PRISON 7.0 [Creation]

This is a prison map which can be used for roleplays, cops and robbers, prison escape or any other time when you need a prison. There are some cool features built-in such as the possibility to choose between two different teams, a customized trading system, custom items and some new villager skins. The prison includes several different areas such as jail cells, a cafeteria and a yard.

Creator: Enderbrine01, Twitter Account
Updated: 16 September, 2018 (read changelog)

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  • Fixed crashing resource pack


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135 Responses

4.51 / 5 (68 votes)
  1. Guest-6501836260 says:

    this is the worst link ever it crashed my game even big maps don’t crash on my device

  2. Guest-6109215196 says:

    how can your make a guarc or prisoner npc?

  3. Guest-7568843649 says:

    Its so big is this even for PE or JAVA this will take me a quintillion years until its downloaded

  4. Guest-4544525550 says:

    I can’t download the resource pack

  5. TooCoolForSchool says:

    I want that resource pack!!!!!

  6. RainbowNoob5000 says:


  7. Peter says:

    i’m stuck!please help me!!!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I want to have my head please

  9. Boss111 says:

    This is total trash

  10. Ararararagi says:

    This mod is great, I really like it. Except for two things that bother me. The prisoners entities that replace zombie and skeleton are the problem. The zombie has a giant Mt. Dew floating above their head and it clips through everything and gets annoying. I’ve tried going through the json files of the add on but I couldn’t find out what was wrong. Could you please fix this? Is it something I did wrong or a glitch that occurred?

    • Enderbrine01 says:

      Thank you for the recommendation!! I will definitely look into it I haven’t been really up to date with all the Minecraft updates but I will look into the coding!!

  11. Ararararagi says:

    There’s just a couple of things that bother me, two of the prisoner npc’s, I believe it’s supposedly the zombie and skeleton, but for some reason the zombie has a huge Mt. Dew just floating above him and it clips through everything and gets very annoying. This is also similar with the skeleton except it’s with a kitkat
    Please help, I’ve been trying to fix it myself through the json files but I don’t know where the problem is.

  12. XxKINGSOULRESxX says:

    It keeps crashing please fix

  13. Joshua Winship says:

    What is the resource pack

  14. Anonymous says:

    It works fine in single player bc there are cop npcs but if u get killed in single player ur screwed

  15. Cooltheman says:

    Hi, for the people asking if it is available in single player… It is but, It’s not really playable; meaning, you can have fun and decorate it but not play cops and prisoners

  16. Kitty says:

    what how do u even play this

    I spend 10 mins trying to find the first clue

  17. realdiamondpick says:

    i was exited to play but the game is copyrighted on mediafire ;(

  18. Anonymous says:

    Its crashing after minecraft logo becomes black. Even bigger maps dosent crash in my device.

  19. William says:

    The prison map file is taken down my mediafire for copyright reasons can you fix it?

  20. Nightmare1989 YT says:

    Nice! Creation

  21. Anonymous says:

    This is so much fun

  22. Kid08year says:

    I can’t download the resource pack.

  23. FoxythePirateFox says:

    Really Funn looking!!!!!

  24. Rayan says:

    Just the thing I needEd multiplayer love it keep it up u deserve a 5 star 🙂 !

  25. Anonymous says:

    Do you have any other maps?? I’m really bord on norrmal Minecraft

  26. Anonymous says:

    Uhm when I try to download I’ll just be stuck on mediafire after I click download

  27. KILLERd7r says:

    Oh also can you add a city with like maybe a bank or somthing like roblox jailbreak that would be awesome.

  28. KILLERd7r says:

    So I played the first version and I played this one a few days ago..
    It is a great prison map and I really like the addon the addon on your twitter page is an old one can you fix the link or get the update version of the addon on your twitter page.


  29. Levi says:

    Cops and robbers cool 😎

  30. Zzpekeno_Yvamp says:

    Add a city with a Bank and a Jewelery

  31. Holly White says:

    Fixed, Thank you!!!<3

  32. Army Turtle says:

    Nobody I know will get that junk

  33. DJadhamXD3 says:

    hello sir can you reupload the map because the link is invalid i dont know why but please FIX IT!!!!!😯

  34. Nick says:

    Fix behavior pack download please.

  35. Liam Smith says:

    Fix the behavior pack

  36. dimmthewitted says:

    Behavior pack link is no longer available.

  37. ion201 says:

    I can not download the .mcworld and the Behavior Pack. Please help, the downloads on mediafire have been removed.

  38. Aubree says:

    I still can’t find the download button!!!💩

  39. Bobocar1 says:

    the Map is broken

  40. XxAGENTAWESOMExX says:

    Where are the keys!? I found the red and blue one in creative but where do I get them in the game other then creative for the polices

  41. Gunpowder987YT says:

    What game? You should add Fallout 4 and Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2

  42. CIAONE says:

    What is version for Minecraft PE

  43. M7SNGAMER says:

    GREAT MAP 😍😙😎

  44. Eva Palmer says:

    This is cool but copyright (©) is enabled ):

  45. Coolguydb says:

    Love the map so much 5 stars if there was 99999 stars I would do it

  46. Gabriel Von Uriel Vergara says:

    This map is cool also can you update this so you can play it with single player BUT STILL VERY GOOD GAME KEEP UP THE WORK ALSO TELL ME WHAT MAP ARE YOU PLANNING TO DO.thx

  47. SwagBanana2008 says:

    Love it 😍 it was great fun if you want ender I can help u with commands I’m good with those but anyway 5 STARSHIP FOR AWESOME even you tubers played your map UnspeakablePlays Did Sharkplays did Mooseplays did I think rage elixir did

