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Published on September 08, 2014 (Updated on September 08, 2014)

Prison Escape 3 [Adventure]

This is the third map in a series of prison escape maps created by SteffenNL. It is packed with adventures and mind-boggling tasks which really will put you and your mind on test.

Prison Escape 3 is a sequel which is recommended to be played afterward you have played the first and second maps listed further down.


  • Never break blocks (exception blocks: cobweb, beds, diamond, gold, coal, torch, iron, mob spawners)
  • Play on Hard mode
  • You are only allowed to craft the following items: torches, armors, swords, pickaxes
  • Set a spawn point before starting

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Creator: SteffenNL

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Could you please put the link in green like you did on the other maps? I think people are missing the big, grey "Download" button, and therefore think that they can't download it.
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I see that it is not in the MC World format. Maybe that's why people can't play it. Is there any way that you could add an MC World version of this and the other two? And if not, is there any other way for Win 10 players to play? I don't know how PE or iOS players download maps, but the only way I know is with MC World formatted files. ZIP files never worked for me.
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boo i can't get it boo
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