ProjectPrehistoric v1.1.0

Credits: HipmanDesignz

Project Prehistoric a Minecraft Bedrock Add-on that allows the player to revive dead dinosaurs by going underground and digging up fossils and collecting dna and genes then the player can ride the extinct animals and tame them and interact with them!

Project Prehistoric v1.1.0

A Add-on that allows you to revive dead dinosaurs and other Prehistoric Creatures
What’s new in 1.1.0:
New ore spawning system
New and updated dinosaurs
New recipes for blocks and items
New ways to tame dinosaurs
Ride the animals
General Features:
-all dinosaur spawn eggs spawn dinosaurs as baby dinos so the player can tame
-Each dinosaur takes different foods to tame and be feed for example: baryonyx and Spinosaurus take fish to tame and to be feed compared to the tyrannosaurus which takes beef tame and other meats to be feed
-Most dinosaurs can be ridden leashed and can sit/stay once tamed 
-if a dinosaur is left untamed it will eventually grow to be a adult and wild so it will attack or defend tamed dinosaurs
– fossil ores spawn randomly underground in different groups and randomly drops fossils or none at all
-metal, copper, titanium and limestone spawn randomly in the world as limestone spawns the most in the world and can be used in the stonegrinder to make bricks and smooth limestone, and metal and titanium can smelted to get their ingots as copper once mined drops its ingot
List of current dinos
  • Allosaurus
  • Baryonx
  • Brachiosaurus(added next update)
  • Carnotaurus
  • Compsagnathus
  • Dilophasaurus
  • Dodo
  • Gallimimus
  • Leptictidum
  • Spinosaurus
  • Stegosaurs
  • Thecelosaurus(added next update)
  • Tyrannosaurus
  • Velociraptor
  • Parasaurlophus
  • Corythosaurus
  • Triceratops(added next update)
2 Fossils = 1 Dna
4 Dna = 1 gene
1 egg + 1 gene = dinosaur egg
1 Limestone = 1 brick or 1 Smooth Limestone
Join my discord for events for the add-on that can only be downloaded from there: 
There are a few bugs in this update that I’m aware of like animations issues and a few others that will be fixed next few updates
Follow my twitter @HipmanDesignz or join our discord for future updates, events and info on the addon!
Please use the original link if used in other sites and social media!! Including youtube!!

Changelog View more

Below is a list of all of the dinosaurs released in this beta update: 

  • Spinosaurus 
  • Tyrannosaurus-Rex 
  • Velociraptors (small) 
  • Raptors (large) 
  • Baryonyx 
  • Allosaurus 
  • Gallimimus 
  • Indoraptor 
  • Leptictidium 
  • Triceratops 
  • Parasaur 
  • Dodo 

*Additional website links have been added for downloading to help those who have been unable to download and install this mod. 

What has changed with this update:

  • Improved dinosaur models and animations 
  • Genes/DNA/Fossils/Bones 
  • Blocks (resource pack) with HD Textures 
  • One additional dinosaur (Thescelosaurus) 

Add-On changes include:

  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Link update.
  • Image update.
  • Logo change
  • Text change
  • Screenshot change
  • Removal of CrackedCubes affiliation 

New Models new dinos new recipes updates models behaviors and animations tweaks they are still being worked on


Please follow these steps to install correctly: 
  • (If you have previously installed another version of this mod, go into storage and delete it before downloading this update. You also require a Minecraft PE version of 1.13+ or higher to run this mod.)
  • Download and install the mod. 
  • Load it onto the map you wish to use it in.
  • Enable experimentation mode.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 (beta)

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418 Responses

4.09 / 5 (248 votes)
  1. Ancil says:

    I can’t download this add-on
    It is taking me to another link

  2. pacboy2013 says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    La verdad me gusta mucho pero solo una cosa que los dinosaurios tuvieron su propio sonido de animación

  4. kingofdrago says:

    it dosn’t work it just take me to ads every link i try

  5. Gabriel says:

    I wold like that have a machine to craft the genes and DNA, and other to craft the eggs, cause is so easy craft the eggs, so too I like so much this addon, but a really think that it needs more difficulty, and I would like that I need to wait of a eggs crafting, like incubate the egg.

    So thanks, I hope that you add this.

  6. Yoink Zoink says:

    yo this goes to a website that windows says has illegal content like I cant download this

  7. High King says:

    Please add in special animation for the dinosaurs it would add a realistic vibe to this add on

  8. 049masterwar says:

    Simeone knows how to get this addon, i can’t get it by myself

  9. I AM A SNAKE 🐍 says:


  10. Anonymous says:

    The new ores and blocks don’t spawn naturally in the world!! Please fix this so I can play in survival!

  11. Farell says:

    But could you add saurophagnax or metriocanthosaurus because they are underated so could you add them in future update and the addon is good

  12. Game says:

    Ugh Dude Download aint working

  13. Cipherzilla says:

    The Dilo, Giganto, and Spino should all be much bigger when fully tamed. They all stay at a very small sized when tamed. Otherwise, the mod looks good.

  14. Anatomy’s says:

    Hey, this Addon looks really cool, but I cannot download it, it takes me to this stupid site and then just keeps spamming me with ads. Itd be great if you could Gerber another website to download it off. Thanks

  15. Happy User says:

    Much better than before! Less bugs!

  16. Dinodude920 says:

    This addon is really great and I’m glad you have made an update! However, I have a few issues. The first one is that whenever I create a dinosaur with eggs and genes, they give me the WRONG SPAWN EGG! I tried making a spinosaurus and i got carnotarus. I crafted a Parasaur, and I got a CAMERA ON A TRIPOD! Plus, I crafted a trex and i got a FEMALE VILLAGER that can’t be hurt! The most confusing spawn egg is an egg where is you place it, YOUR ENTIRE GAME CRASHES! So, please fix this issue. My second is that, I can’t find any of the new ores in the addon! So, can you please, please make the next update sooner because, I really want the new dinosaurs and the bug fixes. Just a quick tip before you upload a new update: Go make a test world with the updated addon, and try every feature you have added so, if there is a weird bug, you can fix it before yoy release a new update. That’s all, and have a great day!

