Published on December 23, 2021 (Updated on December 23, 2021)

Project Coastville

A solid survival spawn, Project Coastville features many useful, if minor, advancements while keeping achievements ON. Look for a basic farm and ranch, full-strength enchanting table, easy mine access, and a chest full of quality treasure...

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MCPEDL feedback was completely on the mark, and saved this post from a lackluster presentation. Thank you!

Specifically, I added:

  • Many new photos, all of them exclusive to this posting
  • New and improved introduction text
  • New original description text
  • New thumbnail photo with better render distance
  • Added both my ZIP installation videos

Seriously, speaking to other content creators: think of a Denial from MCPEDL as 1.) an opportunity to get better at your job, and 2.) free advice from a knowledgeable source.



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I can’t even download the map. I play on mobile and cannot use .zip downloads. Please fix this.