Prison Escape (Fixed Start)

You are put into the Notch Correctional Facility and you have to go through minimal puzzles to escape. This Is my first map so it was more of an experiment with commands, but I think it came out ok.

I fixed the issue at the beginning of the map.Experimental Gameplay Required

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fixed the issue with the chain command block at the beginning of the map. I uploaded the new mcworld file.


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  1. Guest-8941762919 says:

    Well the vents there are button so no need to break barriers bro

  2. Johndrie says:

    It was a pretty good map but there is one problem, you put barrier blocks in the vent where the beacon is so I was stuck and had to break this barrier blocks in creative mode to keep going. Once I removed those I can continue on and completed it. Please remove those blocks developer. Other than that, pretty good map!

  3. Guest-2272633017 says:

    Loads of Redstone and command blocks are broken fix it

  4. Guest-1268094908 says:

    What file do I download?

  5. Guest-3706499066 says:

    Thanks for the feedback, i’ll edit everything on a new map

  6. Guest-2072076923 says:

    For the command chain at the start, you need to start it with an impulse that needs redstone, and the rest of the chain blocks need to be put to always active. If you download the map and can’t start then you need to go into creative and change it. Thanks

  7. Guest-9304959852 says:

    Buddy, you start a command chain with an impulse u started the start chain with a chain command block
    Impulse Needs redstone is what ur supposed to do
    Just A Heads Up 👍🏼

  8. Guest-8682044624 says:


  9. Guest-3109461400 says:

    It seemed like the start button didn’t even work. not sure if that’s a problem on my side but if its not then plz fix. i would love to try out this map.

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