Potopo: Furniture – Mini Tech Update – Part 2 (BETA)

This AddOn adds decorative elements to the game, always trying to preserve the artistic style of Minecraft.

All your requests will be heard, and together we will make this AddOn a great experience to decorate our Minecraft worlds.

Potopo: Furniture

The decorative elements of this AddOn can be obtained in survival mode, through the “loot box”.

Some furniture can be used as containers to store items.

Random furniture box:

By destroying this box, you can randomly get some of the furniture in this addon.


Red stone decoder:

This new entity will allow you to be able to select the furniture you most want.
You just need a Random furniture box and some redstone.


Tech update:

This update focuses on adding technological elements to the AddOn. This is the first part of this update. Weekly, elements, and functionalities will be added.


-Office chair


-Old TV



16 screens will be added soon.

-Desktop PC

16 screens will be added soon.


16 channels and the option to scale the size of the TV will be added soon.

-BOX One console

And more content next week!

-Wool sofas

Now you can dye it in 16 different colors!

-Quartz toilet 

-Quartz desk

You can switch between 9 different textures!


-Minecraft Classic Chair

Now you can dye it in 16 different colors!

-Invisible seat



What other tech elements do you want to see in the next update?

Leave your suggestions in the comments.

It is prohibited to distribute and modify the AddOn without the creator’s consent. 

Please don’t make your own links.

Changelog View more

New furniture has been added:

-Old television
-Office chair

Also fixed some minor bugs with the "Redstone Decoder".

New entities were added:

-Box One console
-Camera with tripod

What you changed from the next update are:


- Toaster was added.
- Quartz desk was added.
- Quartz toilet was added.
- New models for the armchair.
- 3 pieces of armchair were added.
- Redstone decoder added 


- Now you can dye the classic Minecraft armchair and chair.
- Now the glass and wood table are solid entities.
- The old chair model and entity was eliminated.
- The large wooden table was eliminated.


Supported Minecraft versions


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113 Responses

4.79 / 5 (52 votes)
  1. MKFDL says:

    i have suggestion

    add a lamp
    add a fan
    add a mirror
    add a clock

    i think it will be good for your addon
    keep update ant greet addon

    and may i use your addon to maka a minigame i will credits you >_<

    sorry if my engglish speak bad because in from indonesia and im 12 years old

  2. Alex hernandez says:

    Tambien lo que puedes hacer en la proxima actualizacion es hacer que sea mas facil poner todos los muebles, y que los libreros puedan estar pegados en la pared sin necesidad de que tenga un bloque abajo

  3. INEEDANAME says:

    Hello, I think your addon is great but gave me a virus once, and linkvertise scares me with allow notifications and I have AdBlock, so I cant use anymore at all, please use one of these for me: Mediafire or the regular download.

  4. Alex hernandez says:

    Me encanto este addon, eres muy bueno en esto :3 pero cual es el link de descarga para la actualizacion?

  5. itismemayro says:

    Still great addon!

  6. Pj12345678909876754321 says:

    Are the links updated yet?

  7. ExDrill says:

    I really love this addon, it’s one of the only furniture mods that doesn’t just add in 3 – 5, it adds a lot of them! Although when I loaded up my world, all the furniture was on the floor, it broke furniture in a radius for some unknown reason.

  8. slayingbladez says:

    can u make the toilet fart when u press f while sitting on it ?

  9. Leider200 says:

    Tienes un canal de YouTube? Me serviría bastante si tienes uno :3

  10. The Exploding Creeper says:

    When te next update is coming out?

  11. tonypraf says:

    pls add more you are so good at this :O mooorrreeee

  12. Spinoray says:

    Hi I love this addon but when I deleted the old version and download the new version it gave me the old version is it on beta? I’m making a world and you have the perfrect mod I need so if you could realease it to the public I would appreciate it any cool addon.Thank you. (╹◡╹)

  13. Yeet yeet2143 says:

    Sorry but is there a way to get one of the older Versions of this addon still? I can’t seem to download this one but I got rid of the old one I was just wondering if there is a way to get a older Version of this addon. Maybe a link or something??

