Project Spinosaurid

The addon is presented in beta version with only 3 spinosaurids, soon it will be updated with more features plus functions. In this beta the dinosaurs have some functions, different sounds and animations.

– Baryonyx Walkeri –

Baryonyx Walkeri – Has its real size – Has 2 Texture Variants 1 male and 1 female – Attacks most mobs in the Game as peaceful mobs, their young and the other species of the addon – Remove 5 hearts from life with an attack The baryonyx spawn in Swamp and Taiga biomes

—Suchomimus Tenerensis—

Suchomimus Tenerensis – Has only 1 texture variant – Just like Baryonyx, Suchomimus is no exception attacks most mobs in the game – Love to swim – Remove 5 hearts from life just like Baryonyx – They are born in rivers and Jungle biomes

—Spinossauro Aegyptiacus—

Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus – It is the largest dinosaur in the addon that has the most life – They have only one skin – they detect mobs and players at a long distance – removing 6 hearts from life – do not lose in fights for any other dinosaur in the addon – When reproduced and released an egg that in a few moments a baby spinosaurus is born – Spawning in Desert and Savanna Biomes


The eggs are hatched in less than 3 minutes, the chicks at birth cannot be tamed just fed and when they grow up they attack you so be careful

Modeling by @CrocyDuckTadpoly – Skins by @Geckoboy and @ PedroRex013 – Banner Art by @ Leo2007 – Settings and Behaviors by @Junior 


Supported Minecraft versions


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16 Responses

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  1. The great Q says:

    The dinosaurs look nice but they are ridiculously overpowered and spawn too often.

  2. Misael david says:

    Porfavor crear enlace a addfly o mediafire es muy difícil saltar la publicación no he podido descargar el complemento solo me lleva a sitios aleatorios porfavo no ignorar el comentario :”(

  3. Can u make them tameable in the next update that will be cool

  4. XxDracoAzul_GamerxX says:

    Cant Download

  5. Diovolo says:

    Oh the download link, OH MY GOD THE DOWNLOAD LINK. I, hate it. Very complicated, and I can’t figure out anything because it’s all in Spanish, the link to the addon doesn’t even work, it just keeps on redirecting me to useless links, including porn sites. Please PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU TO CHANGE THE DOWNLOAD LINK.

  6. J_dhen0030 says:

    Very nice addon thankyou I hope You update there animations and models

  7. Crystal Creeper says:

    Very complicated download link

  8. alessandre says:

    bro as a prehistoric crocodile or a sarcoauchus profabor bro si ?? no one grabs an addon with prehistoric crocodiles profabor friend

  9. MorbidNoob says:

    There is no reason to let the babies win… LET THE EXTINCTION BEGIN!!!

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