  17. William Afton says:

    Uhh I can’t download it for my iPad the download is broken plz fix it

  18. William Afton says:

    Uhh I can’t download it for my iPad the download is broken

  19. SteveMaple228 says:

    this is so sweet, I love dinosaurs and please on your next update make sure the Indoraptor is tamable?

  20. Jonathan says:

    Hey guys i just want to know do all the dinosaurs spawn naturally

  21. An angry user says:

    Make it for 1.12 too

  22. Anonymous says:

    It won’t work at all I really want to play it but it won’t let me because it says it’s unidentified

  23. Kitcat says:

    Link does not work

  24. Kitcat says:

    Link does not work. it says page cannot be found

  25. Gord11moba says:

    There’s a problem in this mod the dinosaurs are small please can you fix it?

  26. Megalodon says:

    Please add megalodon and mosasaurus update!!!!!

  27. PlagueMan says:

    Dilophosaurus Genes = Spinosaurus egg xD

  28. ALEXYSSSJ4 says:

    The link is fake

  29. Stick Boy says:

    Can you guys add crafting recipes for MOST, not ALL, Most blocks that are only available in creative, I’d be useful for survival!

  30. Memesmam says:


  31. A very angry user says:

    The addon is bugged.
    I can’t even create dinosaurs, like the model is there, it looks like a trex, but it doesn’t grow, doesn’t eat or even attack me, when i spawn a trex in creative mode however, it works completely fine, the ones i get in survival are like bootleg brothers to the creative ones.
    And then theres all this other crap i have no idea how to use, syringes and blood n crap i have nothing to tell me what the recipes are or what im supposed to do either, so there, bravo, congrats.
    You made an addon that doesnt even let you do much but make broken dinosaurs.

  32. Brexit says:

    10/10 addin, everything works, but water (for pocket edition atleast) has a very glitchy texture, if you could please fix that that would be great, thank you.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Could you add pterodactyl and Giganotosaurus if possible

  34. Anonymous says:

    please update the addon soon please.

  35. Troodon YT says:

    Can the download page be changed as there are to many fake buttons so I cant download it

  36. Weasel The Great says:

    Please Please Please add Brontosauruses!

  37. FrostGamerYT1242 says:

    Will it be updated again if so can you fix the bugs, add more dino(maybe under water one), make a craftable entity like block that can extract the dino bone to a seringe, thx

  38. Swallowbird says:

    Is there a website with the crafting recipes

  39. Troodon YT says:

    Does anyone know how to install this because it takes me to a website giving free proxy.

    • elliot says:

      same here, link is bogus now. just a stream of redirects, super annoying…

    • Elliot says:

      Troodon YT, i managed to figured out what is happening.

      That site had some shady advertisers, and what is happening is the adds are going over the links to the captcha and the continue button. i got it to work eventually by spinning or zooming the framing of the page on my ipad pro such that the invisible links were no longer covering the captcha and the continue link. they even cover some of the captcha photos you need to select for instance. And it seems different ever time you refresh the page. So if it doesn’t seem to work zooming in a bit to the captcha button, just try refreshing the page and trying again.

      Just the fact that the advertising is putting ‘Download’ images to fool people should be a clear indicator to tmearn that their advertisers are hacking around their page, pretty sad that tmearn lets that happen. especially since the mod is usually being downloaded by kids, how evil are you to do that to kids.

      anyway if u do that eventually you can get past those invisible ads/links covering the buttons and get to the media fire link, which then works fine.

  40. Bdude1994cool says:

    Hey i have a problem where do u find metal i don’t know where it is and im doing this as a series on yt plz help

  41. Anonymous says:

    You shoeld ad feather to the sinosaur

  42. Juyuhyjhu says:

    I can’t download plz help

  43. Tyran Bateman says:

    The volocaraptor is bugged and stays in one spot. Getting fossil is easy as they go straight up and down. Also, can you add more animals like, Sabre tooth tigers, Wooly mammoths, Mosasoirous, Pleasasaur, Baryonex, any flying Dino, and any thing else you can think of, if all this gets done I will five star it, for now it’s a 4 star

    • Tyran says:

      Also, can You make craft recipes for all you new weopons, and new items, and make it so dinosaurs lay eggs, along with, you being able two make an egg, and make the egg like a turtle egg. This would be amazing.

  44. ScubaDiving Squirrel says:

    Hi I found 2 bugs with this. I can’t make parasaur DNA with the 2 skulls but I can make other DNA perfectly fine and also, the fossil blocks spawn and go down to the ground forever! You would think there would be like 1-2 blocks close to eachother but on my world they go down forever!! This just makes finding fossils boring and just boring. Please fix this

    • Lucus says:

      I cant even find any fossils at all i had to place them in creative mode down in the caves for my YT series plus can they add more dinos to the mod

  45. FrostGamerFrostGamer1242 says:

    So quick prob bro the grass snow block has a prob for me

  46. AppleChips says:

    What is the blood and syringes used for?

  47. SLOTHFACE385 says:

    I don’t know how to download it someone please reply and tell me how to!

  48. Russian says:

    Hi.I love film Jurassic world.

  49. Anonymous says:

    This add on is possibly the coolest one yet, right next to billeys mobs. The amount of effort put into it like custom models and animations makes this addon well deserving of 5 stars

  50. Kingcreepa123 says:

    The texture for grass is invisible when snow is on it… otherwise good addon!

  51. Alex says:

    Can somebody please tel me how I’m supposed to download this because every time I click on download McAddon it takes me to tmcearn.com and I’m never able to get the download from there? I could really use the help

  52. akbarIndo47 says:

    I have suggestion for a quadrupedal spinosaurus

  53. pedro henrique says:

    next update add these dinosaurs

    if possible

  54. Steve says:

    I love this add on but my dinosaurs keep disapearing. Why is this?

  55. davidpub6 says:

    How do i ride/tame the dinos

  56. Dylan Tumolo says:

    hi what dose a dodo and a gallimimus eat and if it is in the mod how do i get in survival
    best mod ever!!!!!!!
    FIX:::::: i found a fossil vain spawn glitch, i saw a fossil and mined the 2 exposed ones and found a pillar of fossils that lead to bedrock, i ended up finding 3 of these in a cave, its kind of op for survival so try to edit the vain count or something idk im just a dumb guy enjoying minecraft at its best peak with this amazing mod!