  14. Blizzr says:

    I love furnitures in this Addon, Can I suggest add different TV set. Old TV, Normal Tv, and Large and Modern Tv.

  15. itismemayro says:

    What do you use to make these addons?

  16. my_crafting says:

    I made a Addon Review but I don’t have a YouTube Channel but amazing addon


  17. UlisesQ says:

    excellent addon What shaders do you use?
    there is a channel on Youtube that puts direct links to your files is called GregoryandGames

  18. The Storm says:

    Me gusta mucho este add-on 🙂

  19. SG Studios says:

    Does the furniture place straight?

  20. itismemayro says:

    Great! Keep up the good job!

  21. RobotRobert2003 says:

    I dont know how it will work but can you add in like drones or rc cars?

  22. itismemayro says:

    When is the next update

  23. Watashi wa sam says:

    Can you add wooden chair, dining chair and sofa corner??

  24. FireCats ROCK says:

    MediaFire please.

  25. The Exploding Creeper says:

    Can you make a tool to solid furniture or a straight tool in the next update for this add-on…

  26. 76eya says:

    How to update the addon and get the new furniture? I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the packs but It still doesn’t have the new stuff.

  27. alerbax says:

    El addon es bonito y genial, funciona de forma correcta y los muebles tienen ese toque de minecraft sin alejarse mucho, quisiera que mas muebles se le pudieran cambiar las texturas al bloque y más muebles si es que se puede

  28. Camperito says:

    Está excelente! Sé que algo que muchos piden pero hacer a las decoraciones sólidas de verdad que daría un gran punto a favor para el addon en cambio a otros, sé que es difícil pero es posible, igualmente sigue siendo un excelente addon 🙂

  29. Unknow Newbie says:

    Suggest: you should only need 1 links
    Put b and r pack in one folder but rename the rp and bp from mcaddon to mcpack, turn the folder into zip and rename to mcaddon

  30. Vikko says:

    It looks like a great addon but it says failed to import 🙁

  31. Luis Eduardo Romero says:

    Adornos para jardin

    • Game123 says:

      Instead of making everything solid you could make a straighter tool and when used on any furniture it straightens it that would be a dream come true for a furniture add-on that’s all thanks

  32. Luis Eduardo Romero says:

    podrias agregar mesas y sillas y adornos como barbacoa o masetas adornos para jardin

  33. ZackPlays says:

    Could you add a 16×16 or 32×32 mode for the items cuz my phone is junk it can’t even support 64×64
    So please add it I love this addon

  34. The Exploding Creeper says:

    Great Addon!! But in the next update can you make the wool chairs solid? And can you add potted plants, dining tables and chairs, lamps (floor and Table ones) That’s it! And if you do add the stuff I mentioned make them solid

  35. GamerLogic says:

    So I’m looking at this and in the photo of the addon theres a camera is there really?

  36. itismemayro says:

    Pretty good for a beta, but i am going to complain and make some suggestions
    i the action to sit on the whole sofa and classic chair isn’t just sit
    The sofa model is mapped on the small sofa chair
    Kitchen: A stove(only decor) bar stools(that you can dye) plates (you can put all of the cooked meats and other foods but if it’s on a bowl the plate turns into a bowl) trash can (you put stuff inside it,and if you interact with it while crouching, it throws everything you put away)
    Decoration (electronics): Rotary phone, House phone, flip phone and smartphone, Modern and old computers, Videogames old OR new, you choose.example: MES, SMES M64 or Minetendo switch, Minestation 4 and Mbox series x, but you can add other ones (you can put it with no branding,just “videogame”) Old and new TV
    Normal chairs (four-legged chairs), but keep the classic chairs
    Thanks if you did read this, and if possible, add all the functions.

