Potopo: Plushies (Spawn Eggs Fix Update!)

Plushies, plushies for everyone!

Potopo: Plushies is a adon dedicated to adding plushies. What are you waiting for?Have fun opening surprise boxes and collecting all the plushies in this addon!

Creator: Potopo

It is prohibited to distribute and modify the AddOn without the creator’s consent.

Please don’t make your own links.

Textures improved

-Surprise box

-Purple surprise box

These boxes contain rare or better plushies.

-Red surprise box

These boxes contain heroes plushies.


These boxes contain stuffed 

Wandering traders can drop these boxes.

Potopo: Plushies

Potopo: Plushies adds a new block, “surprise box” when you break it you will find one of the many plushies in this AddOn.

The box randomly awards a plush toy. There are various classifications of plushies, depending on their rarity.

New plushies every week!

How to get them?

You can buy surprise boxes from the wandering trader for two or six emeralds.

Box crafting:


-Surprise box

-Purple surprise box

-Red surprise box



– Brown llama plush.

– Purple llama plush.


– White llama plush.

Slime plush.

– Nitwit villager plush.

– Hoglin plush.


– Zombie plush.

– Llama enderman plush

– Llama creeper plush.

– Strider plush.

This plush is immune to damage from fire, lava, and magma.

– Wandering trader plush.

–  Trader llamas plushies.

– Steve plush.

– Alex plush.


– Enderman plush.

– Creeper plush.

– Sticky Bee plush (NEW!).


-Herobrine plush.

– Sailor chicken plush.

– Llama Llama plush.


These are stuffed animals made for Potopo’s heroes.

These are hard times; I love making content for the Minecraft community, but I have studies and jobs too.
If you want to have your own soft toy in this AddOn, and you want to contribute, for just a donation of $ 5 dollars, you will be immortalized as one of the Potopo heroes.

Add me to Discord for more info: Potopo#2400

– Heroe: Potopo Ann plush.

The new heroes of Potopo:

– Heroe: DAGADAX  plush.

– Heroe: Arya  plush.

– Heroe: Talon plush.

– Heroe: King plush.

– Heroe: Johnny5 plush.

If you like my work and want to support me to continue with my AddOns, I would appreciate it if you would donate to me.

For more news, follow me on:

*It is prohibited to distribute and modify the AddOn without the creator’s consent. Please don’t make your own links.

Changelog View more

-Added "Steve plush".
-Added "Alex plush".
-Added "Herobrine plush".

New Potopo Heroes:
-Added "Heroe: DAGADAX plush".
-Added "Heroe: Arya plush".
-Added "Heroe: Talon plush".
-Added "Heroe: King plush".
-Added "Heroe: Johnny5 plush".

-Added a new plush (Sticky Bee plush).
-Wandering traders now sell stuffing box.

-Entities now drop their corresponding spawn eggs (Minecraft PE).
-New plush (Hoglin plush).

-Added red surprise box
-Added container box
-Added wandering trader plush.
-Added trader llamas plush.
-Added recipes for surprise boxes and containers.
-Block textures has been improved.

New plush:

-Niwit Villager Plush Added (uncommon plush)


- Minor bug fixes

New plush:
-Sailor Chicken Plush Added (Mythical plush) 

- Minor bug fixes

New Content:
-Added strider plush
-Added purple surprise box

-Now wandering traders sell purple surprise boxes

-Fixed a bug with wandering traders


-Slime plush (spawn egg)


-Slime plush (uncommon entity)


-Add new creeper plush.
-Add new sounds for creeper plush.


*Activate experimental mode to enjoy the full experience.


Supported Minecraft versions


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165 Responses

4.04 / 5 (55 votes)
  1. Guest-1857492046 says:

    How do I get the new plushies? I re downloaded it and deleted the old one but it says duplicate still please help 🙁

  2. maincra says:

    La necesito

  3. maincra says:

    Ahora solo quiero una cosa: actualización de potopo tales pls.

  4. Yanai says:

    Hello, author. I am glad that the author has listened to some Suggestions to make the work more perfect. I like this work very much and look forward to more works in the future

  5. DAGADAX_ says:

    A golden addon, you’re on top, keep it up.
    And the service for Hero plush top too.
    Install and share.
    Thank you

  6. Guest-2269424483 says:

    Ive downloaded the mod twice now and it doesn’t have the herobrine plush in it. I have no other addons active and the herobrine plush files are also not in the download. Help?

  7. Guest-1377254319 says:

    I put the resource and behavior packs where they belong but they are still not showing up in game.

  8. maincra says:

    Only one thing: woow

  9. Guest-7488641756 says:

    Can you make this available for 1.14

  10. Guest-1041294376 says:

    thank you so much this add on is awesome, work perfectly in 1.16…creeper plush is really cute llama plush too 🥰

  11. Guest-2905326250 says:

    How to craft the fluff balls??

