Programmer’s Updated Art

Programmer Art is the old default style of Minecraft. (Before Jappa) Most people agreed that the old textures were better. Though Mojang never continued it, this pack plans to bring back that classic feel of Minecraft. The older better times of Minecraft.

Programmer’s Updated Art brings back all your favorite textures such as the classic armor.The pack also updated the netherite gear to fit in with the classic armor.

The pack also brings back all the classic tools and weapons.Netherite has been changed to a more black colour.

Classic Piglins are back, they have the same model and do not use the old oneThey still have the same clothing, which i may change in a later update aswell as the Zombie Piglin.

Crimson and Warped wood have been changed to better fit in with the old woods

Crying obsidian is back along with a new gold oreVillagers have also been changed to look closer to their classic counterpartsThey still use biome clothing instead of one sole clothing.

I hope you enjoy the pack! This took me a while to do, so I’d appreciate if you downloaded it and gave it a try! The pack does not require the downloadable pack in the marketplace. It’s all in here!

Changelog View more

- Added Programmer art entities

- Fixed patch in between netherite boots


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16



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16 Responses

3.88 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. JakeTBone says:

    The other problem with this resource pack is that it makes the Smoker look weird.

  2. JakeTBone says:

    This is a great texture pack, but the XP bar looks weird. Can you fix that?

  3. Pokest45 says:

    Nostalgia simulator

  4. Bone man says:

    While i personally think Jappa’s textures are much much better than the programmer’s art’s textures this is still pretty nice for the people who prefer the programmer’s art texture more

  5. I Like Programmer Art says:

    I like it, but… there is one problem. While im playing and defeating the ENDER DRAGON, the ball thing (now if youre questioning what ball thing that im saying, its like the… the ender dragons breath i thinks? the violet ball thing) its kinda invisible and im always dying. So pls add a texture for it (if your saying that… “if its still firing or placed on the ground?” Well… when its on ground. SO pls see this comment. Thats it

  6. ChilDragonMC says:

    Who said the programmer art was better? I like the Jappa textures more

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