Power Rangers Legacy (Green Ranger Update V1.1)

Ever wanted to be a Power Ranger? Want to fight bad guys in a cool Power Suit with super human Abilities? Now you can! In Power Rangers Legacy you can become a Power Ranger with your friends taking on anything that gets in your way!  

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Power Rangers Legacy Update 1.1


Alpha 5 will now trade you for a Dragon Zord Power Coin

Green Ranger Helmet added

Green Ranger Chestplate added

Green Ranger Leggings added

Green Ranger Boots added

Dragon Zord Morpher added

Dragon Zord Power Coin added

Green Zeo Crystal added

Morphing Sound effect have been updated

Alpha 5 animations and texture updated

Zordon aniamtions and model updated


Supported Minecraft versions

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Can you add morphing animations
Im loving it!
Please add the green and white ranger, Ranger weapons, Ranger Zords, Megazord
For an update you should add GreenRanger and all the Power Ranger's zords
does this use the player.json file??
No, we are trying to stay clear of using it
Me when this is the first addon I'll install and I read the installation part (jk)
This comment has been removed
I was the first one! Yo! This is great. But can you tell us more about what rangers do what? Or are they just the same? Also 5 stars