Prison Break

In this map you must break from a super max prison, but don’t worry you have a perfect plan. You will have to do multiple different challenges that you have to complete.

The challenges Include:

A Maze

Chest Search



Swimmy Thing

Find The Button


Click the download link and Have Fun!!


Supported Minecraft versions


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Installation Guides

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24 Responses

3.94 / 5 (17 votes)
  1. Jay says:

    i have completed it


  2. Shannon says:

    I can’t find the button 😢 help me….

  3. Anonymous says:

    I cant turn it on!

  4. Anonymous says:

    How do you turn the map on?!

  5. Nix says:

    The ladder jump in Parkour room is highly impossible ! Plz fix that part .

  6. Anonymous says:

    I like it but, it’s short but still! I like it!

  7. Levi Strnad says:

    Can you make a multi player version? I understand there is only one cell for a player to go into, it would be great if each player had there own things to do. Please think about it.

  8. FiveFormula7373 says:

    Like and comment my moms you tube channel please the name is Darkroastbunny oh and I like this map and I ❤️ love prison escape maps so thanks man 🥳

  9. JellyPaladin says:

    “Swimmy Thing”

  10. 3rn1z says:

    Why does puzzle map have to contain parkour and have damn ladder jumps? On PE it is almost impossible to beat it. But the map is decent. Plz do a puzzle map without parkour

  11. Sebb says:

    That was a very enjoyable map! 🙂 I hope there will be a part 2.
    Tho I hope it will be a bit longer, either way is fine by me 🙂

  12. Help Please says:

    I can’t get past the part with the tnt.Please help

  13. Emma K. says:

    Great Map! My friend and I did a let’s play through it on our channel! It was really fun and shared it in the description box! We can’t wait for part 2 and definitely will play it! Here is the link to the video

  14. Anonymous says:

    too short not enough prison

  15. Paige says:

    The link won’t work

  16. bPANASLAPd says:

    Why is the map file not appeared? you better fix that but im trying to escape prison while making a YouTube video

  17. Me says:

    Um I keep clicking the link but it says access denied???

  18. FamilyKatana177 says:

    Good map 👍🏾 Kinda hard but fun!

  19. Bou says:

    This field bou

  20. Cdog616 says:

    Ummm I can’t get near the prison without crashing… any idea why this happens?

  21. Neel Gandhi says:

    Yeet sub to cormacchick on YouTube and sub to Yo Boii on Fire as well

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