Power Wand

Power Wand is a new overpowered item in Minecraft Pocket Edition, at least if you decide to install the mod. To craft it in-game you need first to find some expensive resources so it’s no walk in the park to get your hands on it.

Adding the mod to your game doesn’t effect the gameplay in any way unless you hold the wand – it’s only then the effects will take place.

When you hold the item in your hand a new GUI will appear which gives you the following advantages.

Creator: Sin0psysS


  • Fly across the map
  • Climb huge walls
  • Speed boost and more effective jump effect
  • Two types of new jump boost
  • Laser mode
  • Laser beam: launches a powerful laser beam where you are looking which will destroy everything in its way
  • And more!

Item ID & Crafting Recipe

  • Power Wand (369) – 6 gold ingots + 1 redstone dust + 1 diamond block + 1 obsidian block

To get a complete idea how the mod works type /help in-game to get everything explained in detail to you in-game!


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5 Responses

  1. Fred says:

    How do i use the addon

  2. Jeris says:

    The wand keep on crashing for me when i put laser mode on samsung galaxy tab s 10.5 andriod lollipop

  3. devin says:

    You need gold, redstone, diamond, and obsidian

  4. Zomboy95 says:

    Whats the resources???? Ive been trying for two days on trying to build this wand and i have no clue how.

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