Proper Aging

Physically grow mobs over time , naturally spawn mobs of different sizes. Scaled health and attack based of mob size. Added breeding to most non hostile and a few hostile mobs. Added Drying out to zombie types. Modified spawning and some behavior improvements and code cleanup. Made by Death_Dealer 

Proper Aging V1 Includes:

– 38  Vanilla Mobs revamped 

– Physical growth over time

– Breeding to most all non hostile and some hostile mobs

– Transformations added for zombie types to ”Dry Out”
    ex – drowned -> zombie -> husk

– Spawning has been modified to see more groups of mobs

– Some behavior tweaks

– Code cleanup



Works in the latest release and beta!

Whats up next?
Next update will be a few mobs i was not able to get to from the overworld. Next major release after that will be  all the nether mobs!! stay tuned!

Changelog View more

- Fixes issues latest release had with breeding so i remove the beta requirement
- Re-added a few mobs that were not present 
-Updated Download Link

-Updated Download Link ,forgot to include this in my last edit.

-Added Images
-Added Video
-Slight revision to install description and main body info section


1.Download the with the link above.
2.Double click the .mcaddon to install.


Supported Minecraft versions


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27 Responses

4.71 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. JakeTBone says:

    The tails of the wolves are in a weird position as in only one edge is touching the wolf and the other is detached. Please fix this.

  2. JakeTBone says:

    Are there baby Ghasts in this addon? Because if not, they need to be added.

  3. Kirby420 says:

    Chickens cannot survive 3 hits from a netherite sword. You should change their health.

  4. ALEXYSSSJ4 says:

    The add-on is great but because the undead (zombies and skeletons) grow, they should not be rotten and decayed, the meat in that state cannot follow a growth, on the contrary, the pieces fall, but it is good that they have variants Babies (while not growing) by the way would you also add phantom in baby version and baby dragon?

  5. RAC1000 says:

    Will this work as a texture pack? I’ve seen that you can have various textures for one mob, and maybe that can work with various sizes, and combine that with the ticks and maybe this could turn into a texture pack? Just a thought…

  6. Removed from beta, link will be in main post shortly- here it is in the mean time – v1.0.3

  7. Pokest45 says:

    Please remove skeleton growth, bones don’t grow if they don’t have a body.

  8. Jeff bob jack lee moreland says:

    Is it possible for you to tell me what part of the code makes it require beta so i can try leave a suggestion on how to fix it so that beta isn’t a requirement (i just left the beta because i play on a realm)

    The 4 stars is because it needs beta

  9. Stick Boy says:

    Do.. do the undead mobs grow up? Or do they just spawn a certain age, cause if they grow up that doesn’t really make sense…

  10. Sorry about the DL link not working, its being updated in the main post, here it is in the mean time

  11. Amazing! Love this 🙂 its so more natural and immersive <3

  12. Haze says:

    I love the idea but sadly I’m not in beta

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