Project Spectron: Halloween Mode [Adventure]

Do you feel strong enough to survive a dangerous place in the depth of cyperspace? This Halloween Edition of Project Spectron will provide you an intense experience inside the Trojan District. Lots of treasures and different special biomes are waiting to be discovered by you! This map includes quests: Find 8 Emeraldines, 4 Cyber-Stars and a rare Rainbow Emeraldine! All hidden around the place. Good luck trying find it!

Creator: MegaStriker (aka StrikerTeam)Twitter Account

Creator’s Notes

The map have a resource pack included and fresh music for better map climax. Have a scary cyber fun!

Author Important Note: For today and for all my future projects, my download links are separated into SUPPORT and DIRECT download links. 

Wants help me? Consider skip a quick ads. Anyway, if you just want the map, feel free and click on direct download link to mediafire page.



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9 Responses

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  1. Ava says:

    This was an awesome map and was very hard to complete. SPOLIER

    I used the ladders and sticks to build up to the roof then dug in then down and found the room, I saw that how your meant to do it?

  2. IFlameChyLZ says:

    Is the music copyright free?

  3. Jason12345Voorhees says:

    I WAnt TO Make A Map

  4. Jason12345Voorhees says:

    likes hardwork

  5. IBeAwesome100 says:

    Anyone want me to make an adventure map? If so, contact me!

  6. OPOLO says:

    finally an adventure of Halloween, u guys should do more like this 🙂

  7. Super Mario 64 Bloopers Worker Team Group says:

    I’m Support You

  8. Fabian0fficial says:

    I played your map But can i use your Texture pack for one of my maps?

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