Project Bosses

Have you ever wanted a challenging experience? Have you ever wanted to do something after the ender dragon? Well this addon is for you! Created by the project bosses addon team we bring you these hardcore bosses to fight!

Herobrine (World Of Minecraft)

This ascendant figure is the most vigorous in the whole addon with a whole 10 800 health and his own melee attack does 50 damage, he can additionally cause sizably voluminous explosions that could possibly kill you in one hit!


This boss is the boss version of the addon creator LegitDragonb0y. He is the second strongest boss in this addon. He has 5000. He can deal 100 damage, and he can breath fire that can deal 20 damage. He can summon a rain of fire, that can deal 15 damage. He can also summon 1 ender dragon every 1 minute. This boss is the definition of destruction.

The Ravager boss

This ascendant figure has a whole 1000 hp and can do some solemn damage to you! His melee is 18 damage and he will assail you at first visual perception

The walking king 

The walking king is an authoritative figure that can teleport and will kill you when he can, he causes diminutive explosions and shoots mini attacks at you that if you have a shield you could knockback! But be punctilious, he is very vigorous.

The Titan Lord 

This authoritative figure can will throws 5 diminutive fireballs one after another that will set you on fire! He has 869 health and withal does teleport.

The cave spider king

The cave spider king has 7000 health and does 250 damage to all enemies! He additionally summons minions and is profoundly and astronomically immense

The zombie king :

He is one of the most vigorous kings and will spawn in tons of minions that could make you lag alot! So be punctilious around him! He has 9000 health and does 850 damage!

The iron golem king :

This massive titan will ravage you once given the chance, he is one of the most immensely colossal kings and has a total of 8000 health and 500 damage, you do not optate to mess with him!

The evocation king

This king will evoke in evoker minions that will assail you and withal has 3000 health and 50 damage

The spider king

This king has 1500 health and will spawn in his own minions, he does 30 damage and is very truculent to everything

The omega turtle

This character teleports, has a whole 450 health does 15 damage, and summons in some evil turtle minions that will assail you.

The skeleton boss 

This ascendant figure plays some battle music when you fight him and can teleport he shoots arrows at you and has 500 health, he drops the king slayer (a very OP weapon)

The wither king

This beast has 5000 health and does a total of 1000 damage, the only quandary is that he flies very high up in the firmament so you will require a bow when fighting him!

The snow golem king

This golem has 4100 health and throws mega snow balls that take time to throw for they make a massive explosions,

The ravager king

This ravager is the most astronomically immense you will ever visually perceive! He has a total of 5000 health and does 800 damage! But he will only attack enemies near him.

The sunfar 

This ghast has a total of 280 health and shoots fireballs at the enemy

Now for the weapons

The king slayer,

An abundance of durability and does 590 damage! This withal gives you extra speed

Big Sword 

This sword has infinite durability and will do 15 damage!

Blue day dream sword

This weapon does 50 damage and will make you more expeditious, jump higher, invisible and fall gradually! 

Evoker Fang Sword

This weapon gives you regeneration and makes you scarcely more expeditious, it additionally does 15 damage! You get this from the evocation king

Infinity sword

This sword does illimitable damage and has illimitable durability! This is the most powerfull weapon you can ever find.

The meme sword 

It has the same stats as the infinite sword with illimitable durability and damage!


Also please do not share this link on any website or app that is not mcpedl.

Changelog View more
  •  The mcaddon link is now fixed
  • Supports 1.16 and updates below


If the addon isint working take it out of the world and put it back in to solve the problem


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.16

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33 Responses

3.67 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Guest-2851491558 says:

    if you are still replying to the comment id like to ask why i says import failed i really want to play this is there a way to fix this it says unknown version and unknown pack id.

  2. Guest-9895914972 says:

    Import fail but it still looks cool

  3. Guest-4587930117 says:

    This addon sucks! Its completely undownloadable!

  4. Guest-7294169344 says:

    Wow… just wow! this is a great mod that is perfect for any masters of survival who need a new challenge if you could add infinity armor and meme armor that would be awesome.I am sure you and your team worked incredibly hard on this so congrats to all of you.

  5. Guest-6654064421 says:

    hola no va el archivo no se puede importar porque pasa eso lo van a actualizar porque de verdad se ve super bien y lo queria probar

  6. Guest-9835930070 says:

    i give up im not installing it im trying for the 26 time and it always said “failed to import”

  7. I swear to God, these people literally add monsters that are way too overpowered.

  8. Guest-5440361610 says:

    its not working for me the link works but when i open the file it says it failed to import

  9. Guest-4176310899 says:

    Yo good add-on, the bosses inspired by creators were good, but you could improve the giant mob bosses, it’s just mobs with steroids and nothing fun

    Also, why the fancy wording? Anyways, give your team a pat on the back

  10. Guest-9936013909 says:

    add rare natural spawn support please. dont use custom biomes either please

  11. THE MEME SWORD (what if you make Rick Astley drop the meme sword)

  12. Guest-1581086924 says:

    This add-on is wonderful but can you update it to work for the newer version?

  13. Guest-1082826769 says:

    i dont get how the installation works, the behavior pack shows that it has 0mb . Im currently doing this on a windows 10, funny part is when equiped, i dont get anything i cant find the spawn eggs, nothing. Im in 1.14.60

  14. Guest-6743230767 says:

    Where did you make this addon?

  15. Guest-3893711480 says:

    Where do they spawn naturally?!?!?

  16. MR.Jackson PS4 says:

    the addon wasn’t insered in Minecraft :/

  17. Guest-7745732048 says:

    No me gustan los mods tan exagerados bro

  18. 55Wolfkid says:


  19. Guest-8234467884 says:

    This is a Master Piece

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