Potopo Tales 1 (BETA)

Minecraft needs you!

Forces outside the Minecraft universe have come into our world; the light and darkness beat the final duel, where the only certainty is that there will be collateral damage…

Creator: Potopo

*It is prohibited to distribute and modify the AddOn without the creator’s consent.
Please don’t make your own links.

New items:

  • Potopo
  • Apple Jam
  • Bitter flesh
  • Carrot soup
  • Chesse
  • Chicken stock
  • Chile jalapeño
  • Chile seeds
  • Cooked egg
  • Cooked squid meat
  • Fish stock
  • Flash gunpowder
  • Flash tnt
  • Ghost pepper
  • Magnesium ingot
  • Mango
  • Mashed potato
  • Moonlight stick
  • Mushroom porous
  • Potopo coin
  • Selenite
  • Selenite dust
  • Selenite prisma
  • Squid meat
  • Steel ingot
  • Strain scale
  • Strange strawberry
  • Stuffed
  • Sulfur
  • Suspicious dust
  • Sweet berries jam
  • Sweet bread
  • Tomato
  • Vegetable soup
  • Watermelon jam
  • Wheat flour
  • Wild duck feather

New weapons:

  • Steel sword
  • Selenite sword

New biomes:

Plague biome: Darkness has taken shape; Like a plague, it will try to devour everything in its path.

Moonlight biome: Only light can end the plague.
Be careful when you enter here, any form of corruption will be considered hostile. This includes you.

New mobs:

*Animations will be added in the future.

Plague mobs:
  • Crawler
  • Consumed skeleton
  • Strain

Moonlight mobs:
  • Moon Guard
  • Levitator


  • Llamas


New blocks:

New recipes:


  • Now chickens drop feathers!

For more news, follow me on:

*It is prohibited to distribute and modify the AddOn without the creator’s consent. Please don’t make your own links.

Changelog View more

More links (AdFly) and .MCADDON Files!

Game changes:

  • Added more splashes.


  • Strain now drop scales.
  • Changes in the biome generation
  • Minor fixes


*Activate experimental mode to enjoy the full experience.

**This is a beta and may contain errors.


Supported Minecraft versions


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84 Responses

4.37 / 5 (30 votes)
  1. Guest-2381605469 says:

    I’m waiting for next update, the fruits are only obtainable through command

  2. Guest-4814180813 says:

    I get random creeper coins every few seconds with a message in a different language…what does it mean?

  3. Guest-1615361239 says:

    Hey, can you make more tools other than steel and selenite? . Btw love your addon keep up the awsome work! ^_^

  4. Guest-5378745892 says:

    how do I make sweat bread????

  5. Guest-9277607183 says:

    the biomes are super cool but I think you should increase the biome generation rate a bit. also, I think you should include a complete list of recipes. it doesn’t have to be in the game but you could make a file with all the crafting recipes so it’s easier to craft.

  6. 鸥吃鱼 says:

    uhhh I forgot to login :3

  7. Anonymous says:

    Perfect addon.
    Maybe you can add some bosses?
    such as wither skeleton king and shadow herobrine.
    Maybe my idea is stupid haha.
    Any way, good addon. I can’t wait for the next update.
    Keep on good work bro.

  8. Guest-3651707726 says:

    What are the coins for that randomly appear in your inventory?

  9. Guest-3566527188 says:

    How do you make that stuff in the middle of the plush crafting like the fluff

  10. Guest-8278198725 says:

    Use a mediafire link please

  11. Guest-5730235285 says:

    Nice job. Could you please make an addon with only the llamas. maybe add a third one or make some more plush toys… it yould be extremly nice if you made a crafting recipie for the stuffed using 2 string. Actually make a plush toy addon and add vanilla items to craft the toys. replace stuffed with cotton and make it craftable as menrioned above. PLEASE I WOULD REALLY APRESIATED!

  12. Guest-2515930782 says:

    thank you for adding an adfly and a linkvertise link. i appreciate that

  13. Guest-4776529074 says:

    Add a Flying manta for the light biome

  14. Guest-6298423002 says:

    uuuur adfly gave me a virus so I still like linkevertise

  15. Guest-3642155160 says:

    OMG! Thank you sooo much for creating a mcaddon file with adfly! This helps so much!

  16. Guest-3044218761 says:

    Are you on pc?

  17. Guest-7439801831 says:

    How do I put the zip into minecraft on android?

  18. Guest-7344759305 says:

    I don’t like linkvertise so don’t put me on it when i press download ):<

  19. Guest-4285760810 says:

    You can make a swamp biome with a Gorgon and with mermaids or nymphs

  20. Guest-3076147643 says:

    uh i would like to check out this addon but my pc detects the files as “severe threats”
    could you maybe provide another link than the current


  21. Guest-6304190287 says:

    Can you male Just like the other addon mineral sheeps?( Add ores from termale expansion) and add more types of wood.

  22. Fallmarble44492 says:

    I can only use mediafire Potopo Ann

  23. Guest-6343549299 says:

    You May not like this idea I have but I was wondering if you could add a new biome that is brown with graves and a new mob called the wondering spirit…

  24. Guest-9566928319 says:

    For some reason the textures won’t load it’s just pink and black, can you fix this?

  25. Guest-6581449449 says:

    There are no textures when i load up my game its just all pink and black even tho i tried deleting and installing both behaviour and resource packs

  26. Guest-1359537981 says:

    Plz make .mcaddon

  27. Guest-1680936107 says:

    Boi,this addon fantastic!10/10 recommended
    Cuz not only it adds some cool new stuff,but it still stays to minecrafts vanilla atmosphere,and this isnt even a full version!i cant wait to get my hands on the full version when it comes out
    Keep up the good work!

  28. Guest-9613944568 says:

    welp i wanted to play this but i cant use linkvertize sorry, but can you please use a different ad link?

  29. Guest-4672291470 says:

    Cant get Bp make it go to media fire pls or it glitches and says stuff about something .exe and i really wanna play this mod/ add-on ;(((((( pleaseeeee

  30. Guest-5238995204 says:

    Bro cant dl behavior!!!!

  31. Guest-1536573562 says:

    Is the mcaddon inside the zip? Otherwise I don’t want to download it because I can’t use it (obviously).

  32. Fallmarble44492 says:

    I can only use Mediafire

  33. Fallmarble44492 says:

    How do you download this I can only use MediaFire

  34. Fallmarble44492 says:

    How do you download this on iOS 13.3.1 I can only use MediaFire

  35. Guest-5544702906 says:

    This addon is one of the best addons that I’ve seen on MCPEDL, but due to past experiences with linkvertise, the link shortener probably will have me install malware when I try to download it from there. Creator, can you please use a safer link shortener and make the addon files mcpack type files?

  36. Guest-5008582729 says:

    Wow, Theirs a lot of bad addons but im happy too see a change!

  37. Guest-1418801645 says:

    Hey this addon looks great but I’m having some trouble downloading the resource pack. I had no problem with the behavior pack but the way to get to the resource pack was a lot harder. If you can help me please reply because I really want to try this addon. Also I’m on Xbox if that helps

  38. Anonymous says:

    Really cool! I love the moonlight biome! Btw, can you add an mcpack download please?

  39. Guest-3094862849 says:

    But chickens always dropped feathers

  40. Is that….. THE LAST PRISM FROM TERRARIA? Cool addon, animations are going to make it even better

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