  57. ArtronFTX says:

    The other blocks are missing features and everything else is fine

  58. GamingWithYassin says:

    Pls Where is that Update, it’s been around 3MONTHS, and no dinosaur even came, Atleast add 6 every week!


  59. MafloBLITZ says:

    there is a glich, for some reason the dinosaurs are not in my creative inventory, just the machine thing and idk what to do with that? also nothing else to do with this addon is in the creative inventory either?

  60. TooCoolForSchool says:

    This update adds NOTHING where are the new blocks!?! Why are all the spawn eggs look like chicken’s and if this WAS A MOD it only brings me to an addon WHERE ARE THE BLOCKS!!!!!! I downloaded the last version and it is the same no blocks just #@&$ show me them!!!!

  61. AK_joao says:

    it looks very good and i didn’t read the whole page yet!

    also the gallimimus is almost 3 meters high and it should be tiny

  62. Lucas139Miller says:

    Mobs and fossil blocks don’t naturally spawn

  63. Xbox123 says:

    I know your not going to listen to me but,can you please a mediafire link for xbox,just pretty please

  64. Darkus says:

    Can’t even downlode

  65. ??? says:

    How do you download I’ve been trying to download it that is why I’m giving it 0 stars someone help plz

  66. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Okay creator I’ve found some bugs. The raptors bug: the raptors don’t move or attack at all they just stand there and keep turning small then big again why?!
    The chickens body is very weird as it’s upright instead of straight. The Dino’s(even the dodo) don’t drop their meat the dodos just drop chicken. and they don’t make any custom noise whatsoever. IMPROVE THE ANIMATIONS AND SOUNDS!!!! Add new Dino’s!!! One more thing to say I would love for you to make the dodo more cute.

  67. Okkitskaylee says:

    Hello 🙂
    I hope this doesn’t sound rude but I thought I’d point out a few errors to the developer that I’ve came across. If this is just me doing something wrong then please let me know!
    The first being animals often despawn. I’ve worked hard getting quite a few animals and I noticed they began to disappear. I got more dinosaurs, this time naming them but they still despawned.
    Also, all the other fossils work but you cannot make DNA out of a Parasaur skull.
    Another this is could you maybe provide a guide on how to tame and ride animals because I am yet to figure that out.
    This is a wonderful mod and I hope to see it improved in future updates 🙂

  68. Emily says:

    I can’t figure out how to craft dna. I have 2 parasaur skulls and when I place them side by side or anywhere in the crafting table I get nothing.

  69. Mation says:

    How do you get the indominus rex I’ve everything but I cant get how do you get?

  70. Anonymous says:

    I love this but please make this survival-friendly by letting us make the machines in survival and also please fix the buggy water!

  71. GamingWithYassin says:



  72. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    I absolutely love dinosaurs but this addon needs an update!!! First off the Dino’s themselves need quite a change. Custom sounds for each dinosaur including the dodo. Next the animations need work I think you can make better animations than this!!! Add sleeping animations depending on the time or if there just tired they will do an animation to were they sleep and their eyes are closed be sure not to make them sleep all the time. They would have a animation for walking and running. They will also have a animation to were they eat they open their mouth and eat. They will have 1 more animation for when they will get tamed. The new weapons have 1 damage. Add more Dino’s like pherasaurs(flying like the phteradactl but instead of a chicken it’s a bat) and water versions too( need not a chicken not a bat but a dolphin).

    • I love mods!!! says:

      I agree with this guy and you know what? I don’t think these people even read our suggestions….. Anyways, I have one. So I build a big Jurassic World and I thought it would be great to put this addon in it to be the attractions… But when I came back to the cages the dinos despawned!!!! Can you guys please add an item in
      that if we hit the dinos with it they won’t despawn.. If you even read this!!!! -Thanks!! 😉

  73. Someone says:

    And also bring back the previous dinosaurs in the older versions please

  74. Someone says:

    Add the dinosaurs that were featured in the Jurassic franchise into this game also how do we craft genes?

    • Cthulhu Warrior says:

      First get two of the same fossil(from mining the fossils) them put them side by side in the crafting grid. Repeat that 1 more time and put the items side by side bam.

  75. Dinodude920 says:

    This addon is amazing! Since you’re tesmed up with @all_Gonza, can you add spund effects to the dinosaurs? Here’s some suggestions for new things: Plz add back raptor (small) and triceratops, also add brachiosaur, indominus rex, mosasaur, and make the other new blocks craft-able; and the electrical fence, when you punch or bump into it, it should take away one heart from any player or entity. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  76. Anime says:

    Ah I need to download it but keeps adding add about other downloads plz fix it

  77. Jejem says:

    Fix the raptors that act wierd

  78. Dieter Wiedenhoeft says:

    I really think it’s due fore a update

  79. . says:

    I have tried both links, and they do not work out. Please add a media fire link!

  80. . says:

    Link still does not work!

  81. Marz says:

    I like it! U fixed the rexes mouth, but now one of his feet models r broke. Alsi try to fix the shadow that the plants,eggs, and fences make.

  82. Bella says:

    Needs a guide on the dinosaurs like how to tame them and feed them

  83. Bella says:

    Can’t get few of the Dino fossils such as parasaur and triceratops update this

  84. edward gil says:

    how do i mine the folliles i cant get them ive tried every pick axe

  85. No says:

    Plz add media fire link

  86. Anonymous says:

    i cant make dna because i have a many of skull but i dont know how to get gene

    • LycanStorm says:

      To get DNA you must use 2 of each of the required skulls or claws. Crafting together 2 DNA of the same dinosaur will create 1 Gene of that dinosaur. Merge it with a chicken(manually) and you have that dinosaur.

  87. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I’m having a little problem with the download, because whenever I try to download it (the second link) it takes me to the browser I try to download it and when I’m on the website the download will not work, but it looks like a great mod

  88. Need Help says:

    Can you please change the download page or help me out I can’t download it from your portfolio page.