    • Guest-2705944817 says:

      You have to kill a wandering trader; he’ll drop a fluff box, which you break to get the fluff balls

  12. Guest-1763241409 says:

    For some reason, all the other plushies work on realms, but the new bee does not. Even if you import a world with the bee on them, it just vanishes. Any fix?

  13. Guest-1512968027 says:

    How to update and get the new plushies?

  14. Guest-8161747364 says:

    RIP potopo edition addon

  15. Dalay995 says:

    y hate linkversite

  16. Guest-1389534034 says:


    • Diolight says:

      It is not abuse, what are you talking about, it’s the creator’s way of earning money for the add on that they worked hard on, if you don’t like it then don’t download the add on.

  17. Guest-8264464385 says:

    Hello,I think the work is very good, I hope the author can add player dolls, such as Steve and Alex. Of course, it would be better to add a small surprise of the author doll (My English is not very good, so I can only use translation to communicate).

  18. Guest-8040129377 says:

    Hello, I would like to do a review for this Add-On in my youtube channel, Could it be possible?, but my channel is in Spanish

  19. Guest-8079338927 says:

    Blocks and items :

    /give @s potopo_plush:nameofblockoritem

    Summon entities:

    /summon potopo_plush:nameofentity

  20. Guest-8311653038 says:

    Is there a way to /give these?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Thank You for your amazing Mod & thank you for giving the user a choice as Linkverse is not the best choice especially when it goes wrong & doesn’t give you the download file.

  22. Guest-8800750209 says:

    I have plushies up to the purple surprise box, please help

    • maincra says:

      i have this problem, but i know to solve it, maybe you have the same pack two times un your downloads, you need to quit the two and put the pack another time, this that i make me and i solve these problem.

  23. maincra says:

    (pa gente que habla español, jeje) relleno

  24. maincra says:

    With stuffed

  25. Guest-4424828012 says:

    Hola, tengo una duda, cuál es el material con el que se craftean las cajas?

  26. Guest-3879144872 says:

    please make a batman plush

  27. WryIceBearYT1 says:

    hola si podras ponerlo este addon para las versiones betas de mcbe (minecraft bedrock) porfavor :3

  28. ZN STUDIO says:



  29. ZN STUDIO says:



  30. Guest-5788513690 says:

    Do the packs have to be seperate?

  31. maincra says:

    I love the the idea of hero plushies 👍😀.

  32. maincra says:

    Can you add dolphin and turtle plushie?

  33. Guest-9856746393 says:

    I love these teeny tiny mob plushies! If possible, could we have larger versions of the zombie and enderman plushes?

  34. maincra says:

    When will the next update of potopo tales?

  35. Guest-9280015279 says:

    Hola tengo un problema con el AddOn, y es que el vendedor errante no me vende el bloque para los peluches, es un bug o algo por el estilo?

    • Potopo Ann says:

      Te aseguraste de tener el modo experimental activado?

      • Guest-2852369566 says:

        Claro, sin embargo aún sigue sin vendermelo

        • Potopo Ann says:

          Pero si te vende otras cosas?

          Desde hace dos actualizaciones, la ventas de estos bloques no es algo 100% seguro, si no que hay cierta posibilidad de que estos te la vendan de vez en cuando.

          • Guest-5683945324 says:

            He intentado con varios vendedores más ninguno lo vende. No sé si sea un problema relacionado con mi versión actual del juego que es la beta del 1.16, que se me es extraño pues en cuanto al resto del AddOn todo va perfecto

          • Potopo Ann says:

            Puede que si, puede que el error sea por la 1.16; la verdad, no he probado el AddOn en esa versión, así que desconozco los errores que puedan ocurrir.

            Gracias por informarme de todos modos.

  36. Its_Not_RonBon123 says:

    The Villager looks like a psycho XD

  37. Guest-5361593077 says:

    Hello! Can I feature this in my video? Don’t worry, I will give them the link here. I will credit you also 🙂 (sorry for my bad english)

    Hahahah, Can I?

  38. Guest-9774322328 says:

    Oh nvm. The Wandering Trader sells now. Hahahaha, thanks for this wonderful addon 🙂

  39. Guest-4803795514 says:

    Hmmmm, when I used it in my world, the Wandering Trader doesn’t sell anything. Why? Bug?

    But still, I love this addon 🙂
    Keep it up

  40. maincra says:

    And thanks to put one of my suggestions

  41. maincra says:

    Magnific work. If I make a top of all the addons I download, this is the fisrt. 👍😃

  42. Guest-5249558380 says:

    i made a fix to make it drop correct please can i have some credit if i send you the files for the fix my discord is litlekitten – UwU -#0690

  43. Guest-5257711240 says:


  44. Mr.Valentine says:

    Can u add green villager doll :3

  45. Guest-9666876819 says:


  46. Guest-5656232749 says:

    Sailor chicken? really, where did you get this wonderfull idea?

