (2/3)

New things!

Coconut block

This block appear in the palm trees

You can obtain a new food, the coconut

  • Regen 6 of food
  • With 9 coconuts, in a crafting table you can make the coconut block

New apples

Sapphire apple

Gives the next effects:


Jump boost

Slow falling


Súper Sapphire apple

Gives the next effects:


Jump boost

Slow falling




Nes potions

Christian potion

Gives the next effects:


Jump boost

Slow falling


Black friday potion

Gives the next effects:

Village hero

Bad omen


You can use the chainmail to make the upgraded swords

New mobs

Dolphin shark

It’s like the normal dolphin but more hostile


A new variant of the chicken

New textures from the next flowers

Now the rift flower teleport to the sky and gives slow falling if you touching

Now the ender flower teleports in random site’s if you touching

New texture from the golden flower

New bricks

Note:some things still just in creative like the new mobs

Other changes:

Now, the frosty nether biome appear in the nether

Now, in the new biome can be appear fog


Part 3!!

This is the new:

New stews

Freeze stew (bowl and pumpkin bowl)

The new stews thats craft  with the new ice mushroom, if you eat one of this stew’s, you can obtain the speed effect (with the pumpkin bowl the speed increase the power)

New texture from the bricks

Other features

  • Now you can craft the peppermint with the candy planks in a stonecutter
  • Now you can find giant peppermints in the frosty nether biome
  • This the ultimate part of the addon
  • You can craft the brick’s, just need put the dye in the center and put the bricks in the other slots( just in the crafting table)

Other notes

  • To craft the potion sword You need the conduit potion and the star potion
  • You could say that the next update will not be from the desert, but it will be very “sandy”  😉

V. 2.0 [the salty update]

What’s add this update?

  • New materials

  • Marble
  • You can find in any cape
  • Variants:
  • Polished

  • Chiseled

  • Brick

  • Limestone
  • You can find in the cape y=50
  • Variants:
  • Polished

  • Chiseled

  • Brick

  • Basalt
  • You can find in the cape y=35
  • Variants
  • Polished

  • Chiseled

  • Brick

3 new bricks

  • Andesite bricks

  • Diorite bricks

  • Granite bricks

New variants of the nether basalt

  • Basalt bricks

  • Chiseled basalt

New biomes features

  • Fog

  • You can find fog in the next biomes:
  • Desert
  • Swamp
  • Salt desert

  • Desert and frost stone

  • Desert stone:
  • You can find in the desert
  • Frost stone:
  • You can find in frozen biomes

  • Quicksand

  • Appear in the desert
  • Any mob that stands on the block will be swallowed to the depths until they drown
  • Mud

  • Appear in the swamp
  • When a mob stands on the block it slows down, if you throw an item it will be absorbed by the block to the depths
  • Drop mud balls
  • Recipe
  • Variants:

  • Mudstone

  • Polished mudstone

New biome: salt desert

You can obtain the next things:

  • Salt block
  • If the slimes and snow golems step on the block, they will lose life until they die
  • the block of salt changes as you spend more time in the game:

  • Normal texture

  • Flooded texture

  • Dry texture

  • Salt ore

  • You can find in the salt desert
  • Gives salt (1-5 salt)

  • Salt
  • You can use the salt to kill slimes and snow golems

New useful block

  • Skull blocks
  • you can use the skull block to scare away the following mobs:
  • Zombie
  • Drowned
  • Zombiefied piglin
  • Husk
  • Zombie horse
  • Skeleton
  • Wither skeleton
  • Stray
  • Skeleton horse

  • Craftings:
  • Normal skull

  • Normal fire

  • Blue fire

Another features

  • Palm trees has been re-textured

  • Crying obsidian has been re-textured
  • You can use the crying obsidian to save the spawn point

Fixed version:

  • Now you can plant the flowers, you just have to use them as if they were food and they will be planted
  • Now the basalt, limestone and marble drop the block

I have posted a tweet where they will be able to choose a pet for the next update:

tweet for vote

Minor update:

Now, you can use this Add-on from the 1.14 and 1.15

Changelog View more

The download link now, have a new text for see what is the version of the 1.14 and the one of the 1.16

Now, you can download this add-on from the versions 1.14 and 1.15

The error that basalt, marble and limestone do not drop the block has been fixed..

