Progressive Survival

Progressive Survival is a mod which makes the survivalist aspect of Minecraft much harder. It adds a couple of new items which you need to obtain before being able to do basic things such as cutting down a tree or mining.

Creator: Kingbudderjr


Once you’ve spawned in a world the normal thing to do is usually to go cut down some trees for wood. However, with this mod you can’t do that. Instead you must first find some wood branches by cut down some leaves off the tree. The wood branches can then be used to craft some sticks.


Now when you got some sticks you will need some flint to craft your first tool (a flint dagger). Locate some gravel and start digging to find some flint.


Now when you’ve got wood branches and flint you can begin by using a crafting table to craft the wood branches into some sticks. Once that’s done then make a flint dagger out of one stick and one flint.


The flint dagger can be used to kill animals or cut the wool off sheep. Next go try find some more flint as it will be needed to craft a flint hatchet.


Craft the flint hatchet with three flints and a stick. The flint hatchet can be used to cut down trees and obtain wood.


By now the night should have fallen. Dig yourself a hole in the dirt and cover it up for the night and wait for the next morning to come.


Search for some clay which you can use to craft a clay bucket. The clay bucket can hold anything from water, milk to even lava.


Another food is added to the game too called monster jerky. Kill some zombies for their rotten flesh and add some sugar to craft the monster jerky.


Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Flint Dagger (450) – 1 flint + 1 stick
  • Flint Hatchet (451) – 3 flints + 1 stick
  • Wood Branches (452)
  • Monster Jerky (458) – 1 rotten flesh + 1 sugar
  • Clay Bucket (453) – 3 clay bricks
  • Water Clay Bucket (filled) (454)
  • Lava Clay Bucket (filled) (455)
  • Milk Clay Bucket (filled) (456)


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  1. Tom Tom Tom says:

    this is like the survival revamp mod for java idk if this works now but I haven’t tested

  2. Hen4324 says:

    bruh why a drop box link? i am on ios and want to download this. please make it a media fire link

  3. NG says:

    can you please make a mcaddon link?

  4. Minecrafter says:

    It’s now useful to find gravel to get weapons fast

  5. Nathan says:

    Im am really happy to find this yay

  6. EchoOfDawn266 says:

    At this rate I’ll die before I get any wood… no offense, this looks like a great mod!

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