Ceratopcidians Expansion – Prehistoric Creatures

The addon is presented in beta version with only 30 dinosaurs, it will soon be updated with more features and functions. In this new beta version, dinosaurs have some different functions and animations.

Some of the dinosaurs available to the update

Triceratops Horridus

One of the most famous dinosaurs because of the films, can now be found around his world walking normally or recreating it through machines.

Triceratops Prorsus

the second species of triceratops is in his world from now on and he has five skin variants.

Nasutoceratops Titusi

This dinosaur came straight from the battle at big rock to his minecraft world.


a beautiful and little-known dinosaur, it is now back to life, and its cubs can be tamed.


Styracosaurus can now be found in the mesa biome battling the carnivores that live there.


one of the smallest dinosaurs in the addon, avaceratops comes in five skin variations for your game.


another dinosaur from the movies is present with its two skin variations.

Pachyrhinosaurus Lakustai and Canadensis

This dinosaur is very unusual and has two species in the addon.


models: Shazan pvp, Pedro rex, Nasutoceratops, Sky and Math

textures: Math and Gecko Boy

items: The Monia

Settings: Math

Animations: Math and Pedro Rex

more information about the addon access the following links
My Youtube Channel
Discord Server
Update Trailer

Changelog View more


new dinosaurs added to the addon.

old dinosaurs with new textures and model.

oxalaia removed to receive improvements.

all dinosaurs can be created by machines, but they will still appear naturally around the world.

correction of several bugs of the first beta.

adds growth function to some puppies.

next update will be the stegosaurus expansion

machines added, fossils, dinosaurs with animations, egg system that hatched after 2 minutes.


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. kacc says:

    Its great just keep updating for more and more dinos

  2. Nice! I see that you’re humane, and have a mediafire and adf.ly link, so people who can’t access adf.ly can use that!

  3. The great Q says:

    Thank you for adding the mediafire link

  4. alessandre says:

    you can make a profa prehistoric crocodile snap c

  5. alessandre says:

    you can make a profa prehistoric crocodile snap

  6. garrette says:

    It says the link is blocked

  7. Slain576 says:

    It says unknown pack id

  8. The great Q says:

    3/5 is a nice addon but taming dinosaurs doesn’t do anything

  9. The great Q says:

    Wait it actually worked after trying many times

  10. Indoraptor145 says:

    Boa má tu sou eu indoraptor145 ou albertossauro145 sksksksk
    Parabéns 😊

  11. The great Q says:

    will give 0 star unless you add mediafire link. We want a dinosaur addon for minecraft not spam and porn.

  12. Math2004 says:

    the link works I tried it on several different devices myself, if you are having difficulties enter my youtube channel and there is the tutorial on how to download.
    the channel is in publication

  13. M.M.16 player says:

    Do you have discord server or Twitter?

  14. i Am a Stegosaurus. says:

    Eu Mal Baixei o Addon (Denovo Pq Eu Troquei De Celular -w-) e Eu Já Recomendo Ele Pras Pessoas, Addon Muito Bom :>

  15. WeegeeGaming says:

    you know what sounds good? A working link

  16. Metal sulvio says:

    Muito bom o addon testei e funcionou tudinho:)

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