A tweet has been added to vote for the next pet to be added in the next update

Added a new biome

Some textures had been changed

Added new decorative blocks

Added 3 new useful blocks

Added spawn egg to the ender dragon and wither

Correct several bugs

Correct the download link

Now, it's disponible to the mcpedl app

Correct some problems on the description

An spoiler about the next update

  • Added bricks crafting
  • Added peppermint crafting
  • Added two new stew's
  • New texture of the bricks
  • Added peppermints in the nether

Happy Holidays and see ya in new year

  • Added new mobs
  • Added new bricks
  • The new biome now appear
  • Now, the fog appear in the frosty biome
  • Added the coconut
  • Added the sapphire apple
  • Added the enchanted sapphire apple
  • Added the chainmail
  • Now can craft the sapphire, sapphire block and upgraded swords
  • The flowers has been re-textured
  • Now the flowers have an function
  • The part 2 has finished
  • A new biome has been added in the Nether
  • New blocks in the inventory
  • New entity's in the inventory
  • New items has been added
  • Some textures has been changed
  • The update has been divided in three parts

Just I added a MediaFire link, in a few days the real update has been launched to download

Now, the name of the add-on as been changed in mcpedl web

  • Now the add-on as called "Minecraft reborn"
  • The desert as been updated
  • New items as been added on the game
  • Now the old textures of the honey back in this add-on
  • You can obtain four new spawn eggs
  • Many items as been added in this new version
  • The dragon beacon as been remaked

Now, you can download a map to view the new things that this addon add

  • Add the gravity potion
  • Add potion sword
  • Some changes of the names
  • fix a problem with the addon download and nothing more
  • Added 5 new potions
  • Added new suspicious stew
  • Added new food
  • Now the animation of the potions is the correct

Just I correct the add-on description and fix some erros

  • Adds Dragon beacon block
  • Adds two new potions
  • Adds updates with redstone an flowstone from the potions
  • Add new items to the addon
  • Update the information of the addon
  • Correct some errors from the addon
  • Add more information and screenshots about the addon
  • Repair some bugs
  • Updated description for the addon
  • Dice some errors from the addon


  • If you are going to make a video about my add-on, try to leave the download link
  • Enjoy the addon


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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  1. Guest-2118645687 says:

    Hey there’s a bug can u fix I can’t get any of the new blocks in the real 1.16

  2. Guest-3166416290 says:

    I love the Add-on but I was wondering how to set your spawn on crying obsidian

  3. Guest-6178681287 says:

    this mod isnt just like 1 mod this is bassically a lot of mods in 1 there are so many features that i was trying to get from other mods and they didnt have it the only problem is my pc cant run it

  4. Guest-4748748308 says:

    how do I get peppermint and the candy logs?????

  5. Guest-3616881836 says:

    this mod is pretty good but there’s a lot of stuff thats in the game thats not explained here. I was using commands and found stuff like jetpacks and grappling hooks, can you explain these kind of things. the list includes: air, fire, earth, water essence, the air, fire, earth, and water totems, grappling hooks, jetpacks, elemental sword, etc.

  6. Guest-5468819152 says:

    hey cool also will you make work on the latest version aswell like and maybe add fog aswell

  7. ReXoGhx says:

    Hello, can you make it work for I would appreciate it very much is that I really like the addon, sorry if I erred in any word I speak Spanish

  8. Guest-4714939394 says:

    Does it work on 1.14.60?

  9. Guest-3333932376 says:

    Dude i try this addon before and was amazing,now was ¡ULTRA AMAZING! Really in my opinion Is the best addon.

  10. Guest-9687491389 says:

    The links for the 1.14 and 1.16 both install version 2.0.0, which isn’t allowing mobs to spawn.

