PUBG Vehicles Addon

This addon adds some of the iconic vehicles from the famous battle royale game PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds or PUBG, This addon is perfect for large PvP maps specially for Battle Royale Maps available for Minecraft Bedrock Edition..


UAZ Hard-top

UAZ Soft-top

UAZ Open-top

Dacia – Available in 4 colors

PG-117 – Fast aquatic vehicle great for ocean exploration

-New Vehicle-


Glowing Lights

Glowing speedometer

How spawn the vehicles?

Simply find the spawn-eggs on the creative inventory

Special thanks to Ashminggu♥️ and RMPlaysMC by helping me to develop this addon and fix some code errors..


1. Do not reupload this addon to third party sites without my approval.

2. You can modify it but keep it only for yourself..

3.If you are going to make a showcase video of my addon use the MCPEDL link instead of the mediafire link and give credits to me.


Sorry guys I only added a few vehicles on this update because of Online Classes but I promise I’ll add more vehicles on the next update hope you guys like this update.. Thanks!

Found a bug?

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Changelog View more

-New Update-

Added 1 new vehicle!

+Buggy - The highly requested vehicle by the community is now here!

-Minor Fixes-

+Vehicles are now stackable

+Fix an issue where players are not able to drive the Green Dacia

+Reduced the speed of PG-117

+Increased the HP of vehicles

+Bug Fixes

-Minor Update-

+Now supports BETA 1.16.100.X

+Fix an issue of the back portion of PG-117 rotating while turning

+Updated Localization files

+Small changes on the PG-117 Texture

+New Download Link

+Added 2 New Vehicles

+Dacia (Available in 4 colors)

+PG-117  (Aquatic Vehicle)

Minor Updates

+New model for UAZs

+New Texture for UAZ Hard-top

+Glowing lights for every vehicle

+Glowing speedometer

+Texture fixes

+Jojo reference

Added Instructions on How to Spawn the vehicles to avoid confusion

Added more in-game images for reference

Added Custom Minecraft title


Supported Minecraft versions


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32 Responses

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  1. THEDARKWOLF9669 says:

    How do I make an entity non pushable like the Dacia and other vehicles of yours? (Good addon btw 👍)

  2. THEDARKWOLF9669 says:

    I really love this addon, it is amazing the models look great but there’s one thing this is missing, sorry to ask but can you make one with inventory’s for the cars and boat except the buggy?

  3. Chevrolet_Caprice1995 says:

    Can you make Mercedes Benz w123 1982
    The OLD CAR
    And Make Ford Model T

  4. Chevrolet_Caprice1995 says:

    Can you make Mercedes Benz W123 1982


  5. PlayerUnkownGamer says:

    I’ve heard ur a Filipino, Hi kabayan!! 🙌

  6. KH2890GamingYT says:

    Can I use it for my map it will be released on mcpedl soon and I will credit you…
    Can I use it? 🔫

  7. PlayerUnkownGamer says:

    Hi there add-on creator, I love your add-on models, I just have a question, if you ride on the vehicle and you ran over a mob will there be a dangerous to the mob you ran to?

  8. THEDARKWOLF9669 says:

    When will be the new update come out? Because the link dosnt work…

  9. 2rc3mijehtgcryjehawe says:

    buggy plz add it

  10. redHoodie says:

    I saw some of the people showcasing my addon is using the mediafire link instead of the mcpedl, if you’re reading this please do what I say and give credits to me thats all… Thank you

  11. blackman2020 says:

    nice but the other ones like brdm and the sedan and buggy coupe but i love this addon

  12. I like it and thanks to mention me at your Content I can’t wait to try this🙂🙂

  13. JoeythejoeyYT says:

    Are you gonna add the Dacia, zeta, and the rest? Does it take a while to make the models?

  14. Leeroy says:

    Can u plz😢😢 make a Ford ranger wild track I’ve been asking other creators but nothing ho check out cyblx or your friends ahsmi… I really love that car plz if u can thanks for atleats reading😭😫

  15. Pro mega gamer 228 says:

    it is really super cool, please make Dacia and other cars😁😁😁

  16. redHoodie says:

    Thaanks admin for accepting my addon♥️

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