  89. Brayden108 says:

    This mod is AMAZING! I love the dinosaurs in this mod and I love the custom blocks. I can’t wait to see future versions and larger ranges of Dinos.

  90. THEKuhliLoach88 says:

    Awesome mod! I can suggest adding Titanosaurus or Girrafititan since they are both large sauropods.

  91. ArtronGamer says:

    very good mod

  92. A human that’s not a human says:

    Whenever I go into the world it kicks me out

  93. The Nerd that just HAD to point that out says:

    Umm there is no such thing as a water or air dino.
    Pterodactyl or other flying reptiles did live in the time of the dinosaurs, but aren’t actually part of the dinosaur class.
    Mosasaur, or other swimming reptiles aren’t dinos either. Why many of them still have saur/saurus in the name? Beats me.

  94. Anonymous says:

    pls allow us to ride them

  95. Troodon YT says:

    When I try download it i am taken to some thing called timeearn. Then it takes me to a website with “free proxy” and there is no way to download the addon

  96. Luke says:

    ADD MORE DINOSAURS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. Anonymous says:

    Can you please make the Thescelosaurus so the carnivores would attack it and there is no spawn egg for triceratops

  98. Yug says:

    May be you should add titanoboa🐍

  99. ArtronGamer says:

    I want you to complement more types of dinosaurs

  100. Ryan says:

    i cant find the blocks in the creative menu and cant find the fossils in my world. also when theres snow on blocks you can see through them

  101. Anonymous says:

    I need a media fire link

  102. KBB says:

    Hello, I am a player from Taiwan, I really like this mod

  103. Shampooday says:

    Can you pls tell me how to tame raptors or other dinosaurs

  104. ScareEE55 says:


  105. luke says:

    I love the mod but please fix the fossils

  106. tod says:

    please fix the fossils they always drop parasaur dna please fix

  107. Anonymous says:

    How to download i only know mediaFire

    • Juden Kauffman says:

      Yeah how we do you download from tmearn!!!?

    • Erick says:

      Its a media fire link

      • Elliot says:

        i figured out what is happening. That site had some shady advertisers, and what is happening is the adds are going over the links to the captcha and the continue. i got it to work by spinning or zooming the framing of the page on my ipad pro such that the invisible links were no longer covering the captcha and the continue link. they even cover some of the captcha photos you need to select for instance. And it seems different ever time you refresh the page.
        the fact that the advertising is putting ‘Download’ images to fool people should be a clear indicator to tmearn that their advertisers are hacking around their page, pretty sad that tmearn lets that happen. especially since the mod is usually being downloaded by kids, how evil are you to do that to kids.

        anyway if u do that eventually you can get past those invisible ads/links covering the buttons and get to the media fire link, which then works fine.

  108. Birdiechu says:

    I can’t seem to find the blocks and other items in the Addon even with experimental gameplay on? Help!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Este es un nuevo nivel de addons del cual con el trabajo que están haciendo puede llegar a ser de los mejores sin embargo la implementación de más híbridos estaría bien como la indominus el stegoceratops y el espinoraptor y obvio los clásicos el brachiosaurio el edmontosaurio el therizinosaurio el pteranodon el Quetzalcóatlus dimorphodones suchomimus estegosaurios sinoceratops stygimolochy otros más bien exóticos como concavenatores shantungosaurios rhamphorhynchus etc , en si no tengo molestias solo que el fósil de parasaurio no me da el ADN y en el bloque de fósil no sale el dino_tooth

  109. VX XV STBsthTDndtjeyhthe says:

    Ad it do the mcpedil app like the old one

  110. Anonymous says:

    The Dinosaurs are nice, But please fix the fossils!

  111. Anonymous says:

    Will this be fixed in the future?

  112. JuandiCrafter says:

    It’s the most complete mod I’ve seen, !wonderful! Five stars, they deserve it

  113. Snakeyes363631 says:

    Hey you should add more dinosaurs like maybe the Indominus Rex plus some of the dino skulls don t work yo make dna and don t how to make genes PLUS Loving it except there’s a water problem

  114. Alphaxenopete says:

    I love the addon but the raptors aren’t moving so I hope the raptors are fixed and I also have a suggestion for a female raptor like the white and black spotted female in Jurassic Park 3 and I really want to see microraptor

  115. Monkees1963 says:

    The addon is AMAZING. One question though. How do I use the analyst machine?

  116. Anonymous says:

    Please add more ice age animals and prehistoric giant scorpion or dimetrodon

  117. Chesnutt says:

    Please add a brachiosaurus 🦕! (Btw, love this mod!)

  118. Gabriel gamer says:

    Faz um addon do Godzilla 2

  119. Justin says:


  120. Random user. says:

    Can you please change it to meedddiiiaaffirrreeed.

  121. Bob says:

    Can’t wait for the Pachycephalosaurus to come keep it up also if you hadn’t The Lost World sound effects to it

  122. SpookyDragoBoi says:

    I have downloaded this addon and it worked perfectly prior to the recent update, but now none of the dinosaurs or items will show in the creative inventory except the spawn egg for the analyst machine. If anybody has a fix for this please tell me because I love this addon and would love to try the new features.

  123. Alexis says:

    Where’s Triceratops Giga Carno Compy and Smilodon

  124. ArtronGamer says:

    listen to team of crackedcubes and hipmanDesignz you created this mod and it was the mod that I liked the most please finish it so that the community appreciate it and enjoy it keep it that way, I like how you work

  125. gil_g4mer12345 says:

    I know that its hard to do an addon but what happened to triceratops, smilodon and Small raptors. The parasaur looks like a dog.

  126. stefn says:

    How can i download this mod pls tell me

  127. Awulawul says:

    I can’t download it

  128. ToshiMarborisu says:

    I tried Using this In a world I thought it would load and it acted like it then crashed any help on this would help or fixing the bug would help also

  129. PseJanz says:

    This mod is awesomeee!

  130. Justin says:

    I don’t know how to download this mod!