  11. Guest-4217171189 says:

    When I installed the addon, mob spawners stopped working. The mobs would spawn then disappear.

  12. Guest-3060745578 says:

    The new biomes, craftings and enemys do not load me, it is because I am in version 1.16.57 right?

  13. Guest-5243596018 says:

    Do I have to have the addon in the first position for it to work?

  14. Guest-9459941544 says:

    Works In 1.16 beta? 🤔

  15. Guest-3619420693 says:

    good addon

  16. Guest-5330423784 says:

    I like Minecraft:Reborn because the addon have potential like the crying obsidian

  17. Guest-2394313419 says:

    the quick sand can’t work

  18. Guest-1595109672 says:

    Wow! what a lot of stuff in this mod!

  19. Guest-8514689873 says:

    Hey I have a question about your improved nether mod how am I supposed to get netherite

    • the netherite is obtained by searching for The ancient debrise to confirm it and you will get netherite scrap, then you have 4 netherite scrap mixes it with 4 golf ingot and it will give you the netherite ingot

  20. Guest-4579181275 says:

    Why doesn’t my desk have these items? I can only synthesize manually. (╥﹏╥)

  21. Guest-6181874964 says:

    I have a suggestion I think u should add armor and pets like dragons,wyverns,dinosaurs or some other stuff that we could ride around for travel I love this addon it’s really good thank u

    • yes it’s something I’m working on for future updates, in the texture files I working in the bone armor, a special armor that can help you in the magic.
      About the mobs I don’t know what mob I gonna add

  22. Guest-7756495099 says:

    How do u get the sword u were holding in ur hand when u were showing the salt biome

  23. Guest-9654445652 says:

    WOW, wut a nice addon!

  24. Guest-7762201834 says:

    I have almost everything except the biomes and upgraded swords. Do you know how i could fix it?

  25. You copied a lot of addons

    • I don’t know where you get that from, because to my recollection I haven’t seen similar Add-ons to mine, of course except some like one of potions that has been out for a long time, but from now on the vast majority of things I have done I took from post concepts of ideas for minecraft or I thought of them

    • Arachnology_Bruh says:

      Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
      – Charles Caleb Colton

  26. Guest-1533949431 says:

    Can you please create a skeleton dog?

  27. Guest-8598358563 says:

    Hey Can Make A Crying Obsdian Addon For Me Just The Crying Obsdian and it does nothing I just want it…

  28. Guest-2789143743 says:

    When the next update might be out? (Doesn’t need to be exact)

  29. Guest-3918688734 says:

    Before I download this are the flowers entities if they are I’m not getting this…

  30. Bruno says:

    Que es ese tipo ojo de enderman morado?

  31. Thetigerking says:

    Can you add some pets like a frost wolf and you can tame it with frost bones and you can get frost bones from each frost skeletons😼😼😼😼😼

  32. SwagKnight24 says:

    Hey I got a suggestion, well I’m not really sure whether to call whatever I’m putting a suggestion or not but is it possible when you update the add on we can easily find the info of the add on and what it adds in the game without going back and forth from the game to the browser. I don’t know if that’s possible but if it is can that be a part of the next update on the add on

  33. 浦彦功 says:

    I hope you can add synthetic guide books and refining medicine books to make players more comfortable with this addon, I hope you add treasure maps and more buildings.

  34. Alfonso says:

    No me deja hacer la espada de pociones y ya huce todo como debe ser

  35. Steve says:

    I can craft sapphire out of thin air just by using inventory crafting table

  36. Peter says:

    I crafted the potion sword and when I used it, it doesn’t give me any buff, pls fix

  37. Aaa says:

    Can you add more armor and more sword, that would be amazing?

