Prison Life [Minigame]

This map is inspired by a game in ROBLOX called Prison Life. It’s basically a multiplayer minigame where guards have to watch over prisoners and keep them from escaping the prison. It’s a quite open-ended map since there is no strict path a player must go. The only way that prisoners can win are by escaping but that also comes with a risk of getting killed.

Creator: NateTGM, Twitter Account, YouTube
Updated: 1 August, 2018 (read changelog)

How to play?

This is a multiplayer map which is recommended for 2-6 players and it’s best if you can have the same amount of people on each team. In the map you can choose whether to be a guard or a prisoner.

  • Prisoner: As a prisoner you have to find a way to escape the prison without getting caught. If a prisoner escapes then he needs to get to the Criminal Base, get the weapons and use them to break out the remaining prisoners.
  • Guards: Guards are basically the rulers of the prison. It’s up to them to decide when to let out prisoners on the yard, when it’s time to eat and so on.

It’s recommended to act somewhat realistic and try to roleplay your decisions.


  • Don’t break blocks
  • Play in survival mode
  • No cheating


  • Bugs fixed
  • Alarms
  • Store
  • Bank
  • Houses


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93 Responses

4.67 / 5 (52 votes)
  1. Tyller says:

    I looked at the command blocks and because I was so eqiagerliy wanting a prison game with civilian players, I used the command blocks and added another sector for civilians and the only probl is the civilians keep stealing items from Crim base

  2. MaKenzie Taylor says:

    I really want to play this because unspeakable plays used to make videos of them.
    # unspeakable plays

  3. Voidslayer says:

    This is good and better than ROBLOX because it has mc controls and it’s lag-free. How do you upload maps? (After signing in)

    • AbsoluteDoor299 says:

      Once you sign in you look to the right of your screen. Press submission, Choose world, then the others.

  4. LapisOfficial says:

    Good map, I had some fun with it. It can get boring, but sure beats this “Roblox” you peeps talk about

  5. EliteSurvivor1 says:

    Ummm… Where are the changes from the change log? Cuz I downloaded the map on .mcworld and the changes aren’t there

  6. Rayhan says:

    Hi notch your the best

  7. Rayhan says:

    Hi notch

  8. Moosecraft says:

    Great Huh The Update Isnt In The Map


  9. AwesomeNinja886 says:

    Combine this with Gona’s Police Car Addon and you have the perfect map!

  10. Zachriel says:

    Hello creator can you make a Jailbreak map or update your Prison Life i like your maps

  11. Prison is hard says:

    Where is the houses, bank, store ? I’m searching it is nothing unless Lobby, Prison, Watchtower, Criminal Base. Are the watchtower is the houses. Please answer editor. BTW I ♥ this map

  12. Ian Terry says:

    I love playing Roblox and I’m addicted but I’m having. A rest of playing that

  13. Reyaansh Jhaveri says:

    How to download it

  14. Sebastian says:

    People asks “where is the bank and apartments?” Yeah ok this is like Prison life 2.0 not jailbreak

  15. SwagBanana2008 says:

    It’s Awesome 👏 I’ve played this over 20 times but I dont play ROBLOX

  16. William says:

    Where is the bank

  17. Billy says:

    We’re is the bank

  18. Billy says:

    Where are the houses and bank

  19. D Science says:

    Man u know I love this map sooooo much. I want to rate it 10 star. Btw I sub to NateTGM.

  20. Foxygamer0707 says:

    Why is there only the prison and the criminal base and the bank and the other stuff you said it will be there is not

  21. Kirbypower19 says:

    Hey Creator of the map,

    THIS IS REALLY GOOD. Can you make another ROBLOX game for me? The ROBLOX Game is called Jailbreak.
    Please make it. Thank you!!!!

  22. SuperCreeperX3 says:

    I LOVE the game roblox and minecraft… but I can’t seem to find the bank or anything else in the update info

  23. KidBobsWorld says:

    Great map to use MultiPlayer apps on, Needs command block plugins though such as Timer for “Breakfast” and others, besides I rate it a 5/5

  24. Rosie says:

    How do you play in multiplayer I can’t get it to worl

  25. Dark_Link_011899 says:

    Nice map, but why would a guard need a knife?

  26. I dont no says:

    If you dont subribe i kill a chinken bij the kfc if you want a paarntie i like to hosting a giveaway go to my yt channel hes name is xLinktijger and i love you guys later LOVE YOU

  27. I dont no says:

    Kill deze map killll snampkingg kill how to be cokl kill i love horse not haha🐴🐴but i also like kimpiepaarntie jouw late a reactie achter behind me comment i love you guys and see you in the next time later bye pleas abboneer op mijn youtube kanaal hes name is xLinktijger LOVE YOU

  28. Anonymous says:

    Where’s the houses, streets, bank, and the store? I downloaded the latest version, but I can’t seem to get the new updated version. Please help, editor.

  29. Paetriot says:

    Does anyone know how to upload Minecraft PE maps onto Dropbox or MediaFire using a non jail broken ios device? No YouTube videos seem to help me.

