Profanity Choice

  • This disables the profanity filter as it should be a choice and not forced.

This is not intended for children

Now you’ve been warned, don’t blame me.

  • A big youtuber known as SalC1 gave his opinion on it, it’s a forced feature and that isn’t any fun, I agree and I noticed it can be toggled, so that’s that.

The UI changes are caused by a seperate behavior pack, this ONLY affects chat filters.

Hey yeah I know, the Profanity filter well should be a choice, obviously, this makes that possible.

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  • Added a subpack to toggle the modified play screen.

This was not a intended feature but is now an option.

For the play screen change to take affect you may need to reboot MC:BE


Supported Minecraft versions


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20 Responses

4 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. Landon AWESOME9 says:

    the pack doesnt seem to work as it screws up the main screen

  2. Guest-8436648814 says:

    It doesn’t work

  3. ChloeVV says:

    Not on my Christian server

  4. Djesus1123 says:

    Stop getting angry with this resource pack , go to hell. If people want to say swear words , they can , nothing will happen , they are just words , as a Christian .. You are so egocentric

  5. Guest-2741835050 says:

    Great pack, thank you so much

  6. Guest-4245309280 says:

    why, why? that’s not cool, this is a friendly game, and just because a Y O U T U B E R said something, doesn’t mean you have to do it too

  7. Guest-4627796854 says:

    Whats the use of swearing? Welp if your going to swear, GO TO HELL

  8. Cryptxy says:

    Although this is a good idea/concept, it has way too many weaknesses compared to simply deleting a file from the game. Minecraft’s censorship works with code that automatically replaces blacklisted words with asterisks. The file containing the list of censored words is called profanityfilter.wlist, and can be edited and removed to change what words are censored, and it works across the entire game!

  9. Guest-6453162079 says:


  10. SuperDerpyDolphin says:

    finally a way to remove it

  11. Guest-9982525835 says:

    removes menu screen and removes marketplace?

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