Potions + Addon

This add-on for Minecraft adds new potions and recipes that are not originally available in Minecraft vanilla. It also adds a new experience to a survival game, enjoy the addon

 How to use:

first, you need activate the addon in world options, and put the behavior, and just need put the experimental gameplay

You can write in the chat: /give @s potion:(potion effect) to take an potion 

And what’s the new options?

 this add-on adds new potions:

  • Potion of absorption
  • Gives absorption for 1:30 minutes

  • Potion of blindness
  • Gives blindness for 0:45 minutes

  • Potion of conduit
  • Gives power of conduit for 4:00 minutes

  • Potion of dragon
  • Gives speed 4, jump boost 4 and slow falling for 4:00

  • Potion of fatigue
  • Gives fatigue for 1:30 minutes

  • Potion of haste
  • Gives haste for 4:00 minutes

  • Potion of health boost
  • Gives health boost for 4:00 minutes

  • Potion of Levitation
  • Gives levitation for 1:30 minutes

  • Potion of nausea
  • Gives nausea for 0:45 minutes

  • Potion of saturation
  • Gives saturation for 1:30

So, how that’s you make the new potions?

With the new system to craft, in the bredwing stand you need put a awekend

Potion an the next materials;

  • Absorption
  • Blindness
  • Conduit power
  • Dragon
  • Fatigue
  • Health boost
  • Levitation
  • Health boost
  • Nausea
  • Wither (extra)

  • Screenshots in the game

Future changes:

  • Add new potions
  • Add boosters for the potions

Version 2

So, what’s the new things from the update?

New blocks

  • Dragon beacon
  • You need two items for activated, once activated gives speed, jump boost and slow falling, with an booster gives protection
  • Crafting

New items

  • Target raid

  • You can obtain killing pillagers, you can use this for make a new potion

  • Beacon activator
  • Whit this item you can activate the new beacon
  • Crafting

  • Beacon booster

  • You can use this item activate a extra effect for the dragon beacon
  • Crafting

New potions

  • Village hero

  • Gives village hero for 4:00 minutes
  • Crafting

  • Bad omen

  • Gives bad omen for 4:00 minutes
  • Crafting

  • Extra
  • Saturation crafting
  • one beetroot

  • Mysterius item
  • You can find in the spawn eggs
  • You can crafting with 5 glass, 1 flowstone and 3 iron ingots
  • Now, you can updated the potions(time and strength) with redstone or glowstone

  • Screenshots for the new update


Version 3

What’s add in the new version?

  • Potion of fatal poison

  • Gives a hidden effect called fatal poison for 45 seconds, to difference the normal poison this can killed you

  • Hunger

  • Gives huger for 45 seconds

  • Resistance

  • Gives resistance for 1:30 minutes

  • Nether star potion

  • Gives speed 3 and haste 4 for 4:00 minutes

  • Halloween potion

  • Gives blindness for 45 seconds and gives speed and night vision for 4:00 minutes

  • New food!

  • Pumpkin bowl

  • You can use this bowl to make an special food

  • Pumpkin stew

  • Gives 20 of nutrition

  • Cooked carrot

  • Gives 6 of nutrition

  • Suspicious stew (pumpkin seeds)

  • Gives health boost 6 for 1:00 minute

  • Recipes to the new things:

  • Hunger

  • Fatal poison

  • Resistance

  • Nether star

  • Halloween

  • Pumpkin bowl

  • Pumpkin stew

  • Suspicious stew(pumpkin seeds)

  • Screenshots of the gameplay

Version 4!

What’s the new?

New potion:

Gravity potion

Gives slow falling and jump 4

New weapon

Potion sword

Makes 10 damage

Gives jump boost, resistance, saturation, haste and conduit power

The player convert’s small don’t got damage fall and make more faster


Gravity potion

Potion sword

Screenshots of the game

Changelog View more
  • Update the information of the addon
  • Correct some errors from the addon
  • Adds Dragon beacon block
  • Adds two new potions
  • Adds updates with redstone an flowstone from the potions
  • Add new items to the addon

Just I correct the add-on description and fix some erros

  • Added 5 new potions
  • Added new suspicious stew
  • Added new food
  • Now the animation of the potions is the correct
  • fix a problem with the addon download and nothing more
  • Add the gravity potion
  • Add potion sword
  • Some changes of the names

Now, you can download a map to view the new things that this addon add


Note: you need uninstall the last version for install the new version of the addon


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14 (beta)

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40 Responses

4.68 / 5 (16 votes)
  1. Shadow says:

    Make a update with splash potions and a new boss

  2. Mr. Potato says:

    It seems that once the Add-on is actually ON I can’t seem to take any Fall Damage, I’m not sure why…

  3. Salutationsgoodsir🧐 says:

    For some reason I can’t brew the potions, because I can’t put the brewing material in the brewing stand, I did turn on experimental gameplay 👍 but I am on 1.12 so hopefully when 1.13 rolls out this will be fixed? Other than that 5 stars 👏 you made an proper addon mate.

  4. Kevin says:

    Can this use in realm?

  5. Капуста says:

    please make sounds like regular potions. This is slightly annoying when you “drink” the potion, but sounds like you are eating them.

  6. Капуста says:

    Чтож, звучит не очень плохо. Думаю, само их существование это уже 4 звезды, посмотрим на реализацию.

    • UrielZeroOver says:

      Большое спасибо за ваш комментарий, и я надеюсь, вам понравится этот мод 🙂

  7. DomNom says:

    The Addon seems nice but i cant brew the items, like it wont let me put gold in the brewing stand to make a haste potion,
    do i have to use experimental gameplay?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Amazing addon! The crafting recipes and time are fair and I will look forward to using this to my private modded survival! 5 stars!

  9. Kay says:

    Is it possible to download on xbox

  10. Hi, I hope this version of the addon works better than the old one, the bug that was happening with the cracking of the potions is supposed to be fixed, enjoy the update. ^ _ ^

  11. Somxr says:

    I see you have used the vanilla textures to get them into the game. Are you able to add the dolphin’s grace or luck potions into bedrock? I know it seems too much but I just want to know

    • I can’t do the dolphin’s grace potion because there is no affection in the bedrock version, about the potion of luck that I can create, the most possible thing is that I added it in the next update

  12. TheSkullCreeper says:

    Link is broken.

  13. Matthew Walters says:

    I can only get the potion through commands,I tried brewing them but you can’t put the matierial in the brewing stand,also I think you should use a conduit for the conduit power potion,5 stars though

  14. BlueFire914 says:


  15. FA11EN says:

    I can’t get it to work help pls seems like a good addon so 3 stars so far 🙂 if I get it to work I will defiantly give a 5 star rating

  16. Anonymous says:

    Do splash and lingering potions work?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Do splash potions and lingering potions work?

  18. Blaze Power says:

    This is one perfect addon for survival world!

  19. TuffPear3 says:

    What texture pack do you use, It looks cool

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