  131. Marz says:

    Um guys, i have a BIG PROBLEM! Whenever i try to dowbload ur mod, it sends me to a website that supposedly gives u free money, plz fix this, i can tell u put alot of hard work into this mod, but PLZZZ FIX THIS

    • Unknown says:

      X off free proxy then click im not a robot then click get link then it will count down 5 4 3 2 1
      Then scroll down it will say link in it click it and the it turns you to media fire and you download it into your world.

  132. Anonymous says:

    What happen to carnotaurus, giganotosaurus and triceratops?

  133. Anonymous says:

    What happen to triceratops, it is not in the Add-On

  134. Ben says:

    Most of the old Dino’s like the small raptor and Triceratops Are missing also where is the in Dominus Rex

  135. ymeet says:

    add sounds to the dinosaurs

  136. Kylee says:

    Pls make the indominus rex

  137. Some guy says:

    I can’t spawn any of the dinos,the eggs are all black and I even put it in experimental mode

  138. Some guy says:

    Idk why but the spawn eggs are black and I the dinos are invisible(I put it in exprimental mode)

  139. Random user. says:

    Can you please change it to mediafire

  140. AaribAaqibYT says:

    Wow nice you guys are the first ones to make a feature like this in your addon

  141. GamingWithYassin says:

    Please Dear Makers, 2 Suggestions: 1. Can you add more Dinosaurs Sooooon! 2. There’s An Issue, the Tyrannosauruss Rex has a square under his head.

    Can you fix this issues?

  142. godfael says:

    can you make the t rex look like jurassic craft look in summmer pls pls pls pls pls pls pls and make the indomius rex in that addon i got thaht addon and fix the t rex neck and make a jurassic craft look and add indominus rex pls

  143. Anonymous says:

    how do you spawn the dinosaurs

  144. Ross says:

    Hello! I have some few suggestions for me! I’ve been watching this YTuber named Poet Plays. And he’s been doing a Dinosaur Series called Poet Plays with Dinosaurs. And he used the Mod Fossils and Archaeology. I want you to make this mod similar to that other mod. Like Dinosaur DNA, Especially egg that you can hold and place them down and wait till they hatch! Thank you!

  145. Remiep says:

    Nevermind about my others post, its working fine and I’m already starting to love it!

  146. Remiep says:

    I heard that this mod is good. But I can’t download it because Ad.Fly harms my device. So can you do Mcworld please?

  147. Anonymous says:

    Go to there Twitter They post daily about project prehistoric.

  148. Patty Germundson says:

    Please add brachiosaurus and indominus Rex

  149. Anonymous says:

    It’s the best addon for mcpe.
    I hope that soon the dinos will spawn naturally and you could make wather and flying dinos

  150. ShaBoi_James says:

    I can spawn the dinosaurs in creative, and they look great, but they aren’t naturally spawning in my world.

  151. Mcpe Anthony says:

    Can you add a stegosaurus and a bacrusaurs also make the flying dinos

  152. I sticked my head inside the washing machine says:

    Please make a list of aquatic/air creatures please

  153. Justin says:

    Can u pls. make dinos like the jurassicraft mod on java edition? I just like the dinos and the look of them. they are y’know pretty cool looking d we really have’nt really got any dino addon in mcpe with mobs that look THAT cool

  154. Mustache116 says:

    For some reason, the hostile dinosaurs (ex: Indoraptor, T-Rex, Spinosaurus) won’t attack the player on survival. I looked at the JSON and the target max distance is 2 chunks but they only attack the player if the player is standing inside the dinosaur. Are you going to fix that? Other than that and the glitched textures, I really like this addon.

  155. Lollol says:

    Mosasaurus plz?

  156. ClemKoGa says:

    I really love this addon!
    But some animation is bugged(Indoraptor’s claws move too faster same but in foot)and indoraptor head are a few detached from the rest .And the Raptor have idle animation too fast.
    When future update come?

  157. A random guy says:

    What item is for taming carnivores also I hope herbivores became tamable too

  158. Mariner says:

    Dude, sweet addon! Absolutely amazing! Just one question. How do I mount the carnivores? It won’t allow me… Also could you make them tameable? Please? Love these new animations and the Indoraptor. The reason why I’d like these to be tameable is the fact that I did this in Creative and my cousin kept changing it to survival and I lost all my stuff. I’d desparately like to get an Indoraptor as a pet. It’s just so cuuuuuutte!

  159. A random guy says:

    Hey um like the add-on but since the dinosaurs don’t spawn in the wild how about you add a craftable machine since notch added a new script that makes you craft things and create new items that is craftable maybe a machine that makes dinosaur eggs or you can craft the eggs of the dinosaurs

  160. Bromize12 says:

    Can you fix the triceratops animation the legs don’t move and cool Dino’s

  161. Not Markus Persson says:

    Why does this say mod if it’s still an add-on? The answer to the anti spam isn’t Markus Persson.

  162. Sydnee says:

    How do you ride it??

  163. Mcpe Anthony says:

    Ok can you add the stegosaurus because no add-ons I know have the stegosaurus in there dinosaur add-ons and you guys can be the first so pls add it

  164. Random user. says:

    Can you please add terror birds into the addon/mod. I think they would be a bold new addition to the mod.

  165. Jack Kole says:

    Do they replace mobs in the game?

  166. enzo7098631 says:

    Is the T-Rex neck model bug gonna be fixed soon? I’ve been waiting for the rex so long and this bug bothers me alot

  167. Cooool says:

    The only reason That I am rating this 4 star is because I don’t no how to ride them or tame them .you should tell everyone how to.🦖🦖🦖🦖

  168. Bob says:

    Other than that I love it!

  169. DRAGON BLACK says:

    Add indominus rex please!!!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏

  170. Zac says:

    This mod is amazing keep up your good work!!!

  171. Anonymous says:

    I cant make a copy of jurassic minecraft tu use the mod.

  172. Bob says:

    I love it but I’m only giving it a four star because I read the list of dinosaurs to be added in the future but there is no flying dinosaurs or aquatic dinosaurs!

  173. PiglePikle says:

    Nice to know Gona is working with you guys👍😁

  174. Maverick says:

    Does anyone know where gonna went? It’s been so long seen we’ve heard of him

  175. Anonymous says:

    Will you add custom items, blocks, etc. for the new 1.12 beta/update?

