Published on July 09, 2021

Pride Elytras

This pack adds LGBTQ+ flags to elytras.This pack includes the pride flag, trans, pan, nonbinary, lesbian, inter, gay, bi and aselet me know if i miss or have the flags wrong(i am aware about the controversy of the pan flag but i will consider adding the other veriants of other flags) (ik am abit late for this but i atleast made it because i support it) 

also a thank you to Treenara for helping me out
this pack adds:

feedback is always welcome


(for mcpack file)

download the .mcpack

fo to your downloads folder

click on the file

it should open up minecraft

and hopefully it says it succesfully imported


Supported Minecraft versions


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I fell in love with it.
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could you make it so when you name it the sexuality it'll change to the flag?
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thats really only possible on java edition with optifine
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Hope added other flag at LGBTQ+
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jolly good show folks
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