Pumped kungen: Lonely Island

If you are looking for a survival type of gameplay then here we have the ultimate seed for you. It is an island out in the ocean which is just the right size if you are 1-2 players and would like to have room to build at least one house each. The seed is beautifully located in the ocean and as far we could see there was no mainland closeby, but then our render distance was set to little to avoid lag. Please explore and share cool things about this seed in the comments!
pumpedSeed: Pumped kungen


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  1. Little miner says:

    If you go to an Ice spikes village there is an igloo nearby which has a trap door in it if you go down the trap door you will find a prison (with a chest)

  2. newbonq says:

    no kidding it does

  3. Carson Shillington says:

    It looks like texas

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