    • I was working on an armor, but as you can only add the parts for the helmet and not an entire armor as such, although I do not think to add more swords, if I plan to add more weapons like hammers, battle axes and I am thinking about how to add more shields. I hope and stay tuned for the next updates and you like the addon ^ _^

  38. Rogelio says:

    Hola! Estoy teniendo problemas con el mod (creo)
    No puedo craftear el Dragon Beacon, pongo todo exactamente como viene (4, de oro, 4 de obsidiana y el huevo) Tengo el Modo experimental activado por cierto
    Y otra cosa, no se si esto sea intensional y es que el bioma de nieve se genera demasiado en una gran parte del nether y además no sé que es lo que sea que me esté poniendo Ceguera durante 45 segundos en el bioma nuevo xd

    Aún así tengo que decir que el Add-on que hiciste es increíble, es un gran trabajo =)

    • Anonymous says:

      Acerca del faro del dragon, eso era cuando esté era un bloque, pero ahora fue retirado debido al reemplazo por el spawn egg, y acerca del bioma nevado, si bien es cierto que cubre una buena parte del nether, este debería de aparecer muy poco. Ya para concluir, el efecto de ceguera se te otorga debido a que en ese bioma se crea la neblina, la cuál te deja ciego durante un tiempo, espero haber resuelto tus dudas y es genial que te halla gustado el addon.
      Si tienes otros bugs con mi addon dimelo para saber el problema ^_^

    • Y si fui yo el que comento, no me percate de que había cerrado sesión XD

  39. Lllll says:

    I can’t enchant advanced sword, can you fix it?

  40. Alfonso says:

    La espada no se craftea, y ya la puse en el orden que pone

  41. Bruh says:

    Como crafteo el chainmail para hacer las espadas?

  42. Anonymous says:

    I think that you can definitely add some more pets into the game such as dragons, wooly dogs(wolves that spawn in the frost biome) and other stuff

  43. D3vin says:

    I love this mod.. but.. would it be possible for you to make a version of it without all of the other stuff? What I mean is, can’t you make a link to the mod but with only the potions and no other mobs or blocks?

    • In fact, previously this addon only added the options, if you see the link on the page you can see what is called potion plus, and if I have planned to separate several things from this addon for Upload them independently. I will see if the page accepts me the addons independently, and if it becomes like this you will be able to enjoy the pure potions.
      Thanks for you commentary and i wait that you like the addon ^_^

  44. X!Itzy says:

    I think you should add some new bosses, for example:
    King Slime
    Skeleton King
    Dark mage
    Evil Golem
    You can add warrior villagers to better protect the village

    • In fact, in my plans is to add the Yeti boss in the snow or iceberg biomes, your boss ideas are very good and you are likely to add them, I hope you like the addon and wait for those new bosses. ^_^

  45. Javier says:

    Amazing addons but I am having some troubles with it. A lot of items do not exist or are not able to use. Please help.

    Also, is this addon compatible with realms?

    • If you mean that you don’t find them in the inventory, it is because I still can’t add them, but if you mean that no matter how much you try to get them, it may be because the power is off experimental mode If it still doesn’t work for you, I can’t say why it doesn’t work :/

  46. NanaYukata says:

    I don’t Know how to craft Potion sword
    Can somebody tell me,please?

  47. Jely710 says:

    Super cool! The new bricks and wood make a great house. Perhaps you could add some stair and slab forms of tbe bricks and planks?

    • I can add the plants, but the slabs, stairs and others I can not add because the game limits the creation of it

      • Guest-5665135931 says:

        actually theres an addon that adds new walls , new stairs , new slabs ,custom music disks and a bucket of slime that can be obtained by clicking a slime with a bucket
        its called expansion+ addon

  48. Dmk says:

    How do I find the frosty nether biome. Can’t find it.

    • the frosty nether appears while you explore the nether, a part of what you explore freezes you and frosty nether is generated. You can also generate it with the / function ice command

  49. Shawolf says:

    Enhorabuena por el mod, me encanta todo lo que está añadido y es increíble que todavía planees más. Sin duda es un buen add-on que hace de Minecraft más extenso con su misma esencia.

