Prestige (PvE) [Minigame]

Prestige is some great quality which any PvE or PvP player would look for even though it is in its early stages of development. The main goal is to reach Prestige level. The map is small right now and it includes a ranking system. Each time that you reach a new rank you will get an extra XP boost. The last rank is 8 which is level 70. When you reach it you are able to buy the Nether Star reward which you can use as proof for completing the game.

Creator: Drxp

How to play?

The left button is where you’d wanna go first. There you will find the shop and there are weapons that you can’t yet unlock as you will start at level 0. So the only thing you will be able to get initially is a wooden sword as it’s free. Then head back to the spawn hub and go to the right button.

The right button is the spider spawner. Kill a spider or two to level up. When you hit rank 1 you get a boost of XP, so keep going until you reach rank 2.

When you reach rank 2 then leather armor should be available in the shop. So head back to the store a buy it. A stone sword is available at 15 XP. There are no Golden Apples as it makes the game too easy, and it needs to be challenging to be fun and enjoyable or else you would get bored to quickly.


  1. – 1xp
  2. – 10xp
  3. – 20xp
  4. – 30xp
  5. – 40xp
  6. – 50xp
  7. (Prestige) – 60xp

Store Prices

  • Stone sword=15xp
  • Iron sword=25xp
  • Trident=30xp
  • Diamond sword=50xp
  • Leather tunic=10xp
  • Iron chestplate=30xp
  • Shovel(Special): This is a jetpack for 60xp
  • Evocation Rod: 30xp


  • 6 – 8 Players Max
  • Use commands only for food.


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10 Responses

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  1. lol says:

    I cheated. All you have to do is go into gmc and make an automated dispenser
    , put a hopper next to it, and throw xp bottles into it straight from the creative menu, because if you put them in your inventory it deletes them. got to prestige in no time

  2. deeznuts2,O says:

    awesome dude keep up the good word

  3. SmartGecko says:


  4. Innes says:

    Looks cool
    Like it

  5. anonymous says:

    every time i try to join the game minecraft crashes. i tried turning all my graphics settings to low and i have a decent pc but i still couldnt get into the game

  6. Atsuya13 says:

    Can I play on singleplayer?

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