Prehistorical Weapons Addon (Prehistorical Technology)

This Add-on implements in your Minecraft worlds weapons inspired by Prehistory, such as clubs, spears and others.

Some weapons of the Add-on have a 3D style which is only appreciated when being in the third person or watching another player

This add-on adds the next weapons:

Oficial 1.16


The clubs are inspired by the ancient weapons that cavemen used to hunt and other activities.

The clubs come in 3D style. But it can only be seen in the third person, in the first person they will look like normal items

  • Wood club
  • Makes 5 damage attack
  • Recipe:

  • Stone club
  • Makes 6.5 damage attack
  • Recipe:

  • Bone club

  • Makes 8 damage attack
  • Recipe:

Other weapons

These other weapons are inspired by Prehistory, these will have different uses than the clubs, this will go away implementing over time.

The stone lance has a 3D design, but like the clubs, it will only be seen in the third person

  • Stone spear

  • Makes 7 attack damage
  • Recipe:

  • Bone knife

  • Makes 7.5 attack damage
  • Recipe:

  • Bone sword

  • Makes 9 attack damage
  • Recipe:

Bone Armor

  • The bone armor gives 40 extra life hearts
  • This armor like the others are divided into different parts, but you must put them together on a crafting table so that they can be equipped
  • Recipes:
  • to equip the armor, you need to consume the bone armor item (note: if you have a helmet equiped, this will disappear)


Bone tools

(bone tools are fully functional):

  • Bone sword: makes 7 damage attack
  • Bone axe: cut the log like a iron axe
  • Bone pickaxe: can break the same things that a iron pickaxe
  • Bone shovel: has the same speed than a iron shovel
  • Bone hoe: has the same speed than a iron hoe
  • Recipes

Better bone armor

  • This armor has More resistance than a chainmail armor (7 armor protection)
  • Recipes:

Obsidian tools

In the obsidian tools we can see two new items:

  • Macuahuitl: makes 10 damage but has 70 uses
  • Obsidian knife: makes 7 damage
  • Recipes:

New crop: peppermint

  • The peppermint in the add-on will allow you to make a new stew that will regenerate you for 1 minute
  • Recipe

Primal table

  • The primal table its the base of the add-on, allows you to create all the things that are in this
  • Recipe:
  • Note: you can see all the recipes in this table

Another features:

  • The items of the add-on has register in the creative inventory
  • The clubs and spear has been upgraded
  • You can obtain the things with commands using /give @s old:[object name]

Future updates

  • Add javelins
  • Add more wood and stone tools
  • Add more forms to obtain the items

Changelog View more
  • Added the bone tools
  • Added obsidian tools
  • The bone armor and swords has been changed
  • Added peppermint
  • Added the primal table
  • Upgraded the clubs and spears

Improvement in the description of the Add-on and the description of installation


Modification of the addon is prohibited

The use of the Add-on for addons pack is allowed

If you make video about the Add-on, link to this page for download

Note: the new things for the upgrade just works in the beta


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta) 1.16 1.16.100

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  1. Ender_Philip says:

    Wow!!! 🤯🤯🤯

  2. Beam006 says:

    Please collaboration with dagger boi’s addon named cenozoic craft plz

  3. I am very jealous of the stuff that can be made in the beta since i can’t get betas 😠

    But at least one day will be in the official version, since i can’t try it (and loads o more people too). Looks great anyways

  4. Guest-5169587283 says:

    When the update will come

  5. Guest-2575425602 says:

    No me deja poner la armadura y ando intentando cono dices tu:(

  6. Guest-1117735799 says:

    pls update it already

  7. Guest-8009751210 says:

    Ooggaaa booogggaa ooooohhhggggahhhh?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?

  8. Guest-7118719540 says:

    I love this addon so much and I want it to get even better and I have some weapon ideas that aren’t that hard to make 3d. Alright 1 is a spear that you can throw, number 2 is a shield. Number 3 is a wood and stone knife. Number 4 is a maybe some more clubs that will be made out of iron and diamond or gold. Number 5 is a maybe idea but if you can maybe add a wood or cobblestone armor just like the bone but they give you less health than bone. If you can’t add the armor because of Mojang doesn’t allow then maybe add skulls that drop from mobs witch are like mob heads or you can make a weapon out of them. Thx for making this addon I hope to see updates soon 😃

  9. Guest-7592718704 says:

    can not craft anything

    • Guest-2964347120 says:

      i don’t know if you tried to craft by the ready crafting book recipes, but i myself couldnt find the recipes in there, you need to put the materials in the crafting bench by yourself if you havent. if thats not the problem then i dont know

  10. Guest-6328158901 says:

    Can you maybe make a guns addon? The 3d models are AWESOME for this and i would like to see great models like those in a guns addon.

  11. Guest-5411880301 says:

    can you do gun addon? i like the 3d style of this addon its VERY GOOD!

  12. Guest-4801816601 says:

    This is a very good addon idea, thanks, and the models are nice too! But I think the weapons are overpowered, compared to vanilla weapons. It would be nice if they were a little weaker, or maybe if they had more expensive recipes. But I think if they were weaker it would be perfect. Thanks for good addon 4/5.

  13. Guest-1726956401 says:

    Please make mobs that can drop you the loot and can you make a bone shield.

  14. Guest-7265133103 says:

    it wont let me equip it i made the armor set and combined it then i tried to eat it and it wouldn’t work.

  15. Guest-3808238824 says:

    they r really OP, and their recipes r hella cheap, nice addon, but can u fix those

  16. Red Fan says:

    Very nice.


    Genial trabajo

  18. Beam006 says:

    Plz make stone age creature addon to work with this addon

  19. Guest-5288228353 says:

    🤣🤣🤣.BTW,pls add more bone stuff like bone axe, pickaxe, shovel, hoe and spear.

  20. Guest-3063284636 says:

    Ooga booga

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