  37. chairocchi says:

    Nice addon 😀

  38. Watashi wa sam says:

    If you add toaster it means you’ll add blender right?? It means that you’ll add juice? 😲 Plz add those two things!! And maybe you could add dishwasher (even though it’s useless), kitchen counter top, washing machine, and plz add some of items like plates, and a few foods like burger, pizza, taco, and salad! (Sorry for too much requesting) if you add those things I’ll give you 5 stars!! 😃😃

  39. Luis Eduardo Romero says:

    y una pc gamer bien echa y esta muy alto el buzon
    eres grande bro sigue asi

  40. Luis Eduardo Romero says:

    algo para rotarlos para q no queden chuecos y bro mejora algunas texturas dl sofa
    y tambien añade laparas de otros tipos es el mejor complemento guapo sigue asi bro eres grandioso y no podrias añadir sillones en forma de L y una pc gamer

  41. Luis Eduardo Romero says:

    algo para rotarlos para q no queden chuecos y bro mejora algunas texturas dl sofa
    y tambien añade laparas de otros tipos es el mejor complemento guapo sigue asi bro eres grandioso y no podrias añadir sillones en forma de L sigue asi guapo

  42. maincra says:

    Puedes hacer armarios?

  43. hellojk says:

    hi i was wondering if you can make the furniture not mobs but like blocks? but we can access them.

  44. AspyxhtiA says:

    I love this add-on is perfect, ad a tv or pc please

  45. Foxy 317 says:

    I hope these are block and not entity’s

  46. PrinceMJ says:

    Hey Potopo You Make Awesome Addons, They Look Polished As Freak, i adore how you make these. i’ll watch this develop since it is on BETA Still. also i did an addon review Good Luck!!! 😀

  47. PedroHFC13 says:

    E o addon potopo tales quando vai ter uma atualização?

  48. Candy H. says:

    Omg! This looks amazing! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*.✧
    Can u please add more furniture such as:
    •a bed (also able to add a function where you can sleep on it :3)
    •an invisible lay down function
    •Camera Pod (something similar I guess)
    +More furniture :3

  49. Minecraftveteran says:

    100 out of 10! 🔥🔥

  50. nikoj90 says:

    Se ven geniales!, funcionara en realms?

  51. This addon is so cool! May I request? Add some modern sets too. If you want.

  52. lolo d1az says:

    Hello potopo, I wanted to ask you if I can use the addon for my rpg server?

  53. Nediamail05 says:

    Hey! Great addon, but just wondering when will you update potopo tales?

  54. NathanM09 says:

    Add school things for example school chairs, school tables, school books etc.

  55. tonypraf says:

    yes yes yes but we need more you can add:dog houses ,umbrella, more paintings , bigger couches and tables thank you ^^

  56. iwillmicrowavesteve says:

    Its Great

  57. SavagePanda47 says:

    Awsome everything looks so cool

  58. KMTrager says:

    I hope this would be best furniture add-on

  59. hdhdfhhdhdhhd says:

    Hi,its great I have suggestions though!
    Could you please add trampolines,connecting tables,and a grill?
    I hope this isn’t too much…

  60. IcEWaRRiOr says:

    Wow, you read my mind. Can you do better addon than Furnicraft?

  61. GoDucks2017 says:

    The tables could act as item frames, being able to put fish or beef would be a cool addition!

  62. Ilikestuff says:

    Can you make the chair and sofa dyeable

  63. RobotRobert2003 says:

    I LOVE THIS ADDON! Not a complaint because its in beta but some of the textures overlap so they casue some visual displeasment.

    Keep up the good work. 🙂

  64. DarkCocq says:

    this is really nice to improve it even more I have some suggestions! 😀
    1. Shelf’s 2. Kitchen things (oven that can work, if possible lol),( toaster), microwave etc. 3. Sink 4. Large plants with pots 5. Small decorations like books, electronics, food stuff. 😀 I hope this isn’t to hard lol keep up the great work.

  65. Nialand studios says:

    Increíble addons

  66. THE_BLUE says:

    Nice addon but can you add more kitchen furnitures (like a oven, cabinets,…) and a toilet please ?

  67. Celestial9087 says:

    What’s the code that allows u tu sit down? I’m learning…

  68. Mizumi official says:

    I love it ❤️

  69. SantiCraftSC says:

    so so cool

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