Project Spinosaurid

The addon is presented in beta version with only 3 spinosaurids, soon it will be updated with more features plus functions. In this beta the dinosaurs have some functions, different sounds and animations.

– Baryonyx Walkeri –

Baryonyx Walkeri – Has its real size – Has 2 Texture Variants 1 male and 1 female – Attacks most mobs in the Game as peaceful mobs, their young and the other species of the addon – Remove 5 hearts from life with an attack The baryonyx spawn in Swamp and Taiga biomes

—Suchomimus Tenerensis—

Suchomimus Tenerensis – Has only 1 texture variant – Just like Baryonyx, Suchomimus is no exception attacks most mobs in the game – Love to swim – Remove 5 hearts from life just like Baryonyx – They are born in rivers and Jungle biomes

—Spinossauro Aegyptiacus—

Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus – It is the largest dinosaur in the addon that has the most life – They have only one skin – they detect mobs and players at a long distance – removing 6 hearts from life – do not lose in fights for any other dinosaur in the addon – When reproduced and released an egg that in a few moments a baby spinosaurus is born – Spawning in Desert and Savanna Biomes


The eggs are hatched in less than 3 minutes, the chicks at birth cannot be tamed just fed and when they grow up they attack you so be careful

Modeling by @CrocyDuckTadpoly – Skins by @Geckoboy and @ PedroRex013 – Banner Art by @ Leo2007 – Settings and Behaviors by @Junior 


Supported Minecraft versions


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21 Responses

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  1. The great Q says:

    It’s a nice addon the models are great looking and the sound effects are nice here is everything I would like to see in th future: Tameable and rideable dinosaurs, iron golems attack dinosaurs because they don’t attack dinosaurs and villages constantly get massacred by spinos and barys, switch baryonyx and spinosaurus stats because right now the baryonyx is way tougher than the sucho, change collision box: their collision boxes are 1 block tall like wth, make them knockback resistant; despite what I said below they are actually super easy to kill because they can be knocked back and attack super slow, spinos should spawn in the swamp and not in the middle of the Savannah miles from water, maybe make the bary spawn in rivers, maybe give the spinosaurus short legs like it did irl and make it slow due to its shorter legs, three species of fish: Coelocanthus, arapaima, and onchopristis which would spawn in rivers, jungles and swamps respectively and be hunted by the spinosaurids that spawn in their respective biomes, a predator that would rival each spinosaurid e.g carcharodontosaurus would rival spinosaurus, greatly reduced spawn rates, different drops it’s kinda annoying to keep emptying your inventory of bones and beef every time you set foot in the Savannah or jungle, suchomimus different sounds because it shares the same as bary, smaller aggro radius and less aggressive a spinosaurus wouldn’t suddenly make a beeline for a chicken hundreds of feet away.

  2. King Crocy Ducky Tadpoly says:

    Models by me ūüôā

  3. The great Q says:

    The dinosaurs look nice but they are ridiculously overpowered and spawn too often.

  4. Misael david says:

    Porfavor crear enlace a addfly o mediafire es muy dif√≠cil saltar la publicaci√≥n no he podido descargar el complemento solo me lleva a sitios aleatorios porfavo no ignorar el comentario :”(

  5. Can u make them tameable in the next update that will be cool

  6. XxDracoAzul_GamerxX says:

    Cant Download

  7. Diovolo says:

    Oh the download link, OH MY GOD THE DOWNLOAD LINK. I, hate it. Very complicated, and I can’t figure out anything because it’s all in Spanish, the link to the addon doesn’t even work, it just keeps on redirecting me to useless links, including porn sites. Please PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU TO CHANGE THE DOWNLOAD LINK.

  8. J_dhen0030 says:

    Very nice addon thankyou I hope You update there animations and models

  9. Very complicated download link

  10. alessandre says:

    bro as a prehistoric crocodile or a sarcoauchus profabor bro si ?? no one grabs an addon with prehistoric crocodiles profabor friend

  11. MorbidNoob says:

    There is no reason to let the babies win… LET THE EXTINCTION BEGIN!!!

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