  48. Tracy Lee Olson says:

    love it. but I can’t seem to download the new version of the map

  49. jedi150099 says:

    I think the map is very coll can u make a Breaking in map where you must get in the house and steal things

  50. Adreana1605 says:

    I have my own mind that police zombie or husk as a police player LOL
    Hope u think it’s silly thing cuz I luv silly things

  51. winner9991 says:

    OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH! i downloaded the mcpack and world and skins and all of it and it worked even the car none of the car i use works your the best person/creator i met

    other one had bad rating so i remade it

  52. winner9991 says:

    OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH! i downloaded the mcpack and world and skins and all of it and it worked even the car none of the car i use works your the best person/creator i met

  53. Terence says:

    Hello i love the map but why the office in the prison and the officer spawn egg different, the one in the prison have the police armor(diamond armor) but the spawn egg of the officer spawn just officer with gold sword can you fix this change the officer spawn egg into like office in the prison (have police armor and baton)

  54. Skt t 1 copy says:

    I live in VietNam🇻🇳
    And. I like map prison 🙃🙂

    • LuckyGuy2017/Celtic Celery says:

      i’m from Europe, dunno where I’m from, I think 🇦🇷
      No i’m not from Israel i’m from 🇨🇿 (aka Czech Republic)

  55. Zzpekeno_yVamp says:

    Adds a city in front of the prison

  56. MLGhomie78YT says:

    Is it still buggy?

  57. Saul Maytlin says:

    I spawn in the middle of no where what is the coordinates for the prison spawn room

  58. April says:

    This looks so much fun

  59. QueenFoxie764 says:

    It looks cool and i haven’t even downloaded it yet! My second or third comment because i dont remember!

  60. FlamingKate says:

    This map is really amazing. The more people, the more fun. I love that it’s customizable for different roleplays and there are lots of different objects in creative for different types of roleplays. The starting map is very hard for prisoners to escape, but you can customize it and add secret items. The addon includes a variety of junk food, guns, smoke bombs, keys, xbox controllers, coins, special villagers, and so many more modern objects.

  61. Asherfirestormo says:

    Need to fix the trading on the clothing villager

  62. Corrected" says:

    Hello Creators of the map. This is my 2nd comment of the day; and you say 6 Prisoners total and 12 Cops right? Well, last time I checked on my device; I only got enough players for 2 Prisoners and 1 Cop. And one Misc. If the problem of the Add-On/Map is fixed; then just reply fixed; or don’t. Since it doesn’t matter…. Hope you have a half nice half bad evening!

  63. Shahzaib says:

    How do I open up the iron bars to the prison cells and how do I open up that massive bedrock door thing? I’d appreciate it if you replied. But the map is very good and a considerable size so good job on that!

    • Enderbrine01 says:

      So to open the bedrock door put the red key in your hand the key should be where the police spawns and the iron bars to the prison cells is opened with putting the blue key in your hand hope I helped in time 🙂

  64. Roxy_Pirate_Fox_ says:

    Love the texture pack can you download it so me and my friends can use it?

  65. ItzAdox says:

    How do you do the custom Villager trades? I’ve been looking for it for 2 days and couldnt find it how it works i tryed with the command it wont work i cant find anything of these mechanisms.

    Please Help!

  66. Haley says:

    OMG Where do u find the mod!?!
    It’s so..COOL

    • Corrected" says:

      This is “not” a Mod, but rather it’s an Add-On. Oh yeah, if you say “Where do u find the mod!?!” Just say “u” properly; and say Where do/did you find this Add-On? But basically saying where is it doesn’t matter since when you scroll down, you see the .mcpack and/or .zip. No one really calls a Add-On a Mod anymore.

  67. player 99934 says:

    The map keeps enchanting my stuff and lags like hell. Where is the command block that is doing this?

  68. Parsa says:

    How do you get money?

  69. Savagegirl04 says:

    Can you make the resource and behavior pack downloadable becuz it’s amazing

  70. rocky gamin says:

    I’m really confused at to be the cop because what do you do as a cop because you only can access the cars and the horse but you can pass the bedrock wall can someone help me?

  71. Anonymous says:

    Yay but I want to resource pack

  72. Anonymous says:

    I love it but I also just want the resource pack how do u do it

  73. AlexPlaysMinecraftPE says:

    Wait.. Is this Game Compatible In Single Player? Five Stars! 4th Comment!

  74. PororoGaming34 says:

    Omg so cool!

  75. Billel says:

    u have to do more of these maps i love it

  76. Robotcool667 says:

    Kinda disappointing that a police mob was not added as I am forever alone 😭. But this map was still very well made for a prison map keep up the good work!!!

  77. Human says:

    How do you get out of the cells?

  78. Alyson Law says:

    Nice map

  79. Bill Smith says:

    This is a SUPER fun map! You deserve a full 5 stars! But one question, is it possible you could make the texture pack used in the map an actual texture pack? Minus the retextured villagers? If so, that would be great!

  80. Sam says:

    This is really cool but how do you get the addon?

  81. Naloboy says:


  82. MinecraftPlays says:

    I guess 5 stars 🙂

  83. FanaticPeach99 says:

    Creator, Is this compatible with single player? also can i have a link to download the resource pack because i love it

  84. Leadbetter says:

    What addon did you use to make this and can the addon be downloaded

  85. AviaMCPE says:

    I really like it! Infact, This was very creative, Mostly when you want to roleplay with your friends! Anyone who sees this comment is very kind, So please download the map and have fun, Thank you! One question, Is it singleplayer compatible? (5 Stars!)

  86. Fluff says:

    Omg must get amazing!!

  87. Danielmuda Im Not Indonesia So Stop Asking Me From Indonesia! says:

    Is this game can Be Player in singleplayer?

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