Project Internia Interactive Mechanical Display

Have you ever wanted a device in minecraft with launchable programs?Well this is for you!This is a mechanical display with four programs. Includes: A hopper powered calculator that goes up to 23 in addition and subtraction , animation ,painting and typewriter.

How to use:

First Turn it on by pushing the on button, by the reset button.To move the arrow there will be two buttons on the right and on left of you, You can push the right button to switch to the right, you can push the left button to go to the left. This machine has some mechanics that Java edition work with. Repeaters on pistons when activated don’t break for example.If you type to quickly with the typewriter it will break. Give it at least 7 seconds per symbol.The typewriter uses an old 3×3 pixel font from back then! To use the animation feature click twice on the select button when the arrow is underneath it.Some things are slow on it but I had to make sure it works. Won’t work unless you have 10 chunks on!


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Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14

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7 Responses

4.5 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. Gnixousk says:

    I noticed you were having some probs xbox and windows only compatible cause they support 10 chunks in the world.

  2. Danieal says:

    I still dk how to use this map:(

  3. Yeetle says:

    I was at the machine why so big

  4. Yeetl says:

    In game just die and youll be at spawn ok

  5. Daniel says:

    Where is spawn? I was somewhere random among the machine and I have no idea how to find the control area.

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