  176. EntityDestroy says:

    I am making a theme park and I want to use your addon (I will give you credit) but when I download it, it doesn’t replace the one version. I figured out that you need to change the name for it to replace the old version. Can you add something like 2.0 at the end?

  177. AwsomeOcelot says:

    Could you please add eggs back on. And put carnotaurus and make the baryonyx look better. Also a tameable stigymoloch would be appreciated and could you texture the spawn eggs and stop the gallimimus laying eggs ,sorry I got a bit carried away, all this would really be appreciated. But anyway great addon.

  178. Xyres Tale says:

    I cant tame the dinosaur

  179. Aaaaaaaaaa says:

    I hope the next update will include Giganotosaurus, Carnotaurus and suchomimus. They would make the mod much better.

  180. Aha, a Dino Addon! says:

    Pls add Pterodactyl pls

  181. BaldiTheJester says:

    Great addon but please add the sounds in the next update

  182. Pixel_Jack9359 says:

    Nooooo why is it a mod now i have an addon world so i can play with friends if possible plz change it back to an addon in the full release of 1.10 but the mod is awsome glad to see it come back

  183. Yeet children says:

    When will there be sound? And the textures are a bit off…..it’s an amazing mod but it’s hard to have the full experience when they’re dead silent and don’t have as many variations. Also there’s like this white static around some of them.

  184. Fatalzoo says:

    Hey why cant i download it?

  185. Cody says:

    Cool models lots of dinosaurs but the anamations SUCK they are the worst anamations i’ve EVER seen there bad plz add better anamations that’s my only complaint

  186. CorneredCubeGamingYT says:

    This is awesome! but can we please have rideable/tamable herbivores to?

  187. THEKuhliLoach88 says:

    When will this be updated! It’s been way too long since the last update to this addon!

  188. Anonymous says:

    All of the dinosaurs are invisible and the spawn eggs are all black

  189. THEKUHLILOACH88 says:

    I have some suggestions for animals in this addon:Microceratops,Herrerasaurus,Tylosaurus,Tyrannotitan,Styracosaurus,Segisaurus,Drinker,Othnielosaurus,Leptoceratops,Arrinoceratops,Haztegopteryx and Quetzalcoatlus.
    Also,update to 1.10.0

  190. jah says:

    Whenever i spawn the dinosaurs they are invisible, i can punch them and hear them but they are invisible. im playing with experimental gameplay on and i play on xbox. pls help

  191. Anonymous says:

    i’ve downloaded 2 add-ons and they work and are there but when i try to spawn the dinos they are invisible, im on xbox and i have experimental mode on. pls help

  192. The Unkown says:

    Excuse me I am Irish and I am using is mod and I turned on experimental and this mod but it is not working. Can you maybe add compatibility for the uk and Ireland and maybe the EU

  193. Anonymous says:

    Where are the dodo and saber tooth?

    • The Dinosaur says:

      Pls new Dinosaurs Pls new velociraptors and brachiosaur,mosasaur,liopleurondo,plesiosaur,dunkleosteus,pteranodon,stegosaur,and the híbrids dinosaurs of Jurassic World and Jurassic World fallen kingdom

  194. A Human says:

    Hey umm plz update.

  195. Arshil says:

    Please fix and add back the sabertooth

  196. PieEatinPete says:

    Sup, bro. Just wanna ask a quick question. Would you be able to email me the release date of the update with the newer dinos added like the hybrids and with the anylist machine? Thanks!

  197. Sarim Wali says:

    Could you guys add dilophosaurus cause it’s my favorite dino also great I saw your Twitter and what’s being added is incredible!Great addon

  198. Bob says:

    How long is left till the next update?

  199. Workshy1 says:

    Hi there! Confused dad here! I installed this for my son but he can’t seem to find any dinosaurs… how does he get them to appear?

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey I seen this and had to help so to do this you have to turn on experimental mode you can find that in the settings of the world but you can also look up on YouTube on how to do this

  200. Dino guy says:

    When will the analyst machine be added????

  201. Anonymous says:

    ive checked out ur twitter and it amazing wat the new update is going to bring btw i also started following you on twitter

  202. Anonymous says:

    This add-on has a lot of potential but you guys just need to hurry up with the update so please do it cause i just cant wait to play with all the dinosaurs.

  203. PopcornHead says:

    can you make a version of this similar to the fossils and archaeology mod where you can find fossils and then clone the dinosaurs instead of them just walking around to begin with?

  204. EntityDestroy says:

    I got analyst machine by a glockenspiel drop of a mob in another addon

  205. mcpe Anthony says:

    when the next update add raptor and t rex with the stegosaurus because no addon have stegosaurus

  206. Vitorpazbr says:

    Very good but leave more taming dinosours

  207. Dinolover says:

    How do you get the new villager?

  208. Jayson Martinez says:

    How do you get future breeds like indorapter and sabertoth and dodo

  209. Allo lover says:

    I think you shold add an baryonix that would improve a LOT and add a taiming funktion to all the baby dinosaurs. Love this add on kepp up the god work!!

  210. DRAGON BLACK says:

    Add tiranossaurs rex and indominus rex please

  211. Kemmarr says:

    Pls add flying dinosaurs in you addon

  212. Delfino says:

    How can you do the hybrids because I need information to do it I love the addon I love dinosaurs

  213. Yug says:

    Please add brachiosaurus & mosasaurus

  214. Poetawesomendo says:

    This is great, I suggest once the scientist and machine are added that you have an option to have the added animals spawn naturally or not. Or just have them not spawn naturally at all. Look at “fossils and archeology mod” for java for some advice. That’s where I see this going.

  215. LolUWotM8 says:

    Amazing! Just one thing. I can’t find the scientist, analyzer or the additional dinos that can be created using the analyzer. Is the scientist an added entity or a villager-replacing entity?

  216. THEKUHLILOACH88 says:

    I can’t get the analyst to spawn in the game but I do have some suggestions for mobs:Troodon,Suchomimus,Acrocanthasaurus,Dimorphodon,Pentaceratops,antarctopelta and Sauroposidon.