    La única cosa que pediría para próximas actualizaciones sería que en el libro de recetas viniesen los objetos del mod, gracias.

    • Muchas gracias por tu comentario y acerca de las recetas, de momento no puedo añadirlas debido a las limitaciones que el mismo juego impone. Si un día se pudiese añadir las recetas a los mods/addons, hallo estarán las recetas de mi addon, mientras solo podemos ver las imágenes que deje de cada receta.
      Muchas gracias y disfruta del addon ^_^

      • Y de hecho, a veces pienso en lo que era este addon y si alguien me dijera que yo haría algo como ésto ni yo me lo creería 😆
        Muchas gracias por tu tiempo y solo he empezado esto 🙂

  50. 102582947 says:

    You should add more spawn eggs, including bosses
    Giant Slime
    Giant Magma Cube
    Giant Zombie
    Evil Armor Stand (BOSS)
    Tower of Zombies (BOSS)
    The Wither
    Ender Dragon
    Wither Shulker (BOSS)
    Nether Reactor Boss (BOSS)

    • You have good ideas for bosses, and in fact I plan to add a boss Yeti, this unlike other bosses would be frozen and as time goes by it defrosts and the boss comes out to the light. I hope you like the mod and remember: this has only just begun

    • and by the way, the eggs of the wither and the dragon Ender I am already working on them, while the dinnerbone egg I am not going to add at the moment due to go I would have to do different Spawn for each mob’s

  51. Thetigerking says:

    LOVE THIS ADDON 😍🐯😍 add ice tigers that can be tamed with freeze stew

  52. Jshd says:

    How to obtain the spawn egg from the iron golem?

  53. Shrek123Gaming says:

    This addon became one of the bighest addons of mcpe gg dude.

  54. Danilo Parra says:

    How can i do the candy cane?
    Psdt: its an very good addon, INCREDIBLE JOB! 😀 (keep updating it)

  55. Mewtwo835 says:

    What specific potions are needed to craft the potion sword? It looks like star and something else, but I can’t tell. Incredible add on by the way.

  56. Wait, coconut block?
    the kokonut nut is a giant nut and if you eat too much you’ll get very fat-

  57. Gary520 says:

    The mode is not working on my iPhone, is this a iOS mode or Computer mode .
    I can only see plant and mob.

  58. Airony says:

    I actually like it but when i download the new update it’s always giving me the old update

  59. Guestyz says:

    So this is… Minecraft chapter two?

  60. Anthonoir says:

    Why it doesn’t work on my realm?

  61. Angel says:

    Como encuentro el nuevo bioma ? .-.

    • En la actualización actual aun no sale el nuevo bioma, pero en unos momentos sale la actualización que arregla eso.
      En si lo unico que necesitas para hallarlo es explorando el nether
      O puedes generarlo con el comando /function ice

  62. Boiiohboyohboiy says:

    I know that you aren’t a native English speaker (probably Spanish), but I would like you to brush up the grammar used in explaining the items. It’s a good Addon, but all there is to complain about is that.

  63. Tiffeny says:

    can I get a download link from the potion plus for the minecraft reborn update I could not find it myself

  64. Harry Potter says:

    When I download the addon I get V1 not V4 is it the link or I don’t know

  65. gio1135 says:

    This is cool and all but multiple crafting recipes require a dragon egg yet there is only one dragon egg per world.

    • yes, about the things that need the dragon egg I will be seeing a somewhat more centric poster since although you can revive the dragon how many times we want, it’s so hardness kill her. Thank you for your comment, really I hope that you enjoy the add-on and the future things of this add-on add ^_^

    • Harry Potter says:

      Actually for me both

  66. Anonymous says:

    I am just saying that this addon does not work for me I put the rescource and behavior but the only things that work are entitys like the rift I think it would be a great addon though

  67. hey guys, this is just to inform that the next update will come out in the middle of the month, this due to the school since I have to turn in jobs before going on vacation, see you inside of a few days, and thanks for the support given to this add-on ^_^

