Prison Beta By DCU Studios

In prison you and up to 7 friends role play as cops and criminals the cops have to keep the criminals from escaping the prison and the criminals have to try to escape without the cops catching them. Map by dcu studios texture pack by Enderbrine001.

The Texture Pack Adds Keys to the game that open the cell doors and a key to trigger a “Lockdown” were sirens start sounding and all prisoners must report to their cells a lockdown is triggered by holding the red key and is stopped by un holding the red key it is used to find a criminal if they are escaping


Other Maps:

Changelog View more

Texture Pack Bug Fix

Beds Still Crash The Game 

Map Adjustments

Fix Broken Light System

Other Bug Fixes

Enjoy :)

Note: Map Still In Beta As We Cant Fix Beds Crashing The Game

Add More Details To Submission 

No Changes To Map Itself 

Texture Pack Bug Fix In Progress Patch Will Be Released Soon

Fixed Bed Bug (Pun Intended) 

Changed Out Some Textures 

Changed Day Schedule To Allow More Travel Time

Fully Compatible With The Nether Update Now

Credit To Enderbrine001 For Creating The Texture Pack

(This Pack Is A Remix)


Download The World The Texture Pack Should Be Installed If It Is Not Download It From The Link And Activate it 



Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.16

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12 Responses

  1. Guest-5069285415 says:

    Hello friend, I have a request from you, can you change the map in the link I gave to the pocket version? this map is for java link:

  2. Guest-8404693374 says:

    merhaba dostum senden bir ricam var verdiğim linkteki haritayı pocket edition sürümüne çevirir misin? bu harita java için

  3. Guest-7449733326 says:

    Please add light, it is all dark

    • Guest-9465502232 says:

      Where Is It Dark? This Is Map Creator But It Dosent Show Up As Me IDK Why That Happens But It Does

  4. Guest-4492944789 says:

    Fix the DAM LINKS

    • DCUStudios says:

      The Links Have Been Removed Because A New Version Is Being Released And The World Had Numerouss Bugs That Have Been Fixed MCPEDL Just Needs To Aprove The Submission -The DCU Studios Team

  5. DCUStudios says:

    Warning To All Players We Have Found A Bug In The Texture Pack Sleeping In Beds Will Crash The Game Bug Fix Is On Its Way However Until Then Dont Sleep In Beds This Is Caused By The Nether Update

  6. Guest-6442866306 says:

    Im first lol.

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