  47. Guest-6135270124 says:

    Hi there! Sorry if I’m being a bother.
    My name’s Sherry! I really like your addon (potopo tales) and how it really improved the look of my Minecraft world , It blends really well with the theme and I really love how aesthetically pleasing the moon biome , especially with shaders. I have a few suggestions incase you’re interested. Maybe add atleast one naturally generated structure for each biome? Like maybe a fortress for the gaurds? Or some ruined plague covered villages ? Also I thought it’d be cool if the moon gaurds were to levitate off the ground and there’d be a small trail of mist as they move

  48. HeartBreakHill says:

    Hey i just wanna say i love this addon, but i wanna report a bug. When i have other addons on my minecraft world the surprise box and the plushies drop different spawn eggs instead of what they are suppose to drop, also may i suggest doing a player plushie like steve or a pig plushie, anyways keep up the good work!

  49. Guest-3876842841 says:

    Hey, can you give me some link that not frim adfly please because i cannot go to download link. It redirects to website of adfly

  50. Guest-8210676711 says:

    Can u combine mc resource pack and mc behavior pack into mcaddon please

  51. Guest-3576812697 says:

    Your work doesn’t deserves any money please just delete linkvertice and adlfly i hate those.

  52. odarmamx says:

    Bro, can u make a version for realms with spawn eggs instead of they boxes? It would be amazing if you do that

    • Potopo Ann says:

      I am researching. But for now I can’t find a way to get it working in Realms.:/

      Still, I’ll keep trying bro.

      • odarmamx says:

        Maybe if box and plushies are mobs, the box is a mob that drops a “random” plushie mob egg when you “kill” it, and when you “kill” the plushie it drops it’s own egg. If you change the egg texture for a plushie and a box texture, no one will realize that they are eggs.

  53. Guest-2143763355 says:

    When i get to the link and try to download it it does not pop up in minecraft.
    I don’t know what to do,btw there sooo cute!

  54. Skiwie Piwie says:

    What mob Will you add this week

  55. Guest-6399039895 says:

    Can you ad the villager and the wandering trader?

  56. Guest-4759965134 says:

    – Chicken
    – Cow
    – Pig
    – Sheep

    – Donkey
    – Horse
    – Muddy Pig

    – Magma Slime
    – Mushroom
    – Zombie Piglins/Piglin
    – Hoglins
    – Moobloom

    – Void Chicken
    – Cluckshroom

    – Wither
    – Horned Sheep

    • Guest-1654143135 says:

      Btw, Muddy Pig, Moobloom, Void Chicken, Cluckshroom and Horned Sheep is from Minecraft Earth

      • Potopo Ann says:

        Thanks for the suggestion.

        I will consider them for next week. :3

        • Guest-7661678654 says:

          Hello! This is the same person that add the suggestions. This might be a bit to much work, but i was wondering if your able to add new entity that can move like a villager. It can Spawn in Villagers (rare) or anywhere like a wandering trader, because I have an addon that adds move wandering traders for different biomes, and it doesn’t work with this addon. So I was hoping you can make a new Type of Wandering Trader/Villager named the Tailor! ( Sells Plushies, The plushie Boxes, carpets, wools, and maybe beds.) If your not able to do this, (most likely, because I cant even do this) thats fine it was just another suggestion. 🙂

  57. Skiwie Piwie says:

    Will you do A mega update where you add 5 of more plushies sorry for my bad english

  58. Javo_145 says:

    Hey!Can I use this addon for a map?

  59. Javo_145 says:

    Can I use this addon for a map?

  60. Guest-9541854614 says:

    what about potopo tales 1

    • Potopo Ann says:

      I’m still working on the next update. 😀

      • Guest-4702678493 says:

        hi! Ilove the mod! Thats Perfect, But don’t work with anothers mods…. Because the plushies are replaced for another itens of another mods…..You have how straighten this?

        (i’m sorry, I dont speak inglish ;-;)

  61. Guest-6110453383 says:

    Noob why pls why u removed the media fire link it
    Was useful I think that no body else would like the link upgrade!!!😡😡😡

  62. odarmamx says:

    Does this works on Realms?

  63. PavelDobCZ23 says:

    It’s so cool, I like this alot! But can I use this add-on in modpack for my StoneBlock BedrockEdition map project that I’m working on. I’ll definitely credit you.

  64. Guest-9232432862 says:

    Could you add the piglin and the hoglin pls.? This addon is magnific

  65. Guest-9232432862 says:

    Could you add the piglin and the hoglin?

  66. Guest-9232432862 says:

    could you add the piglin and the hoglin pls.?

