Prison [Minigame]

The world has two mines. One is wood and the other is skeleton. We start from wood. At wood mines we can find a button. Press it and you get a stick. Mine wood with the stick and then sell wood at nether brick slab by standing on it. Mine 10 wood sticks with the stick and after that stand on the wooden axe item frame. You will get teleported and next you will find another wooden axe item frame. Stand on it again. This time it will say added to order, and after that stand on brick slab.

You will get teleported to the mines and you will get a wooden pickaxe. If you want to go back to mines without buying then stand on purpur slab. The same process works for buying any item. Now you have a wooden axe. Mine wood with it, or kill skeletons, or do PvP with other players. It’s up to you!

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PvP or skeleton mines

Wood mines

Build Battle

You will need 4 players to start this game.

The goal is to reach the opposite base. Whoever reaches first wins the game.

Murder Mystery

You will need 4 players to start this game.

In this game one person will be murderer and all others will be innocent.

Murderer can kill others all the time and hence others will need to hide

Innocents will be given sword for a specific time to kill the murderer and win the game

Murderer wins when all innocents are dead

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Following features are added to the world of prison minigame

  • Plots
  • Player skin control

Added description. Reason:- 

admin requires some more description to understand the map

Changed the following

Featured Image. (Reason not allowed by admins of mcpedl)


Just open the file.Your Minecraft will open and it will import the world


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. The file is corrupt because of google drive apps. i had no backup if anyone has it send it at [email protected]. I will upload back when i made it again

  2. Guest-8408825120 says:

    Can you help me? When i’m breaking block it’s not drops without datapack it’s normal

    Sorry for my english

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  4. Guest-1021819489 says:

    best map but needs creativity

  5. I willing to help you and ur realm I am professional at texture packs there are in the queue waiting to get accepted I can make custom texture pack and website to make you more professional. just reply to this msg.

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