  217. TotallyTRex says:


  218. Troodon YT says:

    There are no spawn eggs for sabers and dodos
    Is that intended?
    Otherwise great addon.

  219. Anonymous says:

    The giganotosaurus is bug

  220. Troodon YT says:

    Where is velociraptor, Trex, Megalosaurus, baryonyx and mosasaurus.
    Also which creatures are replaced if any?

  221. Anonymous says:

    And the update?!

  222. Rimuru tempest says:

    This add-on is epic I love it best Dino add-on ever keep up the good work on improving and please make other or some of the Dinosour tameable and rideable thanks

  223. Michael angelo says:

    This add-on is epic I love it best Dino add-on ever keep up the good work on improving and please make other or some of the Dinosour tameable and rideable thanks

  224. Jayton says:

    Pls put more dinos cause in my world i made a detailed enclosure and i dont want to put any of the current dinos in this style of enclosure. So pls add like 5 more it doesnt have to be hybrids.

  225. Gaster says:

    Can you please patch. Before Christmas that the female allosaurus doesn’t attack

  226. Anonymous says:

    why there’s no sounds of dinos here?
    pls put sounds! ti make dis more awesome!

  227. Zenjo.oh_Sama says:

    It’s just sad the graphics looks childish, please improve it. Also add Megalodon, Irish Elk, Wooly Mammoth, Unicorn (not like the one on mlp) and ancient humans or replace villagers with ancient humans.

  228. Jayton says:

    Forgot to rate ✌️🏻

  229. ChopperDroidSD says:

    This one of the most advanced and most amazing addon I’ve ever seen its almost like mod. Im waiting for the next update. keep up the good work!

  230. Jayton says:

    I think it would be really cool if you could add custom crafting recipes in this pack since you can add custom spawn eggs.
    So what you should do is make the scientist villager that you made sell dinosaur dna that costs fossils you can mine out of a new ore that can be added.
    Then to get the egg you can put the dna in your new analyst machine which should cost (5 iron ingots and 1 water bucket).

    Sorry i forgot to say but there should be different dino dna not just a single item called dino dna, make each dna a certain dinosaur.

  231. THEKuhliLoach88 says:

    Very good addon but I cannot get the analyst to spawn.Are there any commands that allow you to do this?

  232. Dragonrider says:

    I not find the scientist villager,but it’s awesome addon

  233. A Minecraft Player says:

    Can you make an addon that has 151 Kanto Pokemons?

  234. IanGGM says:

    If its 1.8+ is it available in non beta 1.8?

  235. Paulo Joshua Tan says:

    Pls add the ff for me

    *i rex

  236. FluffyDragon says:

    Tried taking them, they’re not, kinda sucks

  237. 🔴🔴🔴PLEASE 🔴🔴🔴 says:

    Maybe you could add more active leg animations. Please?

  238. Please says:

    Maybe you could add sounds and more active leg animations. Please?

  239. Jeremy says:

    Hey, uh, I really like it! But(since I haven’t seen anyone else suggest these) I’d like to suggest that you add some earlier prehistoric creatures, like Meganeura, Arthropleura, Diictodon, Gorgonopsid, Koolasuchus, Dimetrodon, Anomalocarus, Cephalaspis, etc.

  240. Mr idiot says:

    I also kinda want all the land dinosaurs tamable tho by using the perfect food for them tho please add my idea

  241. Mr idiot says:

    When I used another addon with it there was a edmontosaurus and the texture of it looks like a diamond thing but is it also in progress or is it deleted?

  242. Jaylon Johnson says:

    Add way more Dino’s plzzzz

  243. Brayden108 says:

    I really like this add-on. The dinosaurs are well designed and the AI of the beasts are also very life-like. (or as life-like a Minecraft entity can be) I do have some requests, though. I would like to see some more dinosaurs in the add-on such as raptors and the tyrannosaurus. I would also like to see them lift their feet a little bit higher. It looks like they are slowly dragging their feet. Other than those details, I am loving the add-on as it is. So cool!

  244. Anonymous says:

    Esse adons tem um potencial incrível ele pode ficar até melhor que os mods de dinossauros conscerteza ainda prescisa de melhorias mais e muito bom estou esperando um nova atualizaçao

  245. Anonymous says:

    maybe make it kinda like the fossils and archaeology mod
    https://fossils-archeology.wikia.com/wiki/F/A_Mod_Revival_Wiki it would be cool to have one like that

  246. Jimmy Olsen says:

    Dodo birds aren’t prehistoric…

  247. War robots says:

    Can’t u add a t-rex 😀

  248. Emma says:

    How to get scientist villager

  249. SevasXD says:

    Ponlo en la 1.9+

  250. Dragonrider says:

    Why is not working

  251. Dragonrider says:

    This addon is not working(mcpe v1.8.0.8

  252. Carlkachu says:

    Can u please update their looks i really dont like them being blocky..

    Although its good

    I mean change the models they look rushed
    Make them like Gonas Jurassic Craft models

  253. Mr idiot says:

    Can you make this add-on compatible with 1.9 cause some add-ons are compatible with it please make it compatible

  254. Yo! That’s cool! says:

    Please add

  255. Jason says:

    This is not working for me I’m in v1.9.0.2 and nothing is showing u ppl what so ever. When I enable the behavior pack I get the message “missing dependencies” please help

  256. Entity909 says:

    Cool. You shall add more and improve the model

  257. Anonymous says:

    Como doma o tigre dentes de sabre?

  258. Flareon says:

    For some reason whenever I try to add the behavior pack it says that it’s missing a dependancy, does ayone know how to fix it. The addon does not work when I try to add it

  259. Boku wa Namae wa Fłìmęr desu says:

    Baku wa lovu wa desku (could you please make it for 1.7.6 as my little brother can’t update and has the add on on his device btw I love the add on could you please add add the raptors Blue, Charlie, Delta, and Echo from Jurassic world. And could you please add some aviary and aquarium creatures and make a Highly intelligent blue so it is like the movie so if you raise him from baby he won’t kill you.