  30. Candice Aileen says:

    Dude this is the same map like Prison Life 2.0 in ROBLOX
    I think the creator of this map plays ROBLOX 😂

  31. Garret says:

    This is the best way to get minecraft maps and mods.

  32. Exploding zombie says:

    The new update is not working

  33. MooseMilk0123456 says:

    I play roblox everyday! I love it as a roblox player who played prison life and jailbreak and all that i love it 5 stars my roblox player name is MooseMilk0123456

  34. Ahmad says:

    So cool

  35. Ahmad says:

    Cool map but I play it alone because none want to play with me

  36. Rimas says:

    Nice map but can you add some police and normal cars texture pack?

  37. Terrorizer says:

    Good job hiding weapons in courtyard
    10out of 5.

  38. MforMinecraft says:

    Wow yesterday i played this game on roblox and today is here! ILLUMINATI

  39. OPOLO says:

    Lol roblox

  40. Sackboy_92 says:

    Someone really needs to make the escapists! Btw 5 stars as this is a good map 😀

  41. What says:

    You copied roblox But I like the game a lot!!!

  42. Gradystudios says:

    Love the map

  43. Gradystudios says:

    Pretty good map!

  44. Matthew Au says:

    Where is the bank? And the stores and houses? You didn’t upgrade the criminal base at all!

  45. Cody says:

    Umm I just downloaded it and the update did not work cause there is no bank or difference from when this came out also you should name the bows

  46. Theoddonesout says:

    Wow the download never changed and nothing ever was different!!

  47. Simon says:

    Can you do mm2 and jailbreak

  48. NateTGM says:

    Hey everyone I’m happy you like the map. I’ll be making more updates on the map. Thank you for all the support, I really appreciate all the support. By the ways please subscribe to my YouTube channel (in description).

  49. SheepyGaming47 says:

    Dude I gotta say this is a good replica apart from the sewers and knife on table and no opening gate this is so good

  50. ChickenBratYT says:

    I am abasolutly crying because i was making this!

  51. realdiamondpick says:

    very accurate

  52. RapidFX says:

    Can you make jailbreak? Thanks!

  53. Blazer055 says:

    Oh. I’m really sorry I never read the description. I should’ve been quit and shut up before reading it. But you really did get everything the same. It looks just like the real game. I’m really sorry though. Next time I’ll read everything.

  54. so cool says:

    super deadly against your prison

  55. so cool says:

    its the best map ever

  56. DNL The Builder says:

    Heyyyy i have a better map like this so can u noitce me???

    What is better???
    >bigger map
    >command block

  57. Wendylle says:

    Fantastic Work! Can you make The Escapist Map next?

  58. James Wilsons says:

    Man I love prison life so much!

  59. I Hate Adfly says:

    ROBLOX!?!? 1/5 starts but this map I see is great! I cheated by having a Diamond pickaxe…

  60. Infurnofic says:

    Really good for birthday party’s…… may or may not have used a addon or 2 >:)

  61. Razed44 says:

    Looks amazing!!!! Good job

  62. Razed44 says:

    Looks amazing good job!!!

  63. Robloxian says:

    So is this basically prison life 2.02 in minecraft instead of roblox?
    yeh ok

  64. ArmyRanger1283 says:

    Sorry didn’t read the sign 😳…

  65. ArmyRanger1283 says:

    Is this a copy of “Roblox Prison Life?” I love it though good map!

  66. Alyson Law says:

    Like the map

  67. minecraftdog767 says:

    Wow, it’s like an exact replica! (I wonder how many people are going to hate because ROBLOX lol)

  68. B30 says:

    Is it like cops and robbers?

  69. Sultan says:

    I give this map
    10 for authenticity
    8 for gameplay
    9 for compatibility
    Good job

  70. CakeMaster3849 says:

    This is really good. I have a couple suggestions, can you add what period it is using command blocks, add a real keycard, rather than a redstone power source, to stop prisoners getting out easily? Thanks

  71. PowerMinerYT says:

    OMG! Looks same pls make jailbreak beta

  72. Sophia says:

    It’s like roblox’s Prison Escape, anyways nice map!!!

  73. Craftmaster62 says:

    This was on roblox ripoff but I was hopping it would be in (MCPE)

  74. Blazer055 says:

    HEY! Guys you have to play Roblox Prison Life 2.0!!!!! This is the SAME THING AS ROBLOX DUDE! I’m pretty sure that’s plagiarism! >:( If you play Prison Life 2.0 (which is even the same NAME as Prison Life minus the 2.0) you’ll see that everything…EVERYTHING is the same. The jail cells are the same with the stairs to get up to the other cells, the cafeteria with those 2 vending machines at the entrance. The police car garage to get a car is the same. The way to escape is the same. And all I needed to do to know this is look at the pictures. Oh! And not to mention the treadmills out in the yard, the parking lot, and there’s probably even more!

  75. FunMajorVids says:

    This map is from Roblox 😂

  76. Anthony_Was_Here says:

    As A roblox player, I love it!

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