    • Bueno, esto es para los que no entienden el inglés;
      Hola chicos, este post es solo para comentar que la actualización de este addon saldrá a mediados del mes, todo esto debido a que tengo que entregar trabajos a la escuela antes de salir del mes, debido a esto no he podido avanzar en mí el addon Como yo he querido y a su vez porque estoy resolviendo bugs, sin nada más que decir me despido y les envío un saludo desde México.
      Y gracias por recibir mi addon de una buena forma
      Pdt: Gracias a Gregory and games por crear la descarga en MediaFire ^_^
      Pdt 2: el link mediafire love pondré en unas horas

  68. Anonymous says:

    Does it work in version
    I don’t know how to install it and it would help me to be told how

  69. Mr. Fox says:

    Can u make it so u can get it on xbox it looks really cool but i cant get it. :'(

  70. Anonymous says:

    Please add a mediafire link

  71. ur not my dad says:

    this is one of the best addons I know, congratulations good job

  72. The formatting is hurting my eyes, but that aside it’s a great add-on.

  73. Alex says:

    Will you add mobs aswell 🙂

  74. CubeSteff3906 says:

    This is truly an amazing addon sir! It adds a variety of new fun stuff to the game and makes it feel less boring. I’d like to see pherhaps some new biomes, mobs, bosses, ya know, all those goodies! Keep it up!

  75. Shrek123Gaming says:

    Really Good addon dude.

  76. Alex says:

    Cool will the addon have mobs?

  77. Shadow says:

    Make a update with splash potions and a new boss

  78. Mr. Potato says:

    It seems that once the Add-on is actually ON I can’t seem to take any Fall Damage, I’m not sure why…

  79. Salutationsgoodsir🧐 says:

    For some reason I can’t brew the potions, because I can’t put the brewing material in the brewing stand, I did turn on experimental gameplay 👍 but I am on 1.12 so hopefully when 1.13 rolls out this will be fixed? Other than that 5 stars 👏 you made an proper addon mate.

  80. Kevin says:

    Can this use in realm?

  81. Капуста says:

    please make sounds like regular potions. This is slightly annoying when you “drink” the potion, but sounds like you are eating them.

  82. Капуста says:

    Чтож, звучит не очень плохо. Думаю, само их существование это уже 4 звезды, посмотрим на реализацию.

    • UrielZeroOver says:

      Большое спасибо за ваш комментарий, и я надеюсь, вам понравится этот мод 🙂

  83. DomNom says:

    The Addon seems nice but i cant brew the items, like it wont let me put gold in the brewing stand to make a haste potion,
    do i have to use experimental gameplay?

  84. Anonymous says:

    Amazing addon! The crafting recipes and time are fair and I will look forward to using this to my private modded survival! 5 stars!

  85. Kay says:

    Is it possible to download on xbox

  86. Hi, I hope this version of the addon works better than the old one, the bug that was happening with the cracking of the potions is supposed to be fixed, enjoy the update. ^ _ ^

  87. Somxr says:

    I see you have used the vanilla textures to get them into the game. Are you able to add the dolphin’s grace or luck potions into bedrock? I know it seems too much but I just want to know

    • I can’t do the dolphin’s grace potion because there is no affection in the bedrock version, about the potion of luck that I can create, the most possible thing is that I added it in the next update

  88. TheSkullCreeper says:

    Link is broken.

  89. Matthew Walters says:

    I can only get the potion through commands,I tried brewing them but you can’t put the matierial in the brewing stand,also I think you should use a conduit for the conduit power potion,5 stars though

  90. BlueFire914 says:


  91. FA11EN says:

    I can’t get it to work help pls seems like a good addon so 3 stars so far 🙂 if I get it to work I will defiantly give a 5 star rating

  92. Anonymous says:

    Do splash and lingering potions work?

  93. Anonymous says:

    Do splash potions and lingering potions work?

  94. Blaze Power says:

    This is one perfect addon for survival world!

  95. TuffPear3 says:

    What texture pack do you use, It looks cool

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