  260. Fredbeargamer says:

    Please add homo erectus and triceritops t rex and pteranadons and my friend said update textures

  261. Samuel Gonçalves says:

    Perfect! very good texture but the Carnotauro and the Parasaur are very strange change it out this 5 stars!

  262. Carlkachu says:

    Texture looks childish Its cool doe
    BUT please make the texture like the jurassic craft

  263. Jeffry Miaral says:

    Please the next update added new dinosaur
    Mosasaurus,T-Rex,Indominus Rex,Brachiosaurus,pteronodon and etc.

  264. natureboy says:

    how about taming the spino and adding a plesiosaur (or other aquatic animal) and a map for this

  265. Carlos solis says:

    Thanks for the addon but i would appreciate if it would be of your pleasure to add in more prehistoric creatures such as: baryonx ,pteradactyl,megalodon,therazinasourus,sinoceratops,proto raptor, oviraptor,lioplurodon ,mososauros,dunkleosteus, terrabird,ramphirincus,iguanodon,allasour,gigantosour,pleisiosaur and tyrannosaurus rex

  266. Jhojander says:

    Está muy bien hecho, debería hacer otro add-on, pero que agregué animales que no están en el juego. Por ejemplo tiburones, patos, águilas y animales por el estilo.

  267. FifthtFive says:

    Can you add a rideable animal (which could maybe fly) ?

  268. TheMcExplorer says:

    Interesting approach to the model style. If I’m honest, I feel that the carno looks more like a ceratosaurus without its signature horn. It might be more recognizable if the head was one cube instead of two and if the horns were thicker as not to be confused with plates over the eyebrows.

    Great job though.
    Excited to see if anything comes next!

  269. IndominusRexYT says:

    Me encanto, pero me gustaría que agregaran:

    PD: Igual mejoren las texturas

  270. Minecraft Fact says:

    Hey guy can you update and fix the Animation for your addon thank you it not moving it arm and leg

  271. Alfiansyah says:

    Added marine dinosaurs too and fix the texture and graphics. Plus add sinematic for the dinosaur

  272. TheCrazyTitan says:

    Great potential!

  273. IndominusRexYT says:

    Podrías agregar a la Indominus Rex?
    PD: Me encanto y me gustaría que me mejoraron un poco las texturas porque aveces se bucean.

  274. Bitxch says:

    Uhmm i think you should add some animations on to them and please add more i really like it! please add coelecanth and more and add some prehistoric plants too pleaseee! bye

  275. Larri says:

    I really like the addon, but could you try to make the dodo birds etc. have more functions? Also, might I suggest a Tasmanian Tiger or Stegosaurus?

  276. RaInEx says:

    Epic implement indominus rex y indoraptor

  277. Mentacolful says:

    I loved the addon !!! The first time I saw him, I loved it !!! I always wanted to make an addon of this type, which added prehistoric creatures, seriously, I loved your work !!! Keep it up, please, I can not wait for the next update !!!!!!! I have some options of which new mobs could be added: Velociraptor, Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Piterodactyl, Elasmosaurus and the darling of the galley, Tyrannosaurus Rex !!! I think I exaggerated, but it was only my opinion, which could be one of the next options of the next update !!! Thank you …

  278. Huntercraft says:

    Try adding tamale or mountable caricatures

  279. ade says:

    the sabertooth was too small

  280. Cohen says:

    Can you add a zip file?

  281. NekoPoi says:

    the model For Spinosaurus is so bad :v btw why you dont use Gona addons Model :v

  282. Nedrickson says:

    Add many more dinosaurs! I suggest triceratops, protoceratops, raptor, pterosaur, plesiosaur, stegosaur, edmontosaurus, etc.

    I also think Gona finally met his match!

  283. GGWP says:

    Please add the sound of mobs

  284. Mia says:

    I hope Its a CoolAddon in Tbe Future For Now i Cant Look at the dinos i but in both packs But it didint show the Dinos! From The Photos i Can see It Will Be a Cool Addon! Idk if its possible But it would Be Nice if Peopld Could Hatch and Grow There Own Dinos Make the eggs from embrios and stuff. But like i said idk if its Possible

  285. scoop dee dee woop says:

    why are the sabertooth tigers so small?

    they look like vampire hamsters :p

  286. CrozzyPlayGames says:

    Nice addon.What about add some eggs and make them all tameable(only babies)?

  287. Darky says:

    Love it! Plz add more Dinos like pterodactyl

  288. Human_fish says:

    How to take sabertooth??

  289. Caesar Army aryadinata says:

    Why is bugging?

  290. Caesar Army aryadinata says:

    Why? Bug on carnotaurus,spinosaurus,sabertooth and no animation walking!

  291. Matthew983 says:

    Its good but can you add more dinosaurs pls

  292. Nashii says:

    My game crash when i crated the world

  293. Fuavlogs says:

    This a very good add-on
    But maybe you can add the allosaurus
    And the giganotosaurus,
    You have potential
    Thanks for read

  294. Mr idiot says:

    One problem the dinosaurs can’t spawn naturally without spawn eggs please fix it I tested it the only thing that spawns is the dodo please fix

  295. Noob says:

    Egg dinosaur

    • That kid from 8th grade says:

      On your Twitter, I saw a stegosaurus and a long-necked dinosaur. Also, where is the triceratops and small raptors? (Everything else is great, just have not figured out how to use the machines)

  296. Sack says:

    Los modelos están geniales pero puedes mejorarlos en un Futuro
    y si agragas más Mobs este mod sería de los mejores..

    Insiste un excelente trabajo sigue así..

  297. Lan says:

    Maybe add some water dinasours

  298. Anonymous says:

    can i collab with you

  299. Mr idiot says:

    It’s so cool please add raptors hopefully they are tamable I like this addon

  300. Maverick says:

    It’s awesome!

  301. Haris says:

    Please pteranodon in addon

  302. Anonymous says:

    Add liopleurodon

  303. God says:

    Nice job , do you think you can add a therizinosaurus ?

  304. MouthGod says:

    This Is really cool. It has a lot of potential I’m not even lying, maybe the next update it should have Triceratops, Trex, and maybe some type of flying pteranodon, anywhere bye 🙂

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