Powerful Rain

To get a taste what this mod is all about think of a rain, but not an ordinary rain of water, instead think of a rain of flaming arrows or exploding TNT blocks. Through a simple graphical user interface in the mod you will be able to select which rain you want to use. Almost all of the rains are one shot kills.

Creator: andynazay153

How to use it?

Once you’ve installed the mod and got in-game you can tap on a new graphical user interface button located in the right area of the screen called PR.

Flaming Arrow Rain

Hit any living creature such as a pig or cow and a rain of flaming arrows will fall toward the ground and set anything on fire in its way.


TNT Rain

When you hit a mob a rain of 24 ignited TNT blocks will fall to the ground and once down there they will explode with a couple of seconds creating a huge crater.

Egg Rain

It’s not as destructive as the other two rains so far mentioned as it only rains a bunch of eggs and chickens on top of the mob which you tap on. It makes some damage but not much. Still a fun and different type of rain.


Exploding Confetti Rain

Rains confetti on top of the mob and creates a small but deadly explosion after a half a second or so.



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3 Responses

4.33 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. lleyton weaver says:

    This is a good mod to combat other mods that like make rediculously overpowered mods. I needed something like this to combat the new bosses from other mods in my newly modded world, so thanks and good job!!!!!

  2. Sealsurfer says:

    I wish there was Chocolate rain 🙁

  3. Mark Leo says:

    Can I choose which rain I want or they will just appear because if I can’t choose what I want to rain all the rain will drop Like fire and TNT rain they will drop together just like that???

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