  67. Guest-6343341595 says:

    I found a bug, that when I put the stuffed animals that when I put them and take them out another one comes out, and a gamer identity spawn comes out, and a fake villager or something like that

  68. Guest-1978497613 says:

    What about 1.16?

  69. Guest-8538693829 says:

    this addon is tbh one of the best as most addons are trash lets be honest here. i just really wish the bug where you get a different plushie when you kill/break one could be fixed. other than that its a really good addon

    • Guest-3065775851 says:

      Hey man people try their best to some really good addons bedrock has it’s limitions so seeing people being able to making some really good addons is honset amazing and now days addons are starting to get better

  70. Guest-6171913935 says:

    This is an amazing addon, I don’t know why it has so many bad ratings

  71. Guest-5825952064 says:

    Hey, i don’t have installed because i want to give you an idea to more plushies.

    You know FNAF? So, i really like This game and I was thinking about you add some plushies of the animatronics, like the plushie of the originals (Bonnie, Chica and Freddy) and others like, foxy, golden Freddy and Puppet, if you add i will Be very happy.

    I have another idea, how about you add crafts for the plushies? Or, add the /give

    So, this is all and, Bye!

  72. Guest-5112978918 says:

    Can you please fix this bug? Whenever I destroy the plushies they turn into a different plushies, also sometimes I get a black spawn egg that spawns a Steve that does nothing. Can you please fix this, or you could make the wandering trader just give you the plushies, the rarer the plushie, the less chance the trader has it. Thank you and I love this!

  73. Guest-5162719215 says:

    add new mythical plushie (phantom, parrot, golem [iron/snow], ender dragon, wither boss, skeleton, wither skeleton, stay, husk, drowned, magma cube, blaze)

  74. Guest-9415419016 says:

    can you add /give so if the trader doesn’t work you can still get the box?

  75. Guest-5673581268 says:

    Umm after I downloaded it I spawned a wandering trader and the trader had no items to trade? Can you fix it? thx

    • Guest-1271538073 says:

      same here – added to a game and got no trades for wandering trader… after playing around a bit it seems there might be some issue with the custom block being in the trade list… if you remove block from there – all good…

  76. Guest-2537421843 says:

    Can I make some changes to your plugin, such as changing the language of some items to make them easier to skim?

  77. Guest-3500838087 says:

    Can I use this add-on in modpack for my StoneBlock map project. I’ll definitly credit you.

  78. Guest-8971694565 says:

    Linkvertise????!?!?!?!??!!!! Was that really necessary?

  79. Guest-9969624108 says:


  80. Guest-5703349304 says:

    Really….. linkvertise?

  81. Guest-7936407189 says:

    I love this but the wandering traders do not have the Plushies

  82. Guest-1070959859 says:

    Wow linkvertise come on use media fire linkvertise is a pain

  83. Liliya Olenyeva says:

    The plushies are soo cute! (*°∀°)=3

  84. animemilytdm says:

    Do I have to download it again to get the new creeper plushie n every time u add new plushies? ta x

    • Potopo Ann says:

      Unfortunally Yes. Add new files and their download is necessary for the operation of all entities.

      Sorry, and I hope you like the new plushies. :3

      • animemilytdm says:

        I luv them, but now since im using another addon combined with this one the wandererer trader gives me the boxes n everything but instead of getting plushies i find other addon mobs in them xD like i am using that enderman ore addon and i get there eggs lol

  85. Guest-7424425879 says:

    Pls 1.16 addon

  86. Guest-8365667379 says:

    Does it works in realms?

    • Potopo Ann says:

      I don’t think so. Sorry. : /

    • Guest-4436678879 says:

      This is gambling, sure you don’t loose much but you get that feeling once you do it.

      Not gonna be mean so other then that this addon is pretty legit…as long as you don’t make some sort of pay wall.

  87. Guest-8279132896 says:

    Hey great addon! Can I recommend a plushie for next week? Can you add my minecraft skin? Ill give you the texture file of my skin if you have discord my discord username is: summercreeper27#2304

  88. Guest-1840203667 says:

    I like it

  89. Guest-9989365845 says:

    I sometimes get eggs that don’t do anything so that’s a waste of 2 emeralds. I’m on w10 v14.

  90. Guest-1209241388 says:

    How do I download it 🙁

  91. TheEmeraldSloth says:

    When I broke the boxes it would sometimes give me the npc spawn egg even though I was not in education edition. Please help. The plushie look really cute.

  92. yacama says:

    So cute i just downloaded it and try it thanks owo

  93. animemilytdm says:

    really cute! x

  94. Guest-8598704475 says:

    I love these plushies! And when do you think you’re going to finish potopo tales?

  95. Guest-7314675590 says:

    Dang these plushies looks cute

  96. Guest-1540588016 says:

    The zombie plush looks